Cardamom is a very popular spice that you might know as “Elaichi”. It is also referred as the “Queen of Spices”.  Many of you might know about it from everyone’s favorite biryani. Cardamom is a very ancient spice. While travelling, Vikings discovered cardamom. People of different culture use cardamom for different purposes. Egyptians used this spice for many of their rituals such as embalming. Cardamom was the main ingredient in perfumes and aromatic oils of the Greeks and the Romans.

Cardamom comes from the seeds of the various ginger family. It looks like a green oval capsule that contains 10-15 small black seeds. They have a strong, warm and very aromatic flavour.  There are three most common and known cardamom variety. These include green cardamom, black cardamom and white cardamom. The green cardamom is the most common one.  People consider this variety as a “luxury”  spice. It is a very famous spice in India. It has the amazing flavor and aroma. The biggest producer of cardamom is Guatemala. It is also cultivated in countries like southern India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand etc.

The black cardamom is a bit large in size as compared to the green cardamom. It is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. It has a sweet flavour. It is very efficient in curing digestive disorders. It is cultivated in Nepal, China and Vietnam.

Lastly, the white cardamom is a bleached version of green cardamom and has a very similar flavor to green cardamom. People in India, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand use it in drinks and desserts. For ages, people have used cardamom in cooking and for various health benefits.

top 10 benefits of cardamom

Here are the top 10 benefits of cardamom that you need to know right now:


benefits of cardamom for real hygiene

If you are one of those who is constantly worried about the smell of your breath then cardamom will rescue you. Due to antimicrobial properties cardamom works as a very good mouth freshener and get rid of bad breath. The phytochemical present in cardamom works as an antiseptic that prevents tooth decay and cavities. Because of anti-inflammatory properties it reduces the chances of infections like mouth ulcer.

Cardamom oil heals toothaches and gum pain. It is rich in vitamin C it also reduces swelling and reduces the pain. It heals gums and redness of the mouth. So, next time when you have any of these symptoms you can easily reduce some pain before going to the dentist.


cardamom in nausea and vomiting

Feeling nauseous is probably the worst feeling ever. But it can be cured by cardamom. Nobody likes the uneasiness that it causes. Cardamom is a very effective natural remedy to treat vomiting and nausea. The cooling effect calms the upset stomach and gets rid of nausea. It manages indigestion and gives relief. So, next time when you feel uneasy because of vomiting, you know what to do.


cardamom for cough and cold

Another benefit of cardamom is that it is a very effective ingredient in curing a cold and cough. Due to cardamom’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it heals the respiratory tract and loosens the mucus caused by cold. It also manages sore throat. It fights throat infection that causes sore throat. It reduces throat inflammation. Cardamom is loaded with antioxidants. Drinking cardamom tea with honey treats cold and cough and gives warmth to the body.

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benefits of cardamom in high blood pressure

Cardamom is very under-rated for its properties to cure hypertension or high blood pressure. Due to its antioxidant properties, it does wonder to heart and promotes heart health. It also has fiber which is known to lower cholesterol levels. Cardamom increases the volume of urine due to which a large amount of potassium and sodium ions get excreted. These calm the blood vessels and lower the blood pressure. Having cardamom in a small amount in your diet can balance your blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart diseases.


Another benefit of cardamom is that it has cancer-fighting properties. Researchers have found that the cardamom powder fights cancer cells by inducing certain enzymes. Having cardamom as a part of your diet lowers the risk of breast cancer. It is a naturally occurring substance that can fight cancerous cells. You should eat this very beneficial and aromatic spice in your diet.


Cardamom is an effective remedy to manage high blood sugar level. It has manganese which controls the blood sugar level in the body. Studies have proved that cardamom has anti-diabetic effects which regulate glucose metabolism. Adding this spice to your daily cup of tea will balance your blood sugar level and may prevent diabetes


benefits of cardamom for stomach

For ages, people have used cardamom to treat bad digestion. It can heal ulcers. It is very helpful in relieving stomach discomfort. Cardamom also treats issues caused by gas such as indigestion, stomach pain and spasm. Even though cardamom is spice it has a cooling effect that  boosts the digestion and controls the acidity.  


cardamom for sleep problems

Inability to sleep can be due to many reasons such as jet lag, stress or any other health condition. Cardamom essential oil is effective in treating sleeping troubles. The sweet aroma of cardamom releases any stress or tension and calms your mind. It treats insomnia and restlessness and gives you a perfectly peaceful sleep.

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cardamom skin and hair

Cardamom is a very beneficial spice in getting rid of acne. If you’re someone who wants clear skin then cardamom is for you. A waxy and oily substance produced by the skin is called sebum. When an excess of sebum is produced by the skin it clogs the pores of the skin and causes acne. It cleanses your blemishes and breakouts.  It controls the flow of sebum and clears out clogged pores. Applying cardamom powder with honey on face can give you amazing results. It gives your skin a fresh glow and makes your tone even.

As cardamom has an antioxidant property it also prevents chapped lips and gives you softer lips.

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benefits of cardamom in body detox

Cardamom has detoxifying properties. Cardamom helps the kidney to eliminate waste. It prevents infection and cleans the urinary tract, bladder and urethra. Due to the presence of essential oils and biochemicals and gives detoxifying effects. Cardamom removes toxins from the blood through mild diuresis. As liver secrets the bile juice which is important for fats. Cardamom enhances the flow of bile juice from the liver which makes it easier for the liver to breakdown the fats.


 So, those were the top 10 benefits of cardamom. Cardamom proves itself that why it is called “The Queen of Spices”. With its sweet and aromatic flavor, it sure does gives food an elegant touch but there is more to cardamom. Since ancient times it is used for various medicinal purposes. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it not just beneficial in one or two ways but in many ways. It prevents and cures many health problems. Cardamom improves your health and  You must add cardamom to your spice box and as a part of your diet.

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