Best Hair-care routine at home

A hair care routine is the most important routine in your lifestyle. Our face looks good through our hair, if you are young or teen-ager. You must follow your hair routine for your healthy hair.

Our healthy hair depends on two factors first hair body health and second scalp health. when our hair body and scalp became healthy then overall benefits to our hair.

   Here I am going to give you 4 steps routine for your healthy hair care routine.

step 1:  Oiling

  oiling your hair 2 times per week, if you have very dry hair time then you may go for 3rd time.

Before oiling your hair, you may heat that oil a little bit like warm oil then put it on your hair. Heating oil for removing density of oil so that oil goes down deep to the scalp. After applying oil, you must do a gentle massage.

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  There are so many oils are available in the market. You may choose coconut, Ayurveda, almond, bhangra, etc. But always keep in mind you must change your oil over a certain time.

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Step 2: Shampoo

   Cleanliness is a key factor for our hair. At this age, there are lots of pollution and dust around us. That is why we should keep cline our hair.

    Apply mild shampoo on your hair two to three times per week. You may think like why mild shampoo? The answer is our hair requires some nutrition which we easily get from mild shampoo. And in India there is a warm environment so we should go with is this product. choose any mild shampoo according to your requirement like hair fall, silky hair, shining, hair growth, etc.

  Mild shampoo for clean our hair, but solving the dandruff problem. We must use anti-dandruff shampoo at most one time in a week it is Sunday because that day you have do not mind about how your hair looks.

My honest recommendation is hair and shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo. But keep in mind using only one time per week.       

Step 3: Conditioner

  Shampoo is water base product for our hair. So, it helps us for healthy hair body and scalp. Specially for our hair body, we use a conditioner which is an oil-based product. After shampoo, we apply conditioner only on our hair body not on the scalp, after 4–5-minute wash it.

Keep in mind shampoo and conditioner from same company product.

Step 4: A post Hair wash

    Pat on your hair with a not do too much. and never comb on your wet hair. Wait for some time and then comb your hair and style it.

    In an emergency you may use a dryer but keep in mind overuse of it may harm your hair.

Step 5: miscellaneous factor

                       These hair products are optional products to use. basically, two types of these products

                      light hair product    –    serum, hair cream, etc.

                      high hair product    –    wax, gel, pomade, etc.

                     If you apply low hair product on your hair these products cannot harm your hair but if you go with high hair product, it will harm your hair, so whenever you apply these products, you must wash your hair before sleep with shampoo or only with water.

          These are 5 steps of the best hair routine. Follow this routine regularly for solving any hair problem.                              

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