25 Amazing facts that will shock you !

These facts are so amazing that you will be shock after reading it. In this article we have facts such as:

  • A tree that holds 32,000 gallons of water
  • Square waves in the sea
  • 5,000 years old dental service
  • Why Jackie Chan was blacklisted by insurance companies
  • Who was smarter Einstein or Nikola Tesla
  • Online education in the 1940s
  • The first server of Google from a toy
  • Human Chess
  • A sport in which you have to throw your Mobile Phone

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Facts that will make you think

  1. Babies cannot able to recognize themselves until they are 18 months. Now you will know why small babies behave differently when they see their image in mirrors.

2. A tree that can store 32,000 gallons of water. It’s so amazing natural water tanker much better than water tankers made by humans.

3. Never disturb a person while sleeping it can cause some serious health problems. Must show your parents this fact.

4. Have you ever seen the square waves, if not you can see now.

5. Do you know we have dental doctors even 5,000 years ago ?

6. This is how firefighters work in 1900s. Its so amazing like waterman.

7. Human DNA is one of the most complicated thing in the universe also it’s too long.

8. Our childhood star Jackie Chan was blacklisted by most of the insurance companies. It’s too funny because they also fear from his action scene.

9. Invention of power bank in 2011. Well I think it was most useful for apple user.

10. Solar power is so important and we can use deserts.

11. Even Einstein think that Nikola Tesla was the smartest person in the history.

12. Prisoners in Germany have right that they can escape from jail. Think what when if this right was in India.

13. Thinking online learning is a new concept then see how kids study in 1940s.

14. I am sure you don’t want this treatment.

15. Look how Himalayas view from space. Amazing!

16. Images of Google’s first server.

17. 3d art on the floor.

18. Human chess in 1924.

19. Heard about goats in Google it’s true.

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20. If you to smoke, you can. It only cost 11 minutes of your life.

21. It’s a game that your parents want you to play.

22. A fact from the world of mathematics.

23. Now you have the right, remember the and also use it.

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