Time management: How to work efficiently?

          Time management does not mean that you manage your time but it means you manage yourself.

          First, whenever you take up a time management course or read a book here always told to prioritize the most important and most urgent task first.

Time Management Definition

         So “urgent” and “important” at two-parameter to assess anything that you should do, or you should not, or to do it now, or later so the task that urgent and important do them first.

         let understand it easily. assume the graph of urgent work to important work which is shown in below

             As per the graph, we divided our work daily routine into these four quadrants. And we want our work done efficiently we have to priorities our work.

Important and urgent  30%Daily
Not Important and not urgent  10% Daily
Not Important and urgent  10% Daily

As per Table, this is an ideal numbering for working efficiently. 

First, you ask yourself questions about yourself which work is important and urgent for you.

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First quadrant: important or urgent

              Some works are important and urgent for you like meetings, Deadline to send in a deposit for an event, File for the presentation, An embarrassing error on your social media feed. this is 30%of your day.

Second quadrant: important or not urgent

                Work which is important but not urgent like Developing a new habit, creating a new strategy, meditation, exercise this is important for your life for being a healthy and excellent person so these works contain more than 50% of your day-to-day work.

Third quadrant: Not important or urgent

               Urgent work but not important work of your life contains 10% of your daily work.

This work like “Urgent” meetings, Other’s demands on your time.

Fourth quadrant: Not important or not urgent

             Some work like use phone, call friends, gossip, read an article, these workers are not important and not urgent but it is ok to do for fun or motivation. So, this type of work contains 10% of day-to-day work.

              So, time the only thing that everybody in this world has come no matter how much luxury and fame they have. So, these are some tricks for manage your work for a time.

  1. Set goals and Rewards.
  2. Prioritize your tasks or works.
  3. Start with small tasks in your Schedule.
  4. Set your clear deadlines.
  5. Plan your meal ahead.
  6. Say No to multitasking.
  7. Schedule your day ahead.
  8. Block out things that can distract you.
  9. Keep Your Inspiration and motivation.
  10. Learn how to say “No”

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