Can you build Body without Supplements?

The answer of your question is a big yes. As the name suggests it’s just supplements that can help you to reach your goals. But for most of the beginner it is useless. Yes, you heard it right all that mass gainer, BCAA are useless for you as a beginner. Most of the information about supplements on google and YouTube are misleading. Because the companies want to sell their supplements. So, they pay to the websites and fitness influencers. 

How fitness makes our life successful ?

Reality of fitness industry


We as a website get money when we promote these supplements. But our main goal is to give the right information and add value to your life. So, in this article, we will explain you in detail. Can to build a body without supplements or not?

Your supplements need is much dependent on your lifestyle and goal. If you are a regular guy or girl going to office or college. And have joined the gym to just be healthy and put some muscle mass you don’t need any supplements. Even if want a build a good body with a good number of muscles you can do it naturally without any supplements.

Source of writing

We before writing this article have personally talked to some of the professional bodybuilders and taken their view about supplements. Most of them have explained to us that supplements are only for professionals and for the peoples whose fitness is their source of income. For example, people such as actors and fitness influencers. They also explained to us that for them also supplements play only 10 to 15%. As a normal guy, your requirements of macronutrients such as protein, carbs, and fats can be easily fulfilled by your natural diet.

 Don’t believe on all these fitness influencer as they are paid for advertisements. If you ask any experienced person in fitness that which is better taking macro nutrients from food or supplements? You will get the answer macro nutrients from food is better than supplements.

Here we don’t want to tell or give a false message to society that all the supplements are a waste of money. Sometimes when you can’t reach your goals of macronutrients from food due to the fast lifestyle and lack of time these supplements are very useful. Supplements such as whey protein and creatine are very safe and useful. A lot of research has been done on these supplements. So, you can use these supplements but don’t depend on them.

Supplements culture started in the late 1990s. But before that time also there were people around us with a good body. A good and healthy body is a combination of quality food and sleep. Your diet is more important than any supplement in the world.


In short, you we want to tell you that you can make a good body without the use of supplements. But in some cases when your goals are big in fitness and you can’t fulfill your need for macronutrients from food then you can use supplements. Your body and fitness are much more dependent on the food you eat and your quality of sleep you take.

So, we think know your all the doubt about supplements are solved now if you want to ask any thing then comment down. If you want to change your body, want fat lose, weight gain or muscle gain then contact us or comment down. First 100 comments will get our service FREE.

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