All need to know about fitness trends:

“The goal of meditation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions. The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck.”

   What is meditation? how it is work it is necessary to do? meditation only for grandparents, before understanding this we must know about health revolution.

The world of health and fitness change with time and there are different trends in this industry.

Health Revolution:

        Every 20-year health revolution happens, there is 4 revolution occur till now, jogging, weight lifting, yoga, and now meditation.

  1: jogging  

Time period – 1950-1970

In the early 50s, people starting jogging for their health. And then after so much research, it is proved that jogging is good regularly.

How fitness makes our life successful ?

2: Weight Lifting

This gym exercise help to grow your muscles

Time period – 1971-1990

During this period people want their physical body to look muscular so then this revolution occurs, people started gyming for physical attraction.

3: yoga

Time period – 1991-2010

After 1991 everybody has a good physical shape and good-looking muscular body through weight lifting. but body flexibility is not good enough so for this problem everyone starts yoga for flexibility of the body.

4: Meditation

Time period – 2011-2030

After 2010 all over the world everyone uses all innovative technology, social media, etc. so for this thing our presence of mind affected, we live in insecurity, etc. for solving this problem we have meditation to being calm, relaxing, and peace from our soul.

A conclusion of health revolution that this is a period of 4th health revolution which is a meditation for solving mantle health issues.

This age (2021) mantle health is a new revolution. For our generation all around we have sadness, depression, anxiety, etc., and too much pressure on us through ourselves or society. we have one easy thing to solve this thing which is meditation.

meditation is not only for our grandparents. but it is also especially important for youngsters.

outcomes from meditation:

  • it changes our brain structure which is proved by a research of the…
  • Increase our gyrification
  • focus level increase
  • increase our learning ability
  • reduce the size of the amygdala means reduce our negative emotion
  • increase our spiritual power

how to do meditation?


  1.   find a comfortable place (peace place)
  2.   sitting in padmasana.
  3.   focus on your breath or any short manta like “om”.
  4.  visualize there are positive light balls in your body.
  5.  do at least 20 min per day.
  6.  time for meditation is mostly in the morning after taking a bath and without breakfast.
  7.  if you want to do meditation under guidance you may join organizations like Osho Foundation, YSS, etc.

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