Startup that will change your Fashion – 7weven

7weven a new player in e-commerce industry that will change your fashion. Where you can buy new and stylish clothes for yourself as well as start your own clothing line. You can start your entrepreneurial journey with 7weven. They help peoples to start their own clothing line through their website.

7weven is an Indian startup where you can buy fashionable clothes also 7weven helps you to build digital store.

How 7weven works

If you want to start your own clothing line 7weven the best place for it. 7weven allows you to pick 50 products from their portal every month and you can set margin according to you. By doing so they help you to create your own digital store.

As your digital store is ready now and when a customer buys something from your store 7weven manufacture and deliver the product to the customer. All the between work such as packing, your brand name, logo etc. will be done by 7weven. So, in such an easy way you can start your clothing line and digital store. And for all these services they charge only a basic subscription fee.

You can also design t-shirts and hoodie for your digital store that’s a special feature provided by 7weven.

Products at 7weven

At 7weven you can get clothes for both men and women. They have a large and stylish collection of clothes that will make you feel superior.

Products for men

As you can see in the below picture 7weven have a variety of clothes for men. And these clothes are of high quality that will feel you when you wear them. They have a large collection of t-shirt and hoddie. You can also customize your clothes for your digital store.

Products for women

7weven also have a large and latest collection of clothes for women. If you are a woman you must visit their website we are sure you must like their clothes. Also if you are a housewife or a working professional you must start your digital store on 7weven. Team 7weven is very supportive for women.

You can also buy or customize clothes for yourself. On 7weven you can buy the most fashionable clothes for yourself and your love ones.  On 7weven you can buy customize caps, t-shirt, shirts, shoes etc.

Journey till now

In just 5 months 7weven have more than 100 customers. 7weven also works with corporate and small companies, if you are an owner of a business, you must try 7weven services. You can also print t-shirts with your logo for your business and startups.

7weven have also work with big corporate such as Reliance Ajio, Distinct Payroll and RCSL Ltd.

We must support 7weven as it is an Indian startup. If you want growth of our nation, we should buy clothes of Indian brand only. As 7weven supports Indian startups and entrepreneurs by making digital stores for them so, in return, we must support 7weven. I and all the team members of Positivewala use 7weven for customized clothes and t-shirts.

You can visit to 7weven by below link

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