Why deep sleep is necessary for a life

                    You may hard that we need at least more than 8 hours of sleep per day. But the quality of sleep also matters. Excellent quality sleep will change your life. here quality sleep means deep sleep.

deep Sleep

         Deep sleep means is the stage of sleep you need to feel refresh and energize when you wake up in the morning. and deep sleep where your brain waves go down.

Deep sleep is the stage? yes, there is four stages cycle of our sleep.

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Stages of Sleep

These four stages are divided into two category REM and non-REM, respectively. REM means rapid eye movement during sleep.

Stages of life


  • Heartbeat, eye movement being slow.
  • muscles start relaxing.
  • Brain waves start to goes down.


  • Eye Movement Stop.
  • body temperature goes down.
  • Body systems continue to slow and relax.

Stage 3 and 4 are deep sleep stages:

  • Your heartbeat and breathing become their slowest as your muscles relax. your brain waves become the slowest they will be while you are asleep. it is difficult to awaken even with loud noises.

 Your deep sleep stages the most important stage of your sleep.

deep sleep

   As per above Chart our deep sleep is shown in dark blue colure in first two cycle.

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Benefits of deep sleep:

  •  It helps for our cell recovery through increase our body growth hormones.
  • Help for repairing, cleansing, detoxifying our brain.
  • Increase the oxygenation of our brain.
  • Reset out neuro patterns.


  1. Eat at least two hours before your sleep.
  2. Shower with normal temperature water (if you shower).
  3. Stay away from the lights go with blackout light in the room.
  4. Sleep in a silent place.
  5. Do not sleep without a fan or A.C.
  6. Avoid using the phone 1hr before your sleep.
  7. Stay away from stimulants. (smoking, caffeine)
  8. Fix your timing of sleep.
  9. Control your Stress.

  These are the basic tricks or tips for increasing your quality of sleep. if you want to go deeper into your sleep then you must do meditation before sleep or listen to some slow-wave music it will help you a lot.

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