How to lose 5kg in a month?

Overweight and obesity is the leading cause of death, killing 3000000 people a year.

……. There is not a miracle pill that lead to weight loss.

Problem of overweight is a demon for human civilization. On one side there are peoples who are eating limitlessly and on other hand, about 690 million people worldwide go to bed hungry each night.

People due to the problem of overweight can face a lot of health issues. In fact, there are chances of person’s risk for life. Unfortunately, number of people suffering from the problem of being overweight increasing day by day.

High Cholesterol


Type 2 Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

Pregnancy Issues

There are a lot of problem of being overweight but the above written problems are main.

lose 5kg in a month

So, the question arise what is the solution? How we can live a fit life?  Here is the solution!!!

The waste way is to lose the weight slowly and steady .  But if you have no time and you want to lose 5kg in a month we will help you.

There are 7700 calories in one kilogram. So, if want to lose 5 kg you have to lose 38500 extra calories in a month that means 1283.33 extra calories per day. This is going to be a hard job.

Here are the 3 steps to follow to lose 5kg in a month.                                            

  • Cut Carbs
  • Eat Protein, Fat and Vegetables
  • Exercise

1.Cut Carbs

How fitness makes our life successful ?

Eating low carb can be miracle for you. Your experience of starting low-carb diet can be a little hard but if you stick to it your life is going to be change. Here we are not saying you to leave your carbs totally as carbs are our source of energy. But you can leave your simple carbs totally.

Simple carbs such as sugar, soft drinks, candy, white bread, chips etc. should be avoided.

Complex carbs such as Brown rice, Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables, Oatmeal Should be added in the diet.


Eating complex carbs in the place of simple carbs is the best solution.

2. Eat Protein, Fat and Vegetables

Protein is a macronutrient that is essential to building muscle mass. Adding good quality of protein, fat and vegetables will help you in getting fit as well as losing weight.


There are a lot of myth about protein intake because big fitness youtubers and fitness celebrities. For earning few moneys, they say that we have to eat 2grams or 3grams of protein per kg of our weight but its not true eating more protein can leads you to some bad situation. Ideally 0.8gram to 1.2gram for per kg of our body weight is best.

Eating good Fats and vegetables with protein is compulsory. Many of us avoid good fat but they are as important as protein.


3. Exercise

Doing exercise can give you the best results. If your weight is too high so cardio is best for you. Do jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobics can reduce your weight fatly.  But if you want to gain muscles with weight loss, you have to practice weightlifting with cardio. It will give you unbelievable results.

But before all this, you should know what’s your motivation? Why do you want to lose weight? Is this the right time? If you have answers of all the above questions then you are ready. Go for it no one can stop you.

If you want a change, if you want to lose weight then writes your name in comment. We will help first 100 people free.

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