Top 10 Schools in India only for Rich Peoples 

Many people think that the Indian education system can never be compared with the developed countries. 

But in today’s time, the Indian education system is growing rapidly. It will leave many countries back in the coming years. 

There are many schools in India that are the most expensive. Their fees are around 17 lakhs to 20 lakhs. 

List of top 10 schools in India only for rich peoples 

1. Woodstock School (Mussoorie), 1854. 

2. Good Shepherd International School (Ooty), 1977. 

3. Mayo College (Ajmer), 1875. 

4. Scindia School (Gwalior), 1897. 

5. Ecole Mondiale World School (Mumbai), 2004. 

6. Doon School (Dehradun), 1935. 

7. Stonehill International School (Bangalore), 2018. 

8. Welham Boys School (Dheradun), 1937. 

9. Bishop Cotton School (Shimla), 1859. 

10. Birla Public School, 1944. 

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Schools fee structure and infrastructure

1. Woodstock School (Mussoorie) 

 top 10 schools in India only for rich peoples

This school was established in the year 1854. The school is co-ed and situated in Uttarakhand. The best infrastructure of the school. The school is Cambridge University, IGCSE grading system. The established fee of 4, 00,000 is nonrefundable. The Residence area is perfect and provides a fresh environment for people to live in. 

Fee Structure: 

Grade Fee (2021) 
6 to 8 16,70,000 INR 
9 and 10 17,28,000 INR 
11 and 12 18,53,000 INR 

2. Good Shepherd International School (Ooty) 

Good Shepherd International School (Ooty)

The school was founded in 1977 in Tamil Nadu. The campus covers 70 acres of land. The founder of the school is Dr. PC Thomas. It is a co-educational school and fully residential. The main focus is on sports. Exams are conducted by the IP board.  

The school has a butterfly habitat to attract and preserve butterfly species. 

Fee Structure: 

Grade Fee (2021) 
3 to 8 7 to 13 lakhs 
9 and 10 11 to 16 lakhs 
11 and 12              16.5 lakh 

Registration fee = 10,000 

3. Mayo College (Ajmer) 

Mayo College (Ajmer) 

This school was established in 1875. The campus covers 180 acres of land. Exams are conducted by the CBSE board. Have an incredibly good infrastructure. It includes 9 holes of Golf courses, a polo ground, horse riding, 2 swimming pools, cricket field, race track, and many more sports activities.  

Alumni network is extraordinarily strong such as Vivek Oberoi, Tinu Anand, and Jaswant Singh who is the founder of BJP are the famous alumni. 

Fee Structure: Annual fee is 13 lakhs for NRI and 6, 50,000 for Indian residents. 

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4. Scindia School (Gwalior) 

 Scindia School (Gwalior)

 This school was established in 1897 by Raja Madhavrao Scindia. This school is only a boarding school for boys. It shows international highlights. The school has Mukesh Ambani and Salman khan among its prominent alumni. The school provides the best faculty in sports.   

Fee Structure: Annual fee is approximately 13 lakhs. 

Fee Structure: Annual fee is approximately 13 lakhs. 

For Indian Students For International Students 
12,00,000 INR 14,22,000 INR 

5. Ecole Mondiale World School (Mumbai) 

 Ecole Mondiale World School (Mumbai)

The school was open in 2004. The school claims to be the first international school in Mumbai. It offers various programs as IB primary year, middle year, and diploma program. Exams are conducted through the IGCSE board at the middle school level and by Cambridge international board at 10 levels. 

Fee Structure: Annual fee is 7-11 lacks. 

6. Doon School (Dehradun) 

Doon School (Dehradun)

This school was established by Satish Rajandas in 1935. This is only a boy’s school. It is an independent boarding school. The school campus covers 72 acres of land. A lot of activities in sports are provided to students. Admission is done through an entrance test.  

Forms for admission are released in the month of January. The Board of the school is IGCSE which has a grading system. Also, include the ISC board. A refundable security fee of 350000 is required at the time of admission.  

Fee Structure: Annual fee is more than 10 lakhs.  

7. Doon School (Dehradun)   

Doon School (Dehradun)

This school was established in 2018 by Mr. Simon McCloskey. The Head of school is Dr. Beverly Sort land. The teacher-student ratio is 7:1. The school is affiliated with CIS (Council of International School). The campus covers 34 acres of land.  

Fee Structure: Annual fee is about 6 lakhs.  

8. Welham Boys School (Dehradun)  

Welham Boys School (Dehradun)  

This school was established in 1937. It covers 30 acres of land. It was formed by an English lady. Along with Boys school, she also established Girls school. This school has 11 hostels along with playgrounds. Exams are conducted by the CBSE board.   

Fee Structure: Annual fees are 6 – 6.5 lakhs.  

9. Bishop Cotton School (Shimla)  

Bishop Cotton School (Shimla)  

This is one of the oldest schools in Asia. This school was established in 1859 by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton. It is in the mountains of Asia. It covers 35 acres of ground. This school is best for better education. It is an independent boy’s only boarding school. Exams are conducted by ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and ISC (Indian School Certificate).  

It provides facilities such as libraries, books, and a proper internet connection.  

Fee Structure: Annual fee is 4.8 lakhs. It includes 70,000 Admission fees.  

10. Birla Public School  

This school is also known as Vidya Niketan School in Indian. It was established in 1944 by Birla Education Trust. It includes 3 sections: Junior, Middle, and senior section.  

This school has all facilities including swimming pools and well-maintained playgrounds. Every room has air conditioners. This school has all those facilities which help in the improvement of student mind.  

Fee Structure: Annual fee is 4.5 lakhs.  

All these are the top 10 schools in India for rich people. If you are rich and can afford any of the above schools for your child, this will be the best for his/her bright future. All these schools have the best facilities for students. They provide good education and infrastructure.   

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