7 Benefits of Fish oil – Omega3

There are a lot of benefits of fish oil, fish oil is a dietary source of omega3 fatty acid. We get omega3 from different food sources and supplements. Foods such as fish, nuts, flex seed etc. are good source of omega3.

But fish oil is considered as a main source of omega3 in todays time. As it is easily available and one can take in daily. We can take fish oil in the form of capsules or tablet.

According to a study a person needs 500mg omega3 fatty acid daily. It is hard to take this much of omega3 from daily food also one cannot eat fish daily so, it is advice to take fish oil supplements.

Benefits of Omega3

Omega3 is a fatty acid that consist of 3 thing EPA, DHA and ALA. Omega3 is helpful in decreasing the chances of heart attack and brain stroke, it is also useful for skin, hair and eyes. So, to take all the benefits of omega3 one must take fish oil daily.

Fish oil

Fish oil benefits for heart

India ranks first in heart disease in the world. Most of the people in India faces the problem of unhealthy heart. According to a study 83% of Indian at the of 40 or above have heart problem due to the deficiency of omega3.

EPA present in Omega3 is beneficial to heart. It makes our heart healthy. So, it is recommended that people who are suffering from heart disease should take omega3 fatty acid. Omega3 presented in fish oil also decrease the chances of death from heart attacks.

Omega3 also helps to decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in our body. People having problems related to blood pressure must take fish oil in their diet as it maintains the blood flow near our heart.

Fish oil benefits for brain

As we know omega3 is mostly made up of EPA and DHA. DHA is necessary for a healthy brain. It plays an important role in function and development of our brain.

Most of the time fish oil is recommended to the patients suffering with the problem of brain disease. Taking fish oil capsules regularly reduce the brain damage after stroke.

Omega3 present in fish oil is also helpful for the patients suffering from Alzheimer. So, if you want a healthy brain, you must take fish oil in your diet.

How to lose Weight fast at home?

Fish oil benefits for weight loss

One of the main reasons of increase in fat in our body is omega6 present in different cooking oils. When we take fish oil regularly it decreases the amount of omega6 and increase omega3 in our body. It creates a balance in our body which leads to weight loss.

In most of the cases it is seen that taking fish oil regularly increase the rate of fat loss.

Fish oil benefits for Students

In today’s time most of the student have the problem that they are not able to focus on their studies. Omega3 present in fish oil helps to increase the focus.

Also, it helps students in increasing the memory power. So, if you are a student, you must take fish oil to increase your memory power.

Fish oil benefits for Hair and Skin

We know you want a good quality of hair and skin. And fish oil can help you to achieve it. Using fish oil regularly can help you to achieve your beauty goals.

DHA present in fish oil is a very important nutrient for our hairs. We must add fish oil tablets in our diet for a healthy hair.

When it comes to skin, we all want a glowing skin fish oil can help you to achieve a quality skin. It also hydrates and protect our skin. So, when it comes to skin and hair fish oil is very beneficial.

Fish oil for increasing Testosterone

Fish oil help in increasing the testosterone. According to a study take omega3 present in fish oil can increase your testosterone level.

We all know testosterone is very important when it comes to muscle building. So, if you are a gym guy you must take fish oil.

Fish oil benefits

Other important benefits of fish oil

Omega3 present in fish oil have a lot of other benefits. It helps people to come out from depression. So, if you are suffering from depression or any other mental problems fish oil can help you.

Omega3 help to get relief from joint pain. If you see any of your elders are suffering with joint pain you can advise them to use fish oil.

So, we think now you have understood the importance of fish oil and omega3. If you are suffering from any disease or problems related to heart, brain, skin, hair or testosterone fish oil can help you.

If you have any questions about fish oil or omega3 you can ask us. 

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