The 10 Best Mental Health Books

Mental health has been concealed at the rear of a curtain of stigma. It has been discriminated against for far too long. It is time to bring it out into the open. When it comes to mental illness, the awareness just isn’t there. Mental health has always been inferior in front of other health subjects.

Mind is an essential part of our body and thus it’s our duty to look after its health and cure the illness. We can say that the brain is as complex as our lives. Why do you think the brain has been claimed as the most intricate organ in our body? Mental health influences every aspect of our lives, even if we are not aware about it. It has an impact on how we think and feel. Which guides us to make decisions and portrays how we act in front of people. 

Mental health also has a direct connection with an individual’s physical health, poor mental health can affect our physical health. Because of their cyclic dependence on each other, it also makes a person more exposed to certain chronic autoimmune diseases. Mental illness occurs when the brain, just like any other organ such as the heart, or the kidney, is not working the way it should.  

Mental illness is a collection of disorders such as depression, PTSD, bipolar, anxiety and immeasurably more. The symptoms for these things range from loss of energy, motivation to do activities, change in sleep patterns, many mood swings, overwhelming obsessions of fears.

Mental health books can be a useful way to process your experiences, learn about psychology, and often find techniques and tools to help you with your daily life. They can aid your mental health toolkit by providing different techniques, scientific research, and stories of others facing similar obstacles.

Must read books on Mental health!

Ameliorated psychological health means an improved level of quality of our lives. Many psychologists have accepted the necessity of continuing our mental health education with books. Which gives us A-Z knowledge about mental health from minor topics like daily stresses to major and heavy topics like depression.

Here are some of the best mental health books you should not skip as it helps you for your improved mental well-being.

1. This is Depression

Mental Health Book (This is Depression)

In the book “This is depression”, Dr Diane McIntosh who has been a psychiatrist for twenty years. She shares her experience with patients who had once been diagnosed with depression. She paints a picture of the journey in your mind talking about how a person feels when they go through depression. Dr. McIntosh takes an evidence-based approach as she outlines the effects, causes, and treatments of depression as well as providing encouragement that it can be overcome.

She covers important topics like customary causes, diagnoses and treatments to cure it. The topics she talks about not only helps people in research but her use of real-life examples help people to relate and feel like they are not alone.

2. We’ve Been Too Patient

Mental Health Book (We've Been Too Patient)

In this book the author has a collection of twenty-five stories that portrays and talks about the unfortunate bitter truths about people who fall into the trap of mental illnesses. But these stories are not without hope, and many speak of radical healing in the form of mutual aid, peer support, art, spirituality and storytelling. 

The book attempts to break the stigma that surrounds the mental health space. It talks about the effect of over medications, involuntary hospitalizations, police brutality, electroconvulsive therapy and other traumatic incidents. The discussions in this book help the readers educate themselves, empower the doctor and support the people who are going through any mental illness.

3. This Too Shall Pass

Mental Health Book (This Too Shall Pass)

This book gives us information about how Julia Samuels (psychotherapist) converses with her patients for hours. Where she mentions how hardships are dealt differently by everyone. Backed up with medical research and her analysis of the stories. She explains how the definition of mental health is different for everyone.

4. Black Pain

Mental Health Book (Black Pain)

The author of this book, Terri Williams, who is also a mental health advocate talks about how black people are hurting. The author addresses how the topic of depression is taboo, especially for the Black community. With a down to earth discussion the author discusses how she tackled her emotional pain and how uniquely it affects black people. Motivates the men and women to seek help when they need it without being ashamed. She summons up that we all are brave, none of us are cowards for facing our traumas in our own ways and finding solutions to it with the help of others.

5. Own Yourself

Mental Health Book (Own Yourself)

Kelly Brogan who is a holistic psychiatrist gives us alternative solutions to medications. She explains how every mental illness cannot be fixed but processed, accepted and healed in some non-medicated ways. Backed up with research about ways to identify factors, find transformative emotional chances, and find methods to cure your mind from inside. Dr. Brogan believes that when someone prioritizes self-care, those people will find themselves with sharper and clearer mental health.

6. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Mental Health Book (Maybe You Should Talk To Someone)

This book talks about the experience of the therapist Lori Gottlieb, who ends up being a patient and gets a taste of her own medicine. After passing through an incident, she feels shaken and bewildered. She experiences both sides of a therapy session. In the journey of self-discovery, she talks about truths and lies we tell ourselves causing the harm we would never know about. This book will make you feel heard along with the encouragement. You will get to open up and reach out to the professionals who are there to listen.

7. Your Happiness Toolkit

Mental Health Book (Your happiness Toolkit)

With thirty years of experience under the counselling field. Carrie Maxwell Wrigley focuses on providing the applicable steps for the people struggling with mental health issues. It talks about depression and what feeds and fights it. A self-assessment model made by her is provided for the people to identify their level of depression. In short it is a guide which can help anyone passing through psychological issues.

8. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Made Simple

Mental Health Book (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Made Simple)

The concept of mindfulness has been taken to another level in this book. The author gives ten strategies which can improve individuals. Seth Gillihan, the author, helps us identify our negative thoughts and allows ourselves to get rid of anxiety and depression. Each tool has backed-up research. It is also an easy read manual filled with simple steps which can lead to success. 

9. Be Calm

Mental Health Book (Be Calm)

The clinical psychologist, Jill Weber talks about three sections in this book which are- feelings, behaviour and thoughts. Main anxiety feature of each section is taken up and talks about facing it and then dealing with it to find inner calmness. It is an easy read book with solutions and knowledge which you can apply to any situation in your current and future life.

10. Own Your Anxiety

Mental Health Book (Own Your Anxiety)

The career of the stress coach Julian Brass’ has always been to guide people towards empowerment and in the face and situation of anxiety. The motive of the book is to concentrate on positive actions, motivation and things which are in your control. It shows us a perspective where we don’t consider anxiety as a disorder and be ashamed of it. The author suggests we look at our anxiety as the intimate aspect of who we are. The book tells us to shape our anxiety and not hide it. This book is a combination of medical research. Author’s experience which leads the reader towards a happier and healthier life.

These are the top ten books I would suggest you to not skip. Maybe some of us are not in the phase or a situation to visit a professional. But the least we can do for our mental health is gaining information and reading such books. Which not only gives us the medical and proven research to treat our daily life’s mental stress and anxiety but also gives the feeling of ‘you are not alone’. Reading about people who go through the same things. As you do gives you the feeling of oneness and empowerment leading you to take steps towards being healthy and strong mental well-being. 

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