IKIGAI: What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life? Does is the meaning of life? Is the aim of life? this is the most important question for us as human beings. also, these questions are very private-type questions. and it is important to find this question answers. let us find out.

It is difficult to find the question-answer. but the simple answer to this question comes from japan.

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  •  In Japan’s village, Okinawan which identity as highest Number of people in the world who are 100 years+ of age.
  •  The World’s Scientists comes Okinawan for research that how it is possible? and the scientist found that there are simple concepts for leaving which is find their “IKIGAI”.

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     The word “IKIGAI” means “the meaning of life”. yes, when you find your purpose of life then you are extremely focused on that.

   IKIGAI is based on four questions. What do you love? what you are good at? what you can get paid for? what the world needs?

    When all these 4 questions are satisfying and one output comes as an answer that is your purpose of life.

  First Question What you love? Means that work what you love to do like singing, dancing, playing, business, etc.

   Second question what you good at? For example, you are good at cooking, making websites, teaching means you can able to do it well.

    When these two-question satisfied or intersect that called your passion.

  Third question what you can get for? Means that type of work which paid money to you. And when the second and third questions are satisfied that is your profession.

  Forth question What the world needs? This means that type of work which is important for the world you choose your work according to world needs. And when the third and fourth question is intersecting that is the vocation of your life.

   When the fourth and first question satisfied that is the mission of your life. And when you get all the answers to these questions then you get the answers to this question what is the purpose of your life? which is your IKIGAI.

 So, Find your ikigai through this technique. Be unstoppable and focused

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