Take paperless Personal loan from Paytm in just 5 minutes?

Short of money? Want loan quickly and easily? Check out this post.

With Paytm personal loan you can enjoy paperless and transparent loan process instantly. 

Before heading toward taking your first personal loan make sure your app is updated.

For getting the loan your age limit must be between 25 – 60.

 Now follow the below steps and get your loan instantly

Step 1

Open the Paytm app → Click on Paytm Personal Loan or search Paytm personal Loan in the search bar

Step 2

Enter Your Pan Card No. (for KYC purpose)

           Your Date of Birth (As mention on Pan Card).

           Your Full Name (As mentioned on Pan Card).

Step 3

Enter the purpose for which you need.

        Enter your profession.

Step 4

Enter your father’s and Mother’s name.

Step 5

Enter your pan card number for KYC purpose and the bank details in which you want your loan. Also, you need to tell your EMI repayment method.

 When all this detail has been entered your civil score is checked and loan is given on that basis. Then u need to select 6 month or 12-month installment payment. Processing fee with 5 % GST is added and money is credited in your given bank account.

The maximum amount that you can borrow is between 10,000 to 2,00,000 depending upon your civil score.

How to improve your credit score quickly?

 Keep following points in mind while applying for Paytm personal loan.

Paytm Loans have high interest rates.

Make sure your app is updated.

Take loan from Paytm

 Some of the frequently asked questions which may help you.

1.How much interest will be charged?

Ans: Interest rates are charged on the basis of your EMI returning time. A person having 6-month EMI returning time will have to pay less interest rate than that of 12 months.  

 2. From where your EMI will be debited?

Ans: Also, the EMI will be deducted from same bank account in which the loan has been credited.

 3. Can u apply for the loan if are a student?

Ans: Definitely, but you should have a source of income to pay back the EMI.

 Hope you find the post useful. If you still have any doubt please comment below and we will be glad to solve them.


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