Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry

Every field has the same scope as here in the gaming industry and also has a lot of scope in India. We can see the progress on gaming industries from the last few years. As we know gaming has become the largest segment of the entertainment industry in India during the past 4-5 years and is considered as the great profession across the world and also a demanding career in today’s modern world.

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.

The revenue of the online gaming industry across India was around 44 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2018. It was estimated to grow up to almost 120 billion rupees by the financial year 2023. In the past few years back the iPhone, android, play store or app stores were newly introduced so the game quality and efficiency was lesser as compared to 2021. When people get familiar with android play stores etc. it upraises the market.

Few years back there were few companies which developed games. Now there are almost 300-400 even more companies established in India. Gaming industry is already a billion – dollar industry. According to the report, the main drivers for mobile gaming growth are affordability of smartphones, new features, day to day updates, cheap data prices and great internet quality.

And according to another observation the number of gaming companies have touched almost 300-400 in 2021 as compared to 12-13 companies in 2010 .and the estimated number of gamers are 628 million. India has also one of the top five mobile gaming markets in the world, with a 13% share of global game sessions.

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.

A lot of studios work in India which develop small or big gaming projects. Big companies hire freshers and provide them different projects to handle. So the scope in the gaming industry is the biggest, depending on your skills of understanding, logic and coding. There is not only one field in the gaming department there are various single people who cannot make the whole project or game, their needed team work to develop the project.

India has the largest number of smartphone users, the future in game development is good. A lot of popular games have been fully made in India.

  • Bubble shooter by shoot bubble
  • Minijoy lite by YOLO
  • Gardens capes byplarix
  • Candy crush saga by king
  • Episode by episode

In India a number of institutes are opening day by day for game development. They teach you how to build or develop games and the business inside the gaming industry. It has great scope abroad. They hire developers with big packages. In India the gaming industry is still in the developing zone but abroad (like US, Germany, Denmark) it is already established. You can easily apply for those job opportunities and after getting experience come back to India and use your experience on the development of your country because the industry here is in its initial level and people of India can change it.

Approx. 1billion people are in India and lots of them are interested in game development or a lot are working in the gaming department and making a lot of good games like- 

  • Asura is the first made in India Nintendo switch game developed in Hyderabad. 
  • Nazara is founded by gamer Nitish Mittersain in 2000, nazara is one of the largest gaming and sports media communities which have million-dollar income and has 2 billion customers.
  • Game2win world is a leading global mobile games publisher. Their games have 400 million downloads and are played by 15 million monthly active players. Alok Kejriwal Cofounder and CEO.

The gaming industry is not going to stop. It’s catching up and growing up day by day and soon it will reach the next level. You need to be good at maths and physics to be a good developer. But you can learn all these things as you start putting them in use. Anyone with the will to learn can be a game developer. Nothing is difficult in this field.

You have to decide which department you want to choose in gaming industry there are two departments-

  1. Technical department 
  • design game, programming etc.
  1. Non-technical department
  • character design and decides the levels inside the game.

Game industry jobs

  • Game designer
  • Game animator
  • Game tester
  • Game scripter

For game developer you can take any master degree/ degree/ diploma like

Diploma courses-

Diploma in game art

Diploma in digital art

Diploma in animation

Degree courses-

B. tech computer science and game development

B. design in multimedia

B. design in graphics

B. design in gaming

Bachelor in media animation and design

BSC in animation game design and development

BA in animation and computer graphics

Masters courses-

MA in animation

If we compare with servicing international level models developed in India and done programming on it.

Dhruva Interactive was the first game development company in India based in Bangalore. The company was founded by Rajesh Rao in March 1997. Works on Forza Horizon and Forza motorsport 3. It also created the art of sniper Ghost warrior 2, Kinect star War, dead rising 2 and many more. The Dhruva company is currently working on- control: Ultimate edition -cloud version (2020).

How to start game development from scratch

Scratch is a computer programming language that lets you create your own interactive games, music, animation and art. It is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) media lab, led by Mitchel Resnick in 2003.

  • It is easy to learn and use.
  • It provides an interactive environment to create a program by dragging blocks of code.

 To start Scratch, follow the steps given below

  • Click on start button
  • Choose all programs.
  • Click on scratch 2
  • Scratch window opens.

Main components of scratch

  • Sprite small graphic characters perform actions in a scratch project. it provides a number of inbuilt sprites. Cat is the default sprite from scratch.
  • Stage it is the name of the area where the sprite moves and performs action according to given instruction. here you can play games and run scratch projects that you have created. It is divided into x, y coordinates. The values of the coordinate are displayed at the bottom right corner of the stage. These coordinate indicate the position of the sprite on the stage,
  • Sprite list displays the thumbnails of all the sprites used in a project.
  • Presentation mode on view full screen button is located at the top left corner of the stage.
  • Cursor tools provide 4 tools to perform different operations on sprites.
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Grow increase the size of sprite
  • Shrink decrease the size of the sprite


  1. Make your character jump
  2. Make a moving obstacle
  3. Stop the game
  4. Add more obstacles
  5. Keep score

Step 1- Make your character jump.

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.
  • Take a character and make it jump. Choose any character like a bird and also choose a backdrop and use the blue sky.
  • To make character upwards we use blocks and change the value in y by any number.
  • And we repeat it 10 times.
  • Then we pick another block and change the value in y with -10 for downward and put another in a repeat loop.
  • And add a space key press block on top to make jump with space.

Step 2 – Make a moving obstacle

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.
  • Pick any obstacle like an egg.
  • To start our obstacle from the opposite side of the screen and glide over the bird side of the screen. To do this process we add another block to x and y in scratch.
  • Every position on the stage has a certain number of x,y.
  • X represents the horizontal y represents vertical.
  • Drag the block and add x, y value
  • And add grid block and add x, y value.and add forever block to repeat the process.
  • And then add when clicked block to perform action.

Step 3 – Stop the game

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.
  • Add a stop block that will stop everything in your project.
  • Add touching chicks block with when clicked.

Step 4 – Add more obstacles

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.
  • Repeat step 1 & 2

Step 5 – Keep score

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.
  • Make a variable to keep track of certain numbers in your project.
  • Here we make variable scores and use it to keep track of the player score. In every jump we can increase their score by one.
  • When the player loses the project restarts.
  • We can add a set block to set their score back to zero.

How to become a Game developer?

Highest paid game developer salary in India

The salary depends on a variety of factors depending on where you work, from whom you work and what type of level designer you are and how perfect your skill. Average video game programmer salary in India 478,895/year. Grow up to 1.5-2 lakh per month depending upon your skills, passion and creativity.

Game developer salary in India according to today’s generation Vs before 10-15 years back when people wanted to can into there is a great difference in terms of thinking and knowledge. Today’s generation has great skills, ideas etc. so chances of scope and salary is higher this time. As we know a few years back there were lesser development, companies, studios as compared to today’s generation so the opportunities are higher here.

The designer and artist bring the idea, then the game developer implements that idea in real life by writing a number of codes which allow video games to function. But the salary depends on different factors like where you work, whom you work and your development skills.

Game developer salary starts from around 29,30,540/year for freshers abroad. But in India joining salary starts around 4lakh per annum for programmers and for designer it is around 3.5lakh and for game developer and artist it is around 3lakh per annum. These increases depending on the performance level of the company you are working with.

After successfully working on 3-4 projects salary reaches high after enough projects are completed developers often become executive producers, with approx. six times higher salary or can open their own studio. It totally depends on work you do rather than anything else. you will get higher packages with any educational background because it totally depends on your work and how good projects that you can develop. 

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.

Game developer salary in India

Game developer salary in India at the entry level starts from 15k – 22k. After experience they can grow well over 1.5 – 2lakh. If you have passion and creativity you can grow faster. and all the increments depend on performance, level and company you are working with. You can’t easily learn to know everything in game design and development, in the start. These skills come with a lot of experience.

Game developer salary for freshers is 15 – 22k. In big companies it could be 20k – 30k on fresher level. You need to be the best among a lot of people in the race of competition so you need live experiences which you found by internships. It is a quick way to get to that level. After 1 year you jump to a minimum 35k – 45k, maximum depends on your skills, creative mind and time you gave to the company. You can earn up to 1.5–2 lakh/ month there is no limit on salary growth wise it depends on you.

Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry.

According to the survey, 70% of people out of 100% like to play video games so the gaming industry will reach the next level in the coming years. There is great scope because this industry is never going to stop. After a few years it’s going to build a great market which it is already built for because games have versions and levels which makes it more powerful, interesting and energetic.

As compare to industries like film industry they create a movie it will come people, see it people get bored after seeing it one time but in gaming industry there came different levels one after another and number of versions came to entertain their players make games more tricky and interesting. In the entertainment world, the film industry and gaming industry are at the top level but after a few years the game industry is going to build a great market better than the film industry.

So basically, game developer salary in India depends on how much experience you have, scope of project you developed, and where the company is located because big companies usually pay more as compared to small ones. Considering all these things, a fresher level game developer should earn 20k to 40k per month.

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