LAZINESS- AN EVIL FRIEND |Cause and Solution

If you take a look around yourself, you will find 7 out of 10 people are wondering how to stop laziness, but the catch here is that they are only wondering and doing nothing about it.

Laziness is habitually deciding to stay away from duties and effort. It is failing to do the stuff you want to complete, for absolutely no right reason.

Laziness is obtained from being in a state of comfort. Comfort means doing what’s simplest to deliver you pleasure. Comfort does now no longer suggest doing what you revel in or doing what makes you happy.

Odds are, if the notion of doing something sounds desirable at the same time as doing it, or quickly after, you feel guilty; you then definitely recognize that it’s something you both want to extrude otherwise you didn’t earn the right to do it.

There may be many reasons, maybe no reason, but if you often feel sleepy, tired, and exhausted, your body may cause you to take a closer look.

We have all encountered laziness, and sometimes we struggle with laziness. For most of us, this is a very important issue. Before we look forward to how to change our daily lazy routine, let’s see what are the main causes that lead to laziness because it will assist you to triumph

over this trouble due to the fact the most effective manner to overcome this trouble is to apprehend its nature and its causes.


Main cause of laziness

No one can really tell what exactly the cause of laziness is. Instead, I will provide you with important information, and the rest will depend on your intuition.

No Goals in Life-

According to me, the major cause of laziness is not having any specific goal in life because setting goals in life keeps us motivated to work for it and achieve it.

Miserable Lifestyle-

Most people live a neglected unplanned lifestyle. They continue to do things that are not important at all, such as chatting, watching movies, and text messages on social media.

Social media tends to consume plenty of time for everybody. It keeps you busy and stops you from doing what truly matters to you. If you’re a sufferer of this, then you’ll sense your incapacity to get your work done.

Miserable Lifestyle-

When a person features a heap of things to try and do at an equivalent time, their brain becomes confused and slows down. People continue to convince themselves that he can’t do it at all. When a person is convinced that the task at hand is too difficult. For them a lot, they have no reason to start, which leads to laziness.

Not getting enough sleep?

Sleep deprivation is also one of the major contributors to laziness. If you’re not sleeping properly at night then it will cause your digestion to slow down which will result in reducing your ability to focus on everyday tasks.

Why deep sleep is necessary for a life

Laziness making you blind is one of the worst things that can happen, because it gradually eliminates all good habits and paralyzes your brain. Therefore, it’s important to go through the consequences and effects of leading an idle and lethargic life.

It’s quite normal to have lower self-esteem when you’re a victim of laziness because all day you’re doing nothing productive and hence you will look like a lazy unworthy human being who’s also experiencing inability in expressing his/her needs.

The reason why lazy people have no discipline in their life is because they avoid difficult and uncomfortable things.

They did not face these difficulties, but always found a way to avoid them as much as possible.

Physical health gets affected when we sit idle and do absolutely nothing. Nowadays, bone problems are so common that people encounter bone problems at such a young age.

The brains of lazy people don’t work properly, their memory is poor, they spend a long-time answering questions, and sometimes they don’t even understand the questions and therefore cannot answer.

As we have learned the major causes of laziness and the consequences of the same. Now we will have a better understanding of how to change the daily lazy routine.

How to overcome Laziness

It is unrealistic to expect life to be an easy path. Life is usually difficult. But life is also beautiful, amazing, exciting and full of hope. Through laziness, you can get rid of the possibility of a self-destructive life.

When you improve your attitude towards daily inconveniences and learn to tolerate things that affect you, your resilience will increase, and you will become more constructive.

If something seems huge, difficult or unpopular, start from the beginning. Don’t make excuses, don’t struggle with it- just proceed step by step.

how to overcome laziness

Set up your Goals-

If you set yourself worthy goals, then you have something you can look forward to. Choose goals that truly inspire you and maximize your talents and skills. Create a to-do list of varying sizes and prioritize it according to the time required and importance to you personally.

Get out of comfort zone-

It’s necessary sometimes that we break the monotony in our lives in order to change our daily lazy routine. No matter what you say, monotony is boring. If you do one thing over and over again, you will definitely lose motivation and become lazy. Therefore, you will lose interest in many things that might make you happy.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things from time to time is very helpful. Do things you have never done before, stop watching old TV shows and TV shows, and hang out with friends.


Start replacing your unhealthy diet of binging with the healthy diet of working out and notice some unexpected changes that will occur in your life. A healthy diet will increase your mental energy and will power, and you will be able to handle the stress quite easily.

Get in the habit of going to the gym or hiking or active yoga or doing any exercise you enjoy—the shorter the cue time to start your fitness routine, a lot of seemingly you’re to follow through.

Start tiny and conceive to physical exercise a minimum of 5 minutes a day. Build the habit before worrying concerning the particular workouts.

workout for laziness

Exercise at home without any Gym equipment

Ask for HELP(when required)-

Many people trust that requesting assistance is a signal of weakness. But now, no longer requesting assistance may be putting you up for failure.

It is observed that those who don’t ask coworkers for help had been much more likely to be disappointed with their jobs and had decreased degrees of task performance.

They had been additionally perceived much less favorably via the means of their employers. Asking for assistance improves your possibilities of achievement and allows you to hook up with others who can inspire and encourage you.

Analyze working Environment-

Laziness is contagious. If the individuals you hang around with are typically a touch lazy concerning work and goals, then it’s easier for you to merely adapt to its mood and means of thinking. It’s better to own a corporation that conjures up you to attain your goal while not holding up to beat laziness.

Change Sleeping Pattern-

As already mentioned above, lack of sleep is one of the reasons for lazy routine. If you want to get rid of laziness, focus on getting at least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep. Our body works rhythmically, and this also applies to sleep.

Sleeping and waking up at the set time will help your body adapt to your daily habits, and you will fall asleep faster. Scientifically speaking, it is best to fall asleep between 10:00pm in the night and 6:00am in the morning. So try to schedule your things accordingly.

If you usually use your phone to browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or watch videos on YouTube and Netflix before going to bed, you need to make changes. It is best to stop using your phone in bed and read a book or listen to relaxing music.

Stop self doubting-

When most people see that their friends or colleagues are better than them, they lose motivation and suffer from low self-esteem. Doubt is something we all have to experience, but don’t let that prevent you from achieving what you want.

Shut down your Escape routes-

Most forms of laziness depend on the “escape route.” It’s easy to become lazy when you scroll endlessly on your favorite social networks, or when you only have one episode per season of each of your favorite shows.

Learn to recognize these escape routes and do your best. For example, try to turn off notifications on your mobile device to reduce the hassle. You should try to work in a room other than the room in front of the TV. You can also try disabling Internet access temporarily.

Say NO to perfectionism-

Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity, it will make you lack motivation and laziness. More than that, clinical research has proven that perfectionism is terrible for your health.

People with excessive perfectionism rankings have a fifty-one percentage expanded danger of death.

Fight back by reducing the pursuit of perfection. Realize and believe that every job is imperfect, and then you are wrong, it is completely normal.


It takes a clear and effective mind to be productive. You can help your brain by practicing mindfulness. I don’t want you to find a temple and become one with the universe, but you have to spend time every day to clear your mind.

Mindfulness is difficult. It’s really tricky. Try it out and move on. It always requires practice. Once you get a grasp of this, there are huge benefits. I would like to give you an additional tip: exercise at night. Relaxation makes it easier for you to fall asleep, this will increase benefits.

Morning Habits for Healthy Mind

Get a partner-

It’s always been easier to stimulate motivation when someone you are close to is around. Not only can they help you solve the project directly, but they can also provide positive energy and inspiring words.

Give it a try, finding a partner can be difficult.

If you can’t find anyone who can help you get your work done right away, please consider calling a friend or family member to discuss your problem and provide support. Sometimes the kind words of a person who really cares are enough to get you started.

Sensing medical condition as laziness?

Sometimes it’s now no longer laziness, however a symptom of an underlying situation that can be preventing you from doing the stuff you should. If you discover you’ve misplaced a hobby in doing matters you’ll commonly experience and don’t have the power or consciousness to get matters done, speak to a doctor.

Laziness is actually a place that drags you and keeps you there at your own will. Falling into the trap of laziness and loss of responsibility can really make your life more stressful.

When you take a few small steps to take better care of yourself, recharge your batteries, achieve better goals and set healthy boundaries, you will never feel lazy again. Prioritizing and acting consistently is the key to lasting change, and now is the best time to take these first steps.

I’ve said it several times, but if you don’t make it clear, I can’t let you go. You will no longer become lazy because of your consistent positive behavior. You need good habits. In time, it will be easy. You will usually be productive. But you must form a habit.

Your body and its working system need support. Start small and exercise. Take a break and eat well. Use strategy and treat yourself cautiously. Change your beliefs, personality and habits, and get rid of laziness.

It’s time to make a real change in life. “Now” means now! This requires some self-discipline, but it will pay off in the end. Therefore, don’t succumb to laziness and chase your dreams. You have time; you just need to use it! Next time when you feel lazy, read the points mentioned above to rekindle your enthusiasm and stop feeling frustrated.


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