How to find Angel Investor in 2021

Find the angel investor take the funding and start the startup. Finding an angel investor is a simple task in 2021. As the startup culture is on the next level in India and all want to invest in startups. If you want an angel investor for an investment you will surely get it after this article.

Before we find the right angel investor for your startup, first let us know who is an angel investor. An angel investor person having high net worth, he/she can be a businessman, founder of a successful startup or he can be a person at a high position in a big company.

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How to find Angel Investor

Top five ways to find an angel investor in 2021:

1.Finding Angel Investor from Personal contact

This is the simplest way to find an angel investor. You or a person in your contact may know a person who is interested in investing in your startup. You can find an angel investor through your relative or friend contact. If you search you can get an angel investor but it may take some effort.

2.Finding Angel Investor from Social Media

Yes, you can find an angel investor through a social media app. LinkedIn and Twitter are the two platforms if you are searching for an angel investor. You can directly message them on these platforms, if you are not getting their reply there then take their e-mail id and mail them. You may have to try 100s of time but never lose hope.

3.Finding Angel Investor from Google website

You can contact an angel investor through different websites. Angel investors have their networks such as “India Angel Network” and “Mumbai Angel Network” can be considered for funding.

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4.Finding Angel Investor from Startup Hub

Big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, etc. have startup hubs where angel investors come frequently. You can meet them and pitch there for your startup. Now a day’s tier 2 and tier 3 cities are also helping startups to grow, if you are from a small city then don’t worry.

5.Finding Angel Investor by Participating in Contests

As we all know that a lot of people and our government is helping startups to grow. If you want an angel investor you can participate in such a contest organized by different committees and government. By participating in such contests and competitions you can get angel investors as well as you can also win good money. One of my friends has recently won 11 lakhs by participating in such a government contest. Also, after the contest, he got a chance to meet some of the successful founders of his industries.

You can also try to set a direct meeting with CEOs, M.Ds or founders of different companies by applying application for meeting to their offices.

But before you go to any of angel investor, first make all your basics clear. Always ready for the question such as what is your market size, who is you customers etc.

 Find an angel investor is not a big thing in 2021. If you have a startup or have a startup idea then contact us or comment down, we will help you. The First 100 comments will get our service for FREE.

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