How much protein do I really need?

When it comes to muscle building and weight lose protein plays a very important role. Protein is use to rapier our muscle tiers after workouts. It’s also uses to repair our skin and hairs as hairs are made up of protein.

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Why protein is important?

Protein is also used during the weight lose. As the protein have less calories and eating more protein kills hunger hormones. So, protein plays an essential role in weight lose journey.

But the important question arise is how much protein do we really need? Due to marketing of big supplement companies, our so-called big fitness influencer and celebrities provide us wrong information to sell more protein supplement. Hence there are a lot of myth regarding the protein intake.

Daily requirement of protein

Your protein intake depends on your lifestyle and fitness goals, also it varies from body to body. So, you can find out your protein requirement from below information.

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If you are a normal men or women do not physical work or exercise then your protein requirement is quiet low. It can vary from 0.8gram to 1.2gram of per kg of your body weight. For example, if your weight is 70kg and you are not physically active then your daily protein requirement would be between 56grams to 84grams.

But if you are an active male or female going gym, doing workout or you are an athlete your protein requirement is more compare to other. You have to take 1.5gram to 1.7gram of protein per kg of your body weight.

If you are at another level in fitness taking your fitness goals too seriously then your protein requirement could be 2gram to 3 gram per kg of your body weight.

There are also some people whose life is all about bodybuilding for them protein is everything and their protein intake is unbelievable. We have heard about bodybuilder taking 500gram to 600gram of protein every day.

 But it’s not for us we as normal human should not go at that limit as excess of protein leads to kidney damage. And also, your body cannot absorb that much protein.

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