15 Food To Eat For A Healthy Body And Mind

Whether you wish to get those inches off your waist or to gain some, whether you wish to get that perfect figure or shed a little fat here and there, whether you just wish to get a fit, active and healthy body as well as mind or to maintain your existing healthy form altogether, the first thing that would come to your mind is that you must know the kind of foods that you should double up on.

Considering the kind of situation that the world is in, the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than anything to keep our immunity high for the safety of us and our loved ones.

In this era where the mind drives everything and can be easily affected by stress, worry, anxiety and the biggest culprit of them all, depression, it has become a must to take care of the mind just as much as that of the mind. So we should never forget that nothing induces and promotes a healthy mind more than proper eating habits and foods. So, it’s just by improving and including these foods that you can get two benefits – healthy body and healthy mind.

Read on to know how, by just a few but key changes in your diet, you can have the perfect health and get all the incidental benefits. Let’s now dive in to know exactly what these ‘superfoods’ have in store for you

Top 10 food for a healthy lifestyle



The high content of fiber, natural sweetness and deep colours, are all suggestive of it being the power pack of antioxidants and illness combating goodness. Berries are a low-calorie, high-nutrient food. They are high in antioxidants and contain many vitamins and minerals. Berries are high in anti-inflammatory compounds.

How to include berries into your diet:

just throw in a handful of berries in your favourite cereal, smoothie, custard or yogurt and enjoy the flavour mix. Or you can have it without any kind of add-ons, like a midday snack!



Fish is considered to be one of the best sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acids that play a huge role in maintaining the proper health of the heart.

Fish contains vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids that can be beneficial to one’s health. Vitamin B12 deficiency has been attributed to a reduced risk of dementia and heart disease. Vitamin B12 deficiency has also been linked to chronic fatigue and anaemia.

How to include fish into your diet:

you can try using fresh, canned or frozen fish to make a mouth-watering dish. The ones with highest Omega-3 levels among all kinds of fishes are mackerel, trout, sardines, salmons to name a few.

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Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables

We mean green leaf-full veggies like spinach, mustard greens. Because of their high photochemical content apart from plenty of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium that it is a powerhouse of, it is sure to change your health for the better. Not to mention the fiber that they bring into your meal for a clean and healthy stomach.

How to include green leafy vegetables into your diet:

Variety is the key here. There are a lot of them available in the market- Swiss chard, kale, collard greens and many more. Try and eat as much varieties of them as possible and then use the one that you like best into your daily meals for the best healthy results.



Nuts like hazelnut, walnuts and almonds are a great source of protein. Also, they have monounsaturated fats which may, in some cases, reduces the chances of heart diseases.

Despite their high fat content, they have a host of health and weight-loss advantages. In controlled trials, almonds have repeatedly been shown to support weight loss rather than weight gain. They’re one of the biggest suppliers of ALA omega-3 fatty acids, which can help with anything from rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s to dementia prevention.

How to include nuts into your diet:

use a fistful of these nuts to your yogurt and oatmeal for a snack, or you can have it plain. For more options, garnish some of your favourite dishes with these nuts or you can have them roasted and eat it as a snack. But be sure to restrict the quantity effectively because they have a high calorific value. For more ways, you can try a number of nut based butters such as peanut, almond and more.



Vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein, healthy fats, and a variety of other lesser-known nutrients abound in eggs. Eggs are so nutrient dense that they’re dubbed “nature’s multivitamin.”

They also provide powerful brain nutrients and antioxidants that many people lack. The whites are high in protein and low in calories (and zero fat or cholesterol). Egg yolks have a bad rep, but they’re packed with vitamins B12 and A, as well as choline, a nutrient that’s especially essential for pregnant women.

How to include eggs into your diet:

Combine whole-grain bread, diced hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, olives, anchovies, red onion, and a drizzle of olive oil to make a sandwich. Steak and Eggs with Seared Tomatoes is another choice.



This green vegetable is known as the powerhouse of vitamin A, C and K and folate.  Vitamin K is a nutrient that is needed for blood clotting and may play a role in maintaining bone health and strength.

Carotenoids, which are natural plant compounds found in broccoli, have health benefits as well. They will help you avoid heart attack and strengthen your immune system, which is your body’s natural protection against germs. Moreover, broccoli also has sulforaphane which is known for reducing chances of cancer by assisting to activate the body’s detoxifying liquids.

How to include broccoli into your diet:

 you can boil the broccoli, sprinkle some spices(if you wish) and munch on that veggie goodness. Or, you can add little pieces of broccoli into your pasta and eat.



Yogurt is one of the best options of you are looking for calcium and protein. In addition, yogurt also contains som pe good bacteria’s that helps your guts and body overall, providing your body with more and better protection against harmful bacteria.

How to include yogurt into your diet:

you can eat the traditional plain yogurt. However, if you want to try more options, flavoured yogurt might be the one for you. You can  mix yogurt with some fresh fruits, berries and enjoy its freshness in the summers. Using yogurt in place of traditional mayonnaise or sour cream may also help.



Legumes means everything from kidney, black, red to soya beans and peas. They provide outstanding levels of protein, along with fiber, when eaten. It is believed that they even help reduce the risk of cardiac illness.

Legumes are nutrient-dense foods. They’re low in calories, so they fill you up. Legumes’ carbohydrates are steadily absorbed by the liver, supplying consistent nutrition for the body, brain, and nervous system. Using more legumes as part of a balanced diet will help reduce blood sugar, blood cholesterol, heart rate, and other risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.

How to include legumes into your diet:

add them into different kinds of soups. You can try mixing and eating them with salads and can also make pastes out of them as an easy way to improve its intake.

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Tomato, as everyone knows, is rich in vitamin C and a nutrient called lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, which can damage your cells and impair your immune system. As a result, foods rich in lycopene can reduce the risk of lung, stomach, or prostate cancer. They can help prevent disease in the pancreas, colon, throat, tongue, breast, and cervix, according to some studies.

How to include tomatoes into your diet:

you can try making tomato sauce for eating with snacks, or use it’s purée in stew, soup and many more. Moreover, tomato soup is considered very nutritious for body and is highly recommended by health practitioners. The nutrient lycopene is absorbed more easily by the body when tomatoes are warmed in a healthy fat, like olive oil or sesame oil.



Oats are a common breakfast dish and pretty the superfood. Eating greater amounts of oats is a smooth method to increase your fiber consumption, a nutrient maximum people do not get sufficient of. Fiber is right for the guts and waistlines and for preserving us full-all very essential features in a breakfast food. Plus, oats are an entire grain and bland oats don’t have any delivered sugar.

How to include oats into your diet:

to make a superfood meal or snack begin with bland oats and flip them into wholesome food and snacks like blueberry oat cakes, self-made granola to experience with fruit and yogurt or DIY electricity bites with peanut butter.



They produce a wonderful array of antioxidant carotenoids, regardless of colour – red, purple, golden – or section – root or greens. Their dietary nitrates can be converted to nitric oxide, which improves endurance exercise, according to research. Beets are high in basic vitamins, nutrients, and plant compounds, including those with medicinal properties. Furthermore, they are tasty and easy to incorporate into your diet.

How to include beets into your diet:

 you can simply boil them and enjoy the nutrients but conversely, you can also mix boiled beets with veggies and mashed potatoes and eat like a tacos.

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Mangoes are not only tasty, but also beneficial. Mangoes, for example, are high in sugar. Fruit sugar, on the other hand, differs from refined sugar in that it is supplemented by fibre and a variety of nutrients for the body. They’re low in calories and rich in fiber, as well as vitamins A and C. They contain additional vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and have been related to a variety of health benefits.

How to include mangoes into your diet:

 blend some mangoes and mix milk to get a cool glass of mango smoothie or simply eat the mango after peeling the skin.

Dark chocolate

dark chocolate

According to new findings, chocolate has more antioxidants per gram than other fruit drinks, which is fantastic news for chocolate lovers! Dark chocolate is a natural mood enhancer that also protects the body from diseases and helps to prevent heart disease.

How to include dark chocolate into your diet:

Enjoy this nutritious meal in moderation – one or two squares a day would suffice.



Quinoa is a herbaceous plant that looks and cooks like a grain. It’s a full protein, which means it has all nine basic amino acids and has the same amount of energy and satiety as meat without the fat or cholesterol. It’s a delicious grain that can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes. It has a high fiber and protein content, as well as a low glycaemic index when compared to other carbohydrates.

How to include quinoa into your diet:

 Toss cooked quinoa with fresh lemon juice and sliced fresh dill. Spiced Cod with Broccoli-Quinoa Pilaf is another choice.

Sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes

Because of the alpha and beta carotene in sweet potatoes, they have such a vibrant orange color. The darker the color, the higher the antioxidant beta-carotene content of these tubers. These compounds are converted by the body into the active form of vitamin A, which aids in the health of the lungs, bones, and immune system. These phytochemicals also act as antioxidants, removing disease-causing free radicals from the body.

How to include sweet potatoes into your diet:

 Steam cut-up sweet potatoes and apples as a side salad. Combine maple syrup and cracked red pepper in a blender

While staying healthy is not a child’s play, it should be noted that there is no superfood that will provide your body with all the nutrition that it needs. Becoming healthy is a conscious choice and you can achieve that health with a combination of proper nutritious edibles.

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