14 Best Food for hair growth

Being a person who is very possessive about hair, I always tend to search for random YouTube videos and then end up going for a hair spa. Ironically the next day I am back on the same YouTube channel searching for home remedies. We all tend to experiment with weird remedies, From putting methi seeds on the scalp to giving regular steam on hair, we try every single thing for hair growth.

 Lately, I realized that if the hair isn’t strong from the inside then none of the remedies can help. The first step is to eat healthy so that hair becomes stronger on the inside and grows healthier and faster outside. After watching numerous videos, here I suggest you some healthy food which will promote hair growth naturally “without putting methi seeds”.

Hair growth food

Eggs for hair growth

So here’s my first suggestion, eat eggs. They are one of the greatest sources of protein and biotin. Now word biotin may sound technical but it’s basically needed for the production of hair protein that’s called keratin. Lack of protein generally promotes hair loss so it’s necessary for people to have eggs regularly to have strong shiny and rapid hair growth.

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Berries for hair growth

Secondly, I would like to suggest everyone to have lots and lots of berries. Berries are loaded with vitamin c which has strong antioxidant properties. I’ve always come across the word antioxidant but never really paid attention to it but now I got to know that it protects hair follicles from damage caused by free radicals which exist naturally in our body and environment. Have strawberries man! If I speak statistically, 1 cup that is 144 grams to be precise, provides 141% of your daily vitamin c needs. It helps to strengthen hair and prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking.

Spinach for hair growth

Before jumping to the third suggestion, I would like to take you to those golden old days where we used to see “popeye the sailor man” because of which I started eating spinach. Now when I grew up and read hundreds of articles I got to know that spinach is loaded with nutrients like folate, iron, vitamin A and numerous other nutrients that promote hair growth. Vitamin A helps to produce sebum which is an oily substance needed to moisturize the scalp to keep hair healthy. We all studied in biology class that iron helps the RBCs to carry oxygen throughout the body. Further, it is beneficial for hair too as it works as a fuel for growth and repairing hair too.

Fatty fish for hair growth

Next and the fourth suggestion is.. wait! Now, if you love fish, this one’s for you! Fatty fish like salmon have nutrients that promote hair growth because they are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that boost the whole hair growth procedure. As I was going through various articles, I found out that in a study, 120 women stated that taking the supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids reduced their problem of hair loss and increased hair density. Now that makes it necessary for you to have fish in your diet chart if you are a non-vegetarian.

Sweet potatoes for hair growth

I love sweet potatoes, and this is, fortunately, my fifth suggestion. Sweet potatoes are proven to be a great source of beta-carotene. The human body converts this compound into vitamin A that is linked to the great health of hair and if the hair is healthy then definitely it will grow at a rapid rate. It is best for hair growth and thickness.

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Avocados for hair growth

The sixth suggestion talks about avocados. I never ate it before I read about it. They are delicious and a great source of healthy fats. They are a rich source of vitamin E that promotes hair growth. Speaking about the percentage, 200 grams of delicious avocados provides 21% of the vitamin E that is needed daily. Vitamin E helps to combat oxidative stress which is done by neutralizing the free radicals and as talked about it previously, it helps for hair growth in enormous ways! It’s very overwhelming to know that vitamin E also protects the scalp from damage which in turn protects the roots of the hair and helps them to grow healthier shinier and faster.

Almonds for hair growth

In my school days during boring classes, I and my friends used to eat nuts which we bought by hiding them in our pockets. Indeed, those were the best moments of almost all of our lives. And this is the seventh suggestion. Nevertheless being tasty, nuts have always blessed us with rich nutrients. Eating almonds daily provides you with zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and a variety of B vitamins. A deficiency in any of these is directly linked to hair loss. Nuts are very easy to add to your diet as you can consume them at any point of time and even while doing your work. It’s very easy and tasty to have nuts daily.

Now as I have given you the seven gems, these are the most nutritious ones to add on. Remember one thing, whenever you consume something, there are numerous advantages attached to them, I quoted a few to be very precise but every natural thing provided to us by God comes with the enormous amount of vitamins and minerals which not only makes our hair grow but also helps our body to stay fit and healthy.

Food for healthy hair

Flax and Chia seeds for hair growth

Let’s talk about the eighth suggestion i.e. seeds. I mean yes , seriously seeds – flax and chia seeds to be precise. Why seeds? As it has massive amount of nutrients with less calories and these nutrients promotes hair growth. It also contains vitamin E , selenium and zinc. Flaxseeds and chia seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids , just 1-ounce (28 grams) of intake is a great addition to the diet and remember if you want more nutrients then consume mixture of seeds at a time. Flaxseeds even controls weight , two healthy benefits then why not to add it in your diet.

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Sweet Peppers for hair growth

We all have heard of sweet potatoes , sweet corns but have you heard of sweet pepper? No right! Even I didn’t know that an ingredient like such even existed and don’t mix it with bell pepper, both are two different items. Well you guessed it right , the ninth suggestion is Sweet Peppers. It is a excellent source of vitamin A and C which helps to speed up hair growth and stimulates production pf sebum, that helps to keep hair healthy. Did you know sweet pepper is a fruit not a vegetable as it has seeds in it.

Oyster for hair growth

Seafood is rich source of nutrients, so is our tenth suggestion food which can increase hair growth and make it healthy at the same time. Oyster , it is a excellent and the best source of zinc. Zinc supports hair growth and repair cycle , lack of zinc in diet promotes telogen effluvium a very common and reversible form of hair loss. Studies even shows that zinc can reverse the effect of hair loss caused by mineral deficiency but taking it in high amount could promote hair loss as well.  So it is advised to take healthy doses of it in minimal amount through foods like oyster. It is also available in different flavors just like wine. It also has monounsaturated fat , a healthy fat that is also seen in olive oil.

Shrimp for hair growth

The eleventh sea food suggestion is Shrimp. It is a popular shellfish with plenty nutrients that promotes hair growth. It’s a great source of protein, vitamin B , zinc , iron and vitamin D. Fascinatingly, studies says vitamin D3 deficiency leads to hair loss. Shrimp also provides omega-3 fatty acids in high amount which improves hair growth.

Beans for hair growth

Remember our childhood days, when we used to hate veggies and our mother’s used to force us to eat because it is nutritional. Yeah just like that is our twelfth suggestion that is Beans. Raise your hands even if you hate beans? I did but I was shocked to discover that beans are highly rich in protein, iron , zinc and biotin that aids hair growth and repair cycle. An addition of 3.5 ounce (100 grams) of black beans in your daily diet fulfil the need of 7 % of zinc.

Soybeans for hair growth

Moving on to our thirteenth suggestion. Soybeans , studies says that soybeans promotes hair growth through a compound , spermidine which is highly found in it. However, research on spermidine and it’s connection with hair growth is completely new and yet to be proven. It’s advised to recommend a health expert before consuming spermidine.

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Meat for hair growth

Last but not the least fourteenth food suggestion for hair growth is Meat. A staple diet, full of nutrients that aids hair growth , helps repair and strengthen hair follicles just a 3.5 ounce (100 grams) cooked sirloin steak gives 29 grams of protein and promotes hair growth. Red meat is one of the best as it is rich in iron and it helps red blood cells to deliver oxygen to all the cells in body , hair follicles being one of them too.

Man! We’ve come a long way! And we noticed that we mostly spoke about food for hair growth , all of them included proteins, vitamins, zinc and iron as the key ingredient for healthy hair. What we eat can have a huge effect on our body and hair and a lack of any of these leads to hair loss and lessens the rate of hair growth. 

We also got to know about some interesting facts of food that we eat , about its nutritional value , minerals content and how much should we consume to get the results i.e. strong and healthy hair. It started we eggs , berries , spinach , fish , sweet potatoes , avocados , almonds , flax and chia seeds , sweet peppers , oyster , shrimp , beans , soybeans and finally meat. These fourteen items, I am not saying eat all of them but you can start consuming the one’s you like and is easily available in our area.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegan or non-vegan , just a proper intake of nutrients , minerals and vitamins in your diet can get you healthy hair from inside and it will also give a glow on your face too. Just follow what have been suggested above. Happy eating!

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