How to change our daily lazy routine?

Before reading this, please ask yourself a question “DO I REALLY WANT TO
and if your answer is “yes I do” then you landed
on the right place. People, I am here to talk about this lazy routine because I know how
important it is to change and what it takes to change. Sometimes the reason behind you feeling
low and dull, is your lazy routine and sometimes the remoteness of the result makes you feel
the same way.

A slight change can bring multiple opportunities and ample blessings of peace in life.
So why not adapt that magical change today itself. Changing the lifestyle changed many lives
and turned them into becoming millionaires and successful person. The whole purpose of our
page is evident in the name of the page. Similarly, the topic spreads positivity in your life by
dropping behind your lazy routine. I would like to share some tips which helped me to become
active person to spend my days happily and achieve my goals.

• Plan out your day

Short-term and long-term goals, daily planners, to do lists set a person free from being
lazy. One needs to plan their tomorrows a night before. One needs to plan their day wisely by
making balance between different areas of life. One needs to fix hours for every task which
they feel like to do in their whole day. Tasks differ from person to person as people can have
abundant of it according to their priorities.

First you need to try to complete your short-term goals by putting efforts on daily basis,
in order to achieve long term ones. When you understand the meaning of desired goals then
you value every second of your days and you do not let the time pass by you sitting indolent.
Never forget to tick or cut down the tasks which has been done as this process gives you
satisfaction and brace you to be more productive.

• Early to bed, early to rise

One needs to sleep early to wake up early to start a day effectively and as planned. This
really takes time to apply in the routine but definitely it would be if you don’t give up. Friends
Brushing up your teeth should be included in your night routine too as it makes you feel fresh,
helps in good sleep and also suppresses your late-night cravings. Stop eyeing on your screen
before an hour of your sleep. Avoid taking long naps in day time so that you don’t struggle
sleeping at nights.

Start reading stuff of your interest which will help you to have sound sleep and also feed
you some good lessons and experiences. Journaling can really be a good option to end up your
day. The habit of journaling would let you feel free after hustling day. Mention your day in
short, express gratitude, let out your emotions out, have clarity with thoughts with journaling.

• Fitness and mindfulness

One should start their daily routine by giving an hour to their own body, mind and soul.
Doing this will make you feel enthusiastic whole day.
This can be done in various manner-
▪ Go for running, jogging, walking to experience the beautiful morning.
▪ Cycling
▪ Stretch out your body and relax
▪ Do exercises
▪ Gyming
▪ Perform yoga Asanas
▪ Do not get involved in any social media in the first hour.
▪ Do meditation
▪ Deep breathing session
▪ Outdoor sports
▪ Dance your heart out


All you need to know about Yoga

Basically, do anything which involves your physical efforts and gives you alone time.
This habit also inculcates calmness within you. Early morning is the best time to practice
physical activities. But you can adjust this habit in evening too as per your schedule. This habit
keeps you away from ailments

• Eat healthy

One needs to have proper and healthy diet to feel energetic whole day. Diet should be
qualitative and quantified. One must include Green vegetables, Fruits, nuts, lentils and more
water in their diet. Take 5-6 small meals in a day instead of over eating. One has to plan their
meals in such a manner where they can intake all the nutrients (proteins, carbs, fats, fibers,
minerals and vitamins) required in a body. Never starve yourself.

Top 10 food for a healthy lifestyle

eat healthy

Eating healthy makes big impact in life overall. Your intake of nutritious food helps you to live a disease-free life. In
case of deficiencies, your diet helps you to fight back against that. “Eating an apple daily, keeps
you away from a doctor” that’s true but just an apple won’t work. Other healthy foods are also
required to avoid visiting a doctor.

• Learn and grow

One should always explore new interests and hobbies. Your interest could be anything.
Gardening, drawing, coloring, writing, reading, cooking, sketching, crafting, stitching,
sewing, researching, collecting antiques, singing, playing instruments and so on. If they already
have one, then they should excel using their interests in whatever the manner they feel like to.
One needs to have mindset of learning new things every day and make the best use out of it. If
you feel there are some areas of life where you lack few attributes due to which you tend to fail
then don’t sit idle and start improving or removing those flaws. One can never be perfect but
you always have to try enough to become the one you always wanted to be.

Most demanding Technology in IT

Learn and grow

Never stop learning as it never ends. Gaining knowledge has no age bar. Your curiosity
to have idea about both trivial and huge events going on around the world, keeps you involved.
Having current updates globally makes you aware and bright. The more you want to know, the
more you will find yourself occupied in your daily routine in order to discover unanswered
questions and solve the puzzles.

• Motivation and support

Once you start working on your own progress then the day will come, you would find
yourself the most motivated and inspired person. You won’t need any other person to gear you
up rather you will be motivation for others. Stories of successful people motivate you to come out of lazy zone. Also, your loved ones help and support you to leave that lazy bubble. They are always ready to take you out from bigger-to-bigger problems. There would be few times
you won’t find their support actually working for you but it would be due to your state of mind.
But those stories and support will help you only when you are going to take actions towards
your transformation. Your action matters the most for both feeling motivated and becoming
non lazy person.

Never surround yourself with negativities. Every phase can be changed in a period of
time. Don’t compare yourself with others. If you really want to focus on others life then learn
and take lessons from them. Entertain criticisms as energy booster to make more and more
efforts towards your goal. Even if someone’s words hit you hard and let your morale down then
also stay strong and don’t stop making efforts.

• Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination proves to be big enemy of a successful person. Delaying the task will
ruin your whole planner for days and months. That will bring unnecessary and unwanted
hurdles to your life. Pendency of work will make you feel low as you will start doubting
yourself. Complete the task within the time frame which was decided to get it done. Tasks done
give you confidence and get you ready for another tasks. Never make excuses to avoid leaving
your comfort zone because this will harm your progress in every manner.

When you take any task or responsibility in your hands then the result matters to
everyone involved in it. This act makes feel disappointed other people too. The backlog of
work affects the life who are connected to yours. So, you have to be really productive and
active to get your work done on time. As the picture below says “Do it now” because sometimes
later becomes never. What tomorrow gonna bring to your life, you can never predict. So do not
wait for any person and moment to finish your today’s decided tasks.

• Self-Love

Never stop loving yourself during the process of improvement and falling back. No
matter how much you feel disappointed being a lazy person and with your failures because you
can turn this laziness into activeness surely. Never forget you are a human full of possibilities,
talents, capabilities, qualities, strengths. Believe in yourself in all phases of life. Do more of
activities which makes you cheery.


One should conduct grooming sessions for them once or
twice in a week. This session will make you feel lively, relaxed and uplifted. Self-love makes
you an appealing person inside out. Self-love has the charm to present you different from others
in the crowd. This can let you win any battle of your life but only if you do not stop making
endeavors to reach your destination.

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Our life is dependent on our actions. So, make a balance between life and actions and
you will find your life shining like a star. Taking small actions like planning your daily cycle
can set you free from many bleakness. Be it feeling guilty, depressed, desolated, worthless,
lethargic and all possible negativities which were residing inside you. Keeping your body and
mind fit along with your healthy eating habits play major role to eliminate the slothful practice
from your life so adopt them as soon as possible. Leaving laziness behind also induces
happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction, clarity, decisiveness in our lives. Stop being slothful is one
of the ways to become self-disciplined in life if you are hustling to have discipline.

I hope these tips will be useful to change your lazy routine and you will be more
productive and proactive. I also hope this blog drives a chink of light in the lives who were
struggling being idle the entire day. All you have to do is, change your daily cycle that covers
every single activity you perform. But remember readers, all the tips require consistency,
dedication and zeal inside you to become and live sloth free life. It is crystal clear that you are
one decision away to change your daily lazy routine. At the end you can make this change
possible to swim into your life only when you work upon it.

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