Shocking announcement by PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi came live on the night of 8th April 2021. PM Narendra Modi has some big announcements related to the testing and vaccination of coronavirus. PM Narendra Modi has announced celebrating the “Vaccination Festival” from 11th to 14th April.

PM Narendra Modi said that we have to increase the number of tests for coronavirus. Because testing is more important than a vaccination and whole nation has to support it. PM Narendra Modi asks the youth to help the nation in this condition. PM Narendra Modi also said that the youth must wear a mask and help the senior citizen.

Night curfew imposed in Gujarat till April 30 Rapid increases in corona cases in Gujarat at last 24 hours

PM Narendra Modi talked about night curfew and said we must take the night curfew seriously. Giving the data he told that daily more than 40 lakhs peoples taking vaccination nowadays.  

PM Narendra Modi also said that the health department of India is now better than most of the developed nations for testing and vaccination of coronavirus. We are ready to fight against coronavirus and can face any condition now. As we have been making a good number of vaccines and testing for coronavirus is also increased.

The nation was excepting that PM Narendra Modi will announce about lockdown today. But he does not say anything related to lockdown. There was a fear in public that there may be a second lockdown in the nation but we may not see the second lockdown. A second lockdown can destroy our nation’s GDP and it also has a bad effect on the people of the nation. But according to some group of people, PM Narendra Modi has taken a wrong step by not imposing the lockdown as the number of cases is increasing like anything.

‘Hue & cry’ about Centre being partisan in vaccine allocation a ‘farce’: Harsh Vardhan

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‘Hue & cry’ about Centre being partisan in vaccine allocation a ‘farce’: Harsh Vardhan

Do we really need second lock down?

There are two sides of every coin and the same is for coronavirus. There are two groups of people in our nation. According to one group lockdown is necessary but for the second group don’t think we need a lockdown. There are a lot of bad effect of lockdown such as: –

Labour migration

Business close


GDP fall down

Education loss

Million of people fall into poverty

But lockdown is the last option if the cases will increase in the same way we may see second lockdown.

PM Narendra Modi said that the youth must follow the guidelines for coronavirus. Youth must take part in the vaccination and also help the nation in such conditions. He also said about the “Vaccination Festival”.

The nation should work together in such conditions. We will fight against coronavirus and we will win. If you are facing a bad condition or have a problem comment down. We will try our best to solve your problem.

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