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Height, Age and Family of Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar was born in Rishikesh in India on 6 June 1988 (33). She is 58.3 inches in height. She is a well-known Indian singer and currently, she is India’s no. one female singer with 50 million followers on Instagram. She has two older siblings, Tony Kakkar (singer-composer) and sister Sonu Kakkar (playback singer), making her the youngest in her family.

She doesn’t belong to a rich family they use to live in a small rented house and to meet their livings. Her father used to sell samosa and Neha along with her siblings Tony and Sonu used to sing in the spiritual events. And because of this, she used to get bullied in school. Sonu was an active singer in spiritual events and was famous too. But because of this, her father used to get hate comments and humiliations from local people. 

Neha Kakkar

As they used to say ‘what kind of father he is that makes his daughter sing in front of so many people for money despite. Neha’s father never stops them from letting their talent go in vain. Neha used to visit those events to watch her sister sing and learn and at the age of 5. She participated in a local singing competition and won. But due to lack of scope Sonu asked her father to move to Delhi. And her dad agreed and after moving they continued their signing in the spiritual events.

Neha says that she never took any singing classes and all she knows or has learned is from her sister Sonu. And she is her inspiration and by this time they were all into singing as the sole source of earning. And they were well recognized all over the city. On which Tony used to wish for a director to hear his sister Neha’s voice and hire her. 

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Struggle story of Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar in Indian Idol as Contestant

In 2005 when she was 11th she was first seen performing in the second season of a reality show named Indian idol. From the time Neha saw the first season of Indian Idol she wanted to be a part of it and win it. And now when she was finally in she decided to drop her class 11th studies and work hard to win the competition. 

Though she did not make it to the top 8 finalists this competition sure helped her gain fame and people believed. That she will one day become a famous singer. And even though the judges of Indian Idol eliminated her they said that she has the potential to be a superstar.

The failure did not break her spirit but made her work even harder on her singing and her skills. Her first Bollywood song was in ‘Meera bai not out‘. But the song was not liked that much, and many people still don’t know her song. But her hard work got her spotted by Pritam Chakraborty and he gave her a chance to sing in his movie ‘aa dekhen zara’. A song named ‘Gazab Hoyo Rama but the makers rejected her singing but this rejection made her even stronger. 

And in 2008 she released her album named ‘Neha The Rockstar’ which was a success. This success helped her get her way into Bollywood, but this success was hard for her as the makers were constantly rejecting her songs.

But she still kept trying and got into ‘jo jeeta wohi superstar‘ and ‘comedy circus’, not only her singing but also her acting. And comedy was good but she had to go through a lot of humiliation during the ‘comedy circus’ because of her height. After so long in 2011 she finally gets to sing a song named ‘second-hand jawani‘. Unlike the others, which helped her gain a love of audience support and love as listeners loved her voice in the song. 

This song gained popularity all over India due to which Neha gained the attention of a Punjabi singer honey Singh. He sends Neha lyrics of a song and asks her to record the lyrics of this song in her voice and then send him.

Later to Neha’s surprise Honey Singh really liked her singing so much that he became an admirer of her voice. And said that she has a unique voice and she will surely make it to the top. This might take Neha a lot of time and effort but she eventually did prove him right. But at that moment, the song Honey Singh asked Neha to sing did not get released. 

But the song named “ao raja“ was later played in 2016  in ‘Gabbar is back‘ and gained a lot of appreciation. Though some people appreciated her she got many haters comments for her song ‘ao raja’ as some believe that. Some of the lines in the song are very inappropriate and vulgar. She in her later years faced the same issue with her ‘Manali trend‘ song as people believe this song provokes drug usage.

In her hate comments, Neha in one of her interviews said that. ‘I know what is the limit of any song and when and where it gets crossed and I personally never did that. She further says that she is a very emotional and sensitive person. This is for sure as many times she had been spotted crying on stages or while judging a show. She even says that my emotional character is meme material for some people but in my defense. I cry on shows knowing the contestant’s situation because I have been there and I can relate to them.

Neha is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan. So in 2012, she released a song named ‘shah rukh anthem‘. After which Shah rukh personally met Neha and appreciated her. Later in 2013, she got to sing a song named ‘aj blue h pani’ along with Honey Singh. Which turned out to be a turning point in Neha’s career. 

After this song, she became a star singer and her fame started growing. In 2016 Neha sang a song along with her brother Tony ‘mile ho tum hum ko’. Which again gained fame all over India and every singer lover liked it. She used to make selfie videos and upload them on Youtube. Which gave her the title of ‘selfie queen’ though her fans also call her ‘Indian Shakira’.

Neha Kakkar in Indian Idol as Judge

In 2017 Neha got a chance to become one of the hosts in sa re ga ma pa little champs. And not only that she was also selected as an Indian idol judge. What could be bigger than this success for Neha was that she was asked to be the judge of the show where she was once eliminated.

Neha in an interview said that to become a judge in Indian Idol is like a dream come true for her. She further says that she never thought of a television show. Which she once joined as a contestant will later be the show she gets to judge. People say that Neha and her siblings are very down to earth. She and her siblings believe that their bond is unbroken and they are still close as they once were and will always be. Her family always wanted to own a house in their home town and now finally they have a bungalow in Rishikesh.

Neha Kakkar House

Love Life of Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar First Love

Neha’s first love was Himansh Kholi which was revealed by both of them on Indian Idol. On the stage Indian idol, Neha said that she desires a life partner like Himansh Kholi. Which made it clear that this couple soon is betrothed but little after this they broke up. Neha was heartbroken and depressed after her break up but her family never left her sight. Tony said to Neha that ‘we all have been through worse, depression is not for people like us so take your time and heal’. This helped Neha a lot to overcome her sadness.

Neha Kakkar was heartbroken and depressed

Soon after Neha released a song named ‘tera ghata’  which was related to Himansh and Neha’s fan’s started hating him. As a result, Himansh started getting a lot of hate comments. On which Neha came forward and said ‘everything happens for our good, I would request all my fans not to hate anyone.

Her second lover and later to be her husband was Rohan Preet, a well-known Punjabi singer. Rohan is said to be six years younger than Neha though Rohan never officially revealed his real age. They met for the first time on the set of Neha’s song ‘Diamond the challah’, and they hit it off pretty well and became friends. And soon after the song’s release, they were seen together on an Instagram reel mouthing her song ‘Diamond the challah’. 

Neha Kakkar And Rohanpreet Marriage

During which Rohan gave Neha a ring after which Neha shared a photo on her Instagram with Rohan saying ‘you are mine’. Which made it pretty clear that they are together. Rohan posted the same way saying ‘meet my Zindagi‘ tagging Neha. On which she commented ‘ rohu baby‘. 

And Rohan commented on Neha’s post ‘babu I love you so much mera putt meri jaan, yes I am only yours meri Zindagi‘. After seeing such a post and comments their fans started congratulating the couple. Rohan and Neha married on 24 October 2020 in Delhi along with their family and friends. 

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