HPRT Wireless Portable Printer

A printer is an electronic device used to print digital information on paper. It is the external output device of the computer, which works to convert soft copy to hard copy.

The printer prints the data stored in an electronic device in a page, which can be small or big, depending on the page size. Usually, the printer works with the computer and is connected via cable. But in the present time many digital printers have come.

Best wireless printers of 2021:

Usually, we use printers to print out the necessary documents, but most people do not buy printers due to the large size of the printer.

HPRT Printer

The HPRT printer is a wireless compact printer that fits even in small spaces. Due to its compact size, it can be taken anywhere anytime. HPTR printer is a new age printer having all the new updates.

Having our own printer shows special importance. This printer is so small that you can take it anywhere. This printer is very useful for office work and for school, college students.

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Features: –

1.   Automatic Paper Suction: –

HPRT printer has strong automatic paper suction capability. All we have to do is push the paper right into the slot and the suction will begin.

2.   300DPI HD Resolution: –

With a 300DPI Resolution the printer can extract good copies of the document. The higher the DPI value, the higher the printing accuracy of the printer will be.

3.   Compact and Lightweight: –

It weights only 766g, which is the lightest printer of the present time, which can be carried anywhere at any time.

4.   Bluetooth Connection: –

Connect to the printer via Bluetooth for printing.

5.   Long Battery Life: –

This printer comes with a 2000mah battery capacity that can last up to 26 hours.

6.   Easy Ribbon Replacement: –

You can easily open the cover and remove the ribbon and apply it new.

7.   Charging Port: –

It has a Type C port for charging.

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