How to lose Weight fast at home

If after following these steps you are not able to lose weight fast, we will pay you RS.100000. Yes, you heard right after following these steps you are going to see a next version of yourself.

Before we start our weight loss journey first, we have to know why we are fat? The answer is very simple because you are taking more calories than required for a long period of time. The basics of weight loss is that you have to burn more calories than you are eating. The calories input should be less the calories output.                       (CALORIES INPUT< CALORIES OUTPUT)

When we are overweight it’s not only that we are week physically but we are also week mentally. So, it’s compulsory to be physically fit if you want to be fit mentally.

Loss weight in 5 simple steps :-

Our team gives 100% guarantee that after these 5 steps your body is going to be a slim one.

How to lose 5kg under a month?

1.Eat Breakfast

Most of you are thinking how you will loss weight by eating. So, your answer is that by taking a healthy breakfast you start your metabolism. A good metabolism is the main thing behind every weight loss journey. There are some big YouTube fitness influencer giving the advice to skip the breakfast but it’s all nonsense never miss your breakfast.

2.Drink more Water

Water is our life it’s most wonderful gift by mother nature having no calories. You should replace all your drinks such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, chocolate drinks etc. by water. You must take at lest 8 glass of water in normal days and even more if it’s summer.

3.Eat Healthy

The main reason of weight gain is your unhealthy diet. Now a days we all are in a busy life and everything is very fast around us so, we don’t have time to eat healthy as a result we start putting weight on ourselves. To avoid this all try to eat homemade food only don’t see toward fancy food offered by restaurants and food chains it’s just waste of money. Remember that your mom and wife are the best cook of the world as they put there love in the food so, keep eating homemade food and be healthy.

4.Avoid fast-food

Fast foods are just bags of unwanted calories having no use. They are just waste of money. So remember that if you want to be healthy and fit limit your fast food.


Exercise is going to be the game changer of your weight loss journey. You can do cardio, yoga and weight training. Doing cardio and weight training together is the best. You can to cardio two times in a week and weight training three time in a week. You can do dancing, swimming, running etc. in your cardio.

Some important tricks for Weight loss

  • Follow the healthy plate method. In this we have to fill half of our plate with fresh salad, one fourth with protein food such as dal or chickens and one fourth with complex carbs.
  • Avoid oily food, alcohol and simple carbs.

Tips and tricks to lose weight

Remember the small steps in your weight loss journey can help you to loss kilos and more and you can see the unbelievable changes.

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