How to improve your Digestion system

We know now you are happy as your problem of poor digestion will be solve forever. And now you will not get any digestion problem in future. Everyone of us have face the problem of digestion in some part of your life if not then you may have seen your parents or elders suffering from problem related to digestion.

According to a research 70% of our health-related problems are directly or indirectly depend on our digestion. And digestion is very important for the people going to gym having hard workout or athletes as they have to eat more for muscle building. So, digestion play a very important role in our life.

3 tips to solve the problem of bad digestion

1.Bacterial Imbalance

Our stomach has both good bacteria and bad bacteria. We have 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. Good bacteria help in digestion as they break down the food.

All the problems start when the number of bad bacteria increase. Now a days because of our bad lifestyle and poor eating habits the number of bad bacteria increase and they cause the problem of digestion.

 To solve the problem of bacterial imbalance we must add the foods in our diet that have good bacteria. Food such as curd and yogurt increase the number of good bacteria. We can also add onion and garlic in our diet to increase the number of good bacteria. If you still face the problem of bacterial imbalance then you try to living one month without eating any outside food.

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2.Enzyme Deficiency

Our food contains carbohydrate, protein and fats they are further breakdown into glucose, amino acid and fatty acid respectively. Thus, the digestive enzyme is use in breaking of food.

When our stomach has deficiency of enzyme the pressure on our pancreas increase. If still the food is undigested then the food gets out of our body by large intestine.

Carbohydrateconverts intoGlucose
Proteinconverts intoamino acid
fatsconverts intofatty acid

Thus if you have the problem of digestion due to the deficiency of digestive enzyme then you can add fruits such as papaya and pineapple to your diet. 

You can also go for supplements for digestive enzymes.

3.Lack of Fiber

When your food does not have proper amount of fiber then we suffer from the problem of constipation. You may have seen your parent or elders suffering from the problem of constipation. Lack of fiber sometime also cause problems such as piles in wrong run.

There are two types of fiber soluble and insoluble. Both have helps us in our digestion. If we are suffering from the problem of lack of fiber then you can add raw vegetable and fresh salad to your diet.

Also do not forget to chew your food properly. Avoid eating oily and spicey food. Be away from roadside foods and snacks.

We think this was helpful information for you and all your digestion problem will be solve now. If you have any problem in your life or you want a change in your lifestyle then contact us or comment down. First 100 comment will get our service for FREE.

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