Top 10 low-cost investment business ideas with high profit-making at long term

As we already know, this corona phase has been a game-changer in all our lives. Many people started earning online at this time. In this important phase, there were many industries that have shown a significant rise and have a huge probability of growing more in the upcoming future.

So, here are the top 10 low cost investment business ideas according to me which would probably be rising a lot in the future and high profit making, and choosing them can be a great business opportunity for you. Read the full article to know more.

  1. Online teaching and Sell courses online

One of the best option to sell courses on udemy platform. millions of student purchase everyday course from udemy and learn it.

 In Pandemic time all schools and colleges were closed because of COVID-19. So all the colleges and schools started online classes which can help for studies. In this situation, so many online courses were available for students. If we see online teaching as a career or business I think that’s a very good option for business because if you’re passionate about this you can make your own application on Google play store which can help you to reach everyone you can take charges for all courses, determine your price, take reasonable cost plan your schedule divided your subjects.

Udemy as instructor to sell courses

Udemy is best option if you want to sell courses as a instructor on udemy. Simply create instructor account on udemy and sell courses on affordable price. you will also receive feedback from student in star rating udemy promote you if you receive good feedback from student on courses.

Keep online tutorial in your website which can a student understand your teaching experience. Try some apps for tutorials. If you want that student to see your app you can promote your app on social media and firstly you can provide some free courses which can help you to attract more students.

you can also make your own education app and upload your courses. by this way you will able to sell courses and also monitize your application on google playstore through google admob.

Identify your work. Attract students to your teaching skills and your behavior. I think this is a very good business idea for the future because in the future all students prefer online studies. That’s why this business is good for the future. And this is a really good scope and growth for education.

Business ideas

2.Electric vehicles

We all know that electric vehicles are better than regular vehicles. And this is very good for the future because we all know that in the future only electric vehicles will take the place of regular vehicles.

Since the price of petrol is 102.99 litre, I don’t think that in the future middle-class families can afford this price. That’s why electric vehicles are the best opportunity for business.

There are so many advantages of having electric vehicles like the vehicle is fast and flexible, it improves our fitness. That vehicle is our future, it is the future of transportation. Most importantly, it is a nature-friendly, pollution-free vehicle.

impact of electric vehicle on nature , environment

Electric Vehicles- The future is here and we need to focus on shifting towards options that are more sustainable and less harmful to nature. With this ideology, the Indian automobile industry comes into focus, while many countries are adapting and moving towards Electric vehicles (also called EVs), India is still hugely reliant on petroleum by-product run vehicles which not only lends a helping hand for the growing pollution but also we are helping the limited oil resources to exhaust at a faster rate.

Although slowly but more importantly India is moving towards the EV sector, We recently heard the news of Tesla Inc. setting up their corporate offices in Bengaluru which marked to be their official entry into the Indian market after a long wait from the customers, although Tesla has set up their offices the sales of their cars in India might take time.


Pharmaceutical Companies – As the Coronavirus has taken our world into a frenzy, people have started to realize what’s the importance of the pharmaceutical sector. While all of the worlds were affected by the virus, *India was one of the most severely affected nations*. As India was affected, the Indian pharmaceutical sector did a really good job with the production and distribution of necessary medicines across the country.

Does pharmaceutical sector good as business point of view?

If we understand this factor we can see that this is a very good chance for business. This is a developing healthcare source. I think you can advertise this business. We all know that not only this time in the future this business also works. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Sun Pharma Industries is an Indian Multinational Company which is based in Mumbai.

Sun Pharma mainly deals in medical formulations for various medical conditions, the company’s majority of sales come from India and the USA. Sun Pharma holds a prestigious position as a top pharma company pan India. Sun Pharma as of now has a revenue of 4.2 Billion USD.

Dr. Reddy Laboratories is one of the very fast emerging pharma companies in India now, Dr. Reddy boasts about their world-class laboratories and facilities, they also claim to have the benchmark medicines and formulations.

In the coronavirus crisis, Dr. Reddy stepped up and also assisted in the vaccine distribution process. Dr. Reddy as of now has a revenue of 2.4 Billion USD.

Reputation of indian pharmaceutical companies in indian market?

Cipla is one of many leading international pharmaceutical companies that has built itself a reputation in the Indian markets as well, Cipla is now a household name while major medical institutions recognize them as quality medicine producers. Cipla as of now has a constant revenue of 2.5 Billion USD.

4.Food truck

According to me, nowadays the food truck business keeps growing and growing. I think it is an excellent business for the future because according to me most people love fast food. You can start your own food truck. Food trucks are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. If you’re passionate about making food, you can definitely try this business.

Steps to create Food trucks business

Food trucks are a very successful business for the future.

  • First, you should create your menu.
  • Second, choose the price of your items, and third,
  • promote your business.

Choose that food which you can make perfectly. If you make bad food, customers are not happy with your food and they will never come to your food truck.

5.Clothing boutique

I know clothing and boutiques are already successful and good businesses. But if you’re innovative and creative you can sell your clothes online. You should develop your online page or something.

You can male Fashion and clothes ecommerce website and design as clothing website and sell clothes online.if you don’t know coding it’s okay. you can start with shopify . here you can make ecommerce website using drag and drop . no need to coding skills. if you have certain investment start with wordpress. if you don’t know fine. search freelancer on fiverr. simple go to fiverr and search i need wordpress website. you will lot’s of gigs created by freelancer (gigs nothing but his project work skills ) you can choose ecommerce website freelancer and pay some amount and freelancer will make your website. fiverr is very cheap price freelancer have. only 5$ you can hire freelancer.

Keep things in mind to grow in clothing fashion industry

It’s all about selling a trending lifestyle. Make something new and unique because if you’re thinking about a boutique as your future business you should always be creative. Research every day to develop your skills and think more about fashion because In the future competition is very tough. That’s why you should be creative.

Make your website, because the website customers can make contact with you. And you should also think about payment methods. Promote your business on social media. Social media is the very best option to expand your business.

6.Event management

Event management is also a better idea for business because in the future event management is a good option.

Event management has definitely flourishing very fast. The most average beginners are also likely to get good payment. If you really want this business always follow these things like:-

Follow these 5 steps to grow business in event management

  • Research your market, which type of parties in trending, what customer want, understand their needs
  • Create your business plan because if you make a good plan you will be a good event manager.
  • Choose your business name, try to choose any sweet and simple name.
  • Register your business.
  • Set up your website. Make your website a little creative. And use simple language which customers can understand.

These things help you start up a business. And this is a really good business idea for the future.

7. App development

Application everyone uses and making application is also fun in todays world . kids also made application for fun like joke application gamees application. what we think if you make application as business. Simple create application for someone who want to make business

online. simple create application for business , education and music video and games and publish on playstore and monitize of your application with google admob. people will use your application and through advertisement you will earn money from playstore

you can also become freelancer on fiverr and freelancer people per hour. simple make account on these platform and add your profile and lot’s client you will find their who want their application for their business . take charges and create application for client business.

If you have knowledge of java and core it is a good thing to start up using Android could be a good course of action. It will take 6 weeks and 3 to 6 hours every day.

if you want to become apllication developer learn one coding langauge java/kotlin and start with android studio best course on android

google udacity free courses on android

click here

Best android series courses on coursera

If you apply this, you can cover your basic skill. If you are really interested and passionate about making an app you can be a millionaire example for Amazon owner Jeff Bezos 19,340 Crores USD and social media owners like Facebook and Instagram they will also earn and profit.

Best Way to Become Android Developer – A Complete Roadmap

8.Automobile industry

AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY is also good for business not only in future but in recent also this world is very good. Ever since the world has opened itself for other countries to do trades and business, mobility has been a huge factor in making globalization a success.

Connecting with states within a country is of huge importance for a healthy economy and in India, the Indian automobile sector has definitely made it possible. In the year 2020, it was estimated that the automobile sector sold 21.5 Million vehicles, _India happens to be the World’s largest producer of Tractors, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers; the second-largest producer of Buses; third-largest producer of heavy trucks; fourth-largest producer of cars._

These stats alone should give you an idea of how vast the automobile industry in India is. With the rise in the younger population, it is said that India’s automobile sector is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Maruti Suzuki, a household name that has been living for decades. Maruti Suzuki in terms of market saturation absolutely dominates over every single competitor of its industry with a market share of a whopping 53%.

A part of Maruti Suzuki’s massive success comes from its brand trust and affordability, you would find no streets in India which doesn’t have a Maruti Suzuki car. Hyundai An international company that seems to have found the sweet spot among Indian car drivers presently has the second largest market share in the automobile industry.

Hyundai India also exports to countries around them which makes their major part of its revenue. Hyundai’s Santro, i10, and Creta were some of their most popular models which raised them to popularity.

Tata Motors Another one of the Tata group’s subsidiaries who have made their way into the automobile sector as well, they are one of the major players who deliver heavyweight vehicles like trucks and buses but they aren’t really far behind in terms of the passenger vehicles sector as well, after all, Tata Motors is considered as one of the top companies.

In recent times their flagship models like Nexon and Hexa have managed to capture the attention of buyers. With the rise in the younger population, it is said that India’s automobile sector is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.

9. The manufacturing hub

India: The manufacturing hub While there’s a lot of socio-political tensions going on between the US and China, the business of the US in China is taking a beating financially, which inevitably is making companies think of moving out of China.

While due to political issues companies are fleeing out of China, there are plenty of attractive factors leading to which India will be their favorite pick to establish their production sector.

The relationship between the US and India stays strong, there’s good understanding between both the countries and welcomes each other’s trade opportunities quite often into their borders.

Cheap labor in India will be the driving force for the companies to establish themselves in India, due to cheap labor companies will be gaining more on revenue and profits. The skilled workforce is abundantly available in India, companies will not have to look very hard to handpick their workers. India right now accounts for 3% of global production.

10. Counselling

Counselor is also a good business for the future. There are so many types of consultancy like a Career counselor, marketing consultancy, financial consultant, social media consultancy, and many more types.

 interesting Startup ideas that can make huge money


So, these were the top 10 business ideas according to me which are best suitable to choose. If you want to go in any of them, research about it and think about them.

Hope you liked today’s article. To know more and get the latest updates, stay connected to our website.

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