What is 5G technology? and how much its speeds?

5G technology the latest and greatest mobile network that transforms our life. It promises the latest download HD movie in a second, self-driving car will be smarter, and prevent from collisions and will be more efficient, doctors will be able to do remote surgery.5G is trending technology.

  5G technology

What is exactly 5g technology, How 5g works? Benefits of 5g technology, how much faster is 5g than 4g? and how it’s changing the way of the world connects and communicates and boosts our industries, Space technology, IoT technology.

What is 5G technology?

5G is fifth generation wireless mobile network with faster data transfer low latency and uniform performance.


how much faster is 5g than 4g?

First generation wireless mobile network . It is analog cell phone used for communication


2G comes with SMS and voice mail comes in a mobile handset. It is sufficient to secure because all the text is encrypted into digital form between sender and receiver


There is new features comes with 3G Higher data transfer It enables web browsing, download movies, image sharing , GPS location.

5G technology


4G comes with higher speed more capacity and low cost bit. It’s average speed is 20 Mbps and maximum is 300 Mbps

It Support for interactive multimedia, voice calling video calling , streaming video, Internet, and other broadband services. IP based mobile system. . Global access, service portability, and scalable mobile services.


Now 5G Technology comes with offering high speed, enormous capacity, IoT capability, low latency, download speed faster, and streaming in milisecond and it provides the bearer for many new applications.

5G technnlogy empower new user experience and connect new industry

How does 5G Work?

It uses higher radio frequency to carry information at a much faster rate and 5G have more bandwidth that means more connected device through Network and transfer more amount of data. these higher bands are millimeters while higher bands are faster carrying information sending over large distance.

What is bandwidth?

how much faster is 5g than 4g?

There are several reasons

5G can be delivering data upto 20 Gigabits-per second peak rates and 100+ Mbps average data rates

5G support 100X increase in traffic capacity.

In 5G technology downloading and streaming will be in a few milisecond with low latency.

It is higher bandwidth than 4g Spectrum.

Advantage of 5G Network

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There are many advantages with 5G technology. But the most evident is it;s speed over 4g network There is downloading and uploading speed is in few milliseconds and higher response time and creation of small factory, remote healthcare, Self-driving car and car to car communication.

what is 5G all about

Many of these technology comes with reduced latency and gives more reliable and more efficient uniform user experience. 5G has a much faster response time. 3G has 65 millisecond , 4G has 40 milliseconds of latency but 5G comes with 1 Miliseconds of latency.

Once the 5G is rolled out to every industry it will change the way of world.

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