How to increase Testosterone naturally

We know you want to increase your testosterone naturally. And we also know that you will thank us after this article. After this when your testosterone will be at the next level you will see extraordinary changes in your body in the next one months. As we are going to tell you 5 scientific ways to increase your testosterone naturally. So, you can have good hair growth, build muscles, and have a good marriage life.

Before we tell you how can you boost your testosterone, you must know how much testosterone your body produces naturally. Your body produces naturally 7mg of testosterone naturally daily that means 49mg per week. But in some conditions due to our bad lifestyle and habits our production of testosterone limits to 25 to 30mg only. If your body is producing testosterone in such a low amount you can’t meet to goals of hair growth and muscle building.

5 Ways to boast testosterone naturally:


Your diet plays a very important role in increasing and decreasing testosterone. If you have a bad diet and consuming a lot of junk food your testosterone must below. To increase your testosterone in such a condition you must include zinc, vitamin D, and saturated fat in your diet. 

So don’t forget to add zinc, vitamin D and saturated fat to your diet.


If you feel lazy all day the reason can be your low testosterone. To solve this problem, you must start doing exercise from today. After 1 month of regular exercise, you can increase your testosterone by 10%. If your testosterone levels are good you can easily gain muscle and lose weight. Also, at the same time if your fat percentage is low means your testosterones are at a good level. It is seen that most overweight peoples have low testosterone.

So, start doing exercise and never miss your legs day.

8 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally


When it comes to sleep quality matters more than quantity. You can observe that in the morning your testosterone level is high. So, take at least 6 hours of quality sleep. Don’t use electronic gadgets at night for a good sleep.

4.Reduce Stress 

When you take stress the cortisol level in your body increase. An increase in cortisol levels causes problems such as hair fall and acne. As the level of cortisol increase the level of testosterone decrease. So, avoid taking stress to increase your testosterone.

5.Avoid Alcohol, Tabaco and sugar

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To have a good and healthy lifestyle you must avoid alcohol, tobacco, and sugar. If you taking these substances it indirectly affects your testosterone level. In some cases, you can also add caffeine and creatine monohydrate to your diet.

I also know some of the professional bodybuilders using testosterone injection but we don’t advise you to use it as artificial testosterone because it has a lot of side effects.

Now you know how to fix your problem of testosterone. Try this for 1 month and you will see unbelievable results.  If now you have any doubt related to testosterone you can ask us or contact us personally. If you want to grow in your life or change your life and body them comment down or contact us. The First 100 comments will get our service for FREE.

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