Business With Zero investment and earn in lakhs

I know you are not happy from your work or studies and you want a change, you want to prove yourself so, here are we to help you. In this post we gone to tell you about some business that you can start and earn easily RS.100000 per month with in one year. All you have to do is to learn some skills and show some consistency.

After reading above a thought may came in your mind is it so simple to earn. The answer is a big yes if you work with discipline and consistence you gone a be successful within a year. I personally know some people who have done this and now they are earning in lakhs per month.

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Top five business with zero or minimal investment:

1.Photography and Videography

As we are living in a world full of content and people want more and more content. So, it’s a great time to learn photography and videography. You can learn it from both online and offline. There are a lot of free course available online on different platform. You will hardly take 6 months to learn this skill and now you have to make your online presence. Upload your work on different social media.

In starting if you don’t have money to buy expensive cameras then you can take it on rent. Remember that it’s all about consistence if work hard you gone to be successful.


If you are an expert of any thing or having a good knowledge of particular field then you can help other in that and charge for it. Now a days many company and startups cannot hire full time experts so, they call experts only when they required. Hence if you are an expert you can work with different companies and can earn a good money.

3.Online Teaching

World after covid-19 have change all institutes and students are shifting for online studies. You can teach anything you know. I personally know some people teaching different skills online and generating good revenue.

You can also start your own website or application for this purpose and sell your online courses.

4.Online Selling

As with the increase of internet people are now more interested in online buying and selling. You can sell your product on big e-commerce sites such as amazon and flipkart. You can also make your own website for this purpose and can make a good money.

You can take the help of different social media also to sell your products and increase your profit.


Blogging is the simplest and easiest way in this list to earn and grow. If you have knowledge or have an interest in particular domain then you can start it. You can do it as a student also and earn a good money. Initially it requires just a domain name and hosting once you start you will learn by your mistakes. Remember blogging is all about patience maybe in your initial time there would be no views on your blogs but all will change with time.

We know that this was a helpful knowledge for yourself and you are satisfied now if you have any other question then you can ask us. If you want in your lifestyle and want to grow then contact us or comment down, we will help you. First 100 comments will get our service FREE.

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