7 Interesting facts about MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, it’s not only a name it is a feeling that every Indian and cricket lover has in his heart. Coming from a small town, MS Dhoni’s life has been very inspiring and it would not be wrong to say that MS Dhoni has created a special place in the hearts of crores of people with his cricket and humbleness.

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Interesting facts about MS Dhoni

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During his school days, MS Dhoni used to play in many tournaments whether it was for school or an independent match. MS Dhoni used to go everywhere and play cricket. In those days there were many such tournaments in Ranchi where players used to get cash prizes after hitting sixes and from this MS Dhoni started earning his pocket money.

Interesting facts about MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni meets Sachin first time

MS Dhoni first met Sachin Tendulkar during the Dileep Trophy in 2001. Sachin Tendulkar was in the opposition team and was batting very well. Dhoni was not playing in that match but his duty was to make everyone drink water, so when Dhoni took refreshments for his team during the drinks break, Sachin asked Dhoni can I get water too. Dhoni gave water to Sachin Tendulkar without saying anything and this was his first meeting with Sachin Tendulkar.

MS Dhoni long hair

When MS Dhoni played for the India A team, Akash Chopra was also part of the same team. When Akash Chopra saw Dhoni’s long hair, being a senior player, Akash gave advice to Dhoni and said that if you want to play for the Indian team, then cut your hair or else your selection is difficult. Dhoni, not taking Akash’s point too seriously, replied that do you know that we played for India too and one day everyone should start keeping such a hairstyle. And everyone knows that this was true and along with his cricket, the fans also followed his style.

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MS Dhoni against Pakistan

After getting out on zero in the first match, Dhoni made his first century after playing 3 matches and this century was made by Dhoni in front of Pakistan. He scored 148 runs from just 123 balls and this is a world record as no Indian player had scored 148 runs in his first century before Dhoni.

Interesting facts about MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni interview

Dhoni revealed in an interview that he never felt that he would play for the Indian team. He felt that his career would end only on a state-level cricketer and he would have been happy with that too. Dhoni’s approach is still very humble, he does not like to inspire anyone or tell a struggle story on a matter of fact.

Interesting facts about MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Achievements

Dhoni is the only Indian captain to have won all three ICC Major Tournaments. In 2007, he won the T20 World Cup. One Day World Cup in 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy in 2013.

Interesting facts about MS Dhoni

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MS Dhoni miss his daughter’s birthday

MS Dhoni had to miss his daughter Jeeva’s birth due to the World Cup 2015. If he wanted to come back to India for a few days. But Dhoni was the captain of the team and he said that there is nothing more important than the World Cup. I have come on national duty and my aim is just to play well in the World Cup.

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