How to Take a personal loan from SBI

Hello, friends thinking of taking a personal loan then why not try SBI  personal loan. Here is a quick guide on how you can get you quickly and easily.

First, let us talk about the benefits of choosing an SBI personal loan :

1. With SBI personal loans you can get loan amounts up to 20 lakhs

2.These loans have low interest rates. For more details on interest rates please  see below link

3. Also the interest rates reduces as you repay the loan amount i.e. The interest rates are

charged only on the remaining amount to be paid and not on the whole amount

4.You need to pay very low processing fees.

5.All things are done digitally.

6.You require minimal documentation.

7. They have zero hidden costs.

8 . Also you need not tell where you will use your loan.

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Eligibility criteria required for approving the loan is :

1. Your minimum age should be  21 years and a maximum of up to 58 years.

2 . You need to have a good civil score to apply and get approved for the loan instantly. Here is the article on how you can increase your civil score.

3. You should be doing a job/service for at least 1 year  ( This is just to confirm that you have a constant source of income to repay the EMI.

4. Your EMI / NMI ratio should be  less than 50 % ( i.e. you must not be paying more than half of your salary in other EMIs )

5. Your minimum monthly income should be 15 thousand rupees.

6. You can have repayment of EMI for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 72 months.

SBI personal loan

Documents need to apply for the loan are :

1. Two recent passport-size photos.

2. A latest month salary slip.

3. Bank account statement/passbook entries of last 6 months.

4 . Income tax return file.

5 . Identity proof and address proof issued by the government of India.

To apply for the loan you can either visit the bank or use the link given to apply it online.

Register yourself on the above link and fill in the required details and your loan will be approved within an hour.

Still, any query feels free to comment below and we will help you out.

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