Business startup ideas for college Students

business startup ideas for student is necessary before start any business or small startup

According to research done on Indian students of the age group 14years to 21years 91% of students are not sure about their future. They do not have known what to do in the future having no passion.

If you don’t belong to that 91% and have a passion and want to work what you love then you are at right place. Here we are going to clarify your all doubt. So, you can start and run a successful startup.

Business for collage Students

How to start a startup as a student by Positive wala

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur material and have a rebellious mind for breaking all the boundaries for a change you want to see then you are all ready to go. Remember, when you focus only on the result you don’t get the change. But when you change yourself you immediately get the change.

Following steps should keep in your mind when you are starting a startup as a student: –


The idea plays a very important role for any startup. Remember that all the great startups were a small idea in someone’s mind. As a student, it’s hard to find a great idea or choice an idea. As a student, it’s hard to work on a startup when you see your friends and other students of your school and college have fun all day and you have to struggle for hours. But don’t give up time will change.

As a student you may have some passion or a skill start working it. It can be hard in starting but the main advantage of starting as a student is that you don’t have a pressure to getting success.

Just ask a question to yourself before you start working on an idea if you have an answer then you are all ready to go.   

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Business Plan

Now when you have a passion and an idea you have to monetize it. Because no idea can be converted into a business without money. So, now you have to capture your target customer. Once you got your customer try a different methods to earn money or to monetize your service.

Remember your first business plan is not going to be the final one. You have to do changes as per the requirements of your customer.

business startup ideas


Marketing can totally change your startup. Nowadays marketing plays the most important role in any startup. You can build the best product in the world but without marketing, you cannot reach to your target audience.

Do marketing by different means. Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. as per your customer.

 Data by Positive wala

FacebookFor aged audience
InstagramFor young audience
TwitterFor intellectuals
LinkedInFor professionals

To make website and application for your product and service. But remember marketing is a long run you have to wait and learn from your mistake.

Business for collage Students

 Be ready for everything

for a student when you start a startup you have to be ready for everything. You have to make a balance between your studies and startup. You can get both success and failure. But what makes difference is that you have tried and that will make all difference.

business startup ideas

So, now we think you are all ready to go. If you have an idea or you are working on an idea and you want help to achieve your goal then we are here to help you, contact us or comment down. First 100 comment will get our service for FREE.

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