What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence meaning

Artificial intelligence means intelligence created by humans. Just like we have an intelligence that helps us understand new things, learn and solve problems in the same way, machines can also be made intelligent. So that he can take his own decision, he has his own mind.

Artificial intelligence is also known as AI in short. Artificial intelligence is a field in which programmers create software that if inserted in a machine, we can get any work done from that machine and this machine can easily do many things like humans. Meaning, this machine is such that it examines things like humans, understands it and then what to do, not to do, it also decides itself.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence define: –

  • “Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that allows us to create intelligent machines that can think like humans and take decisions.”

What is artificial intelligence importance

  • With the help of artificial intelligence, we can create software and devices that can easily and accurately solve real world problems such as health issues, marketing, etc.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence, we can create such robots that can work in an environment where it is very difficult to serve humans.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence, we can create devices that work like personal virtual assistants for us like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, etc.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence machines are known for low error and high accuracy because they take their decision based on information and experience.
  • Artificial intelligence systems are very high speed and fast decision making.
  • Artificial intelligence machines are very useful for moving to risky areas.
  • E-commerce websites are digital assistant which use artificial intelligence technology, due to which they show products according to customer requirements.
  • Artificial intelligence is very useful for public utilities such as self-driving cars that make our journey safer and easier, facial recognition for security, etc.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

  • The hardware and software requirements for artificial intelligence are much more expensive and their maintenance also costs a lot.
  • The smarter machines we make with the help of artificial intelligence cannot think much. Just like robots do the work for which they are programmed or trained.
  • Artificial intelligence machines can work very well, but they do not have the feeling that they can connect emotionally with humans.
  • Human beings can do a lot of creative and imagine new ideas, but currently artificial intelligence is not so creative and imaginative.
  • Due to the increase in technology, humans have become more dependent on devices and machines, due to which mental health issues are increasing.

Application of artificial intelligence

Today, there are many applications of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence today solves the complex problems of many industries in efficient ways such as robotics, data security, healthcare, etc. Artificial intelligence has made our life very fast and comfortable.

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1.    Artificial intelligence in healthcare :- Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry has added a lot of impact in the last few years. The healthcare industry is applying artificial intelligence for better and faster treatment than humans.

2.    Artificial intelligence in Gaming :- Artificial intelligence is also used for gaming. The AI machines can play games such as chess, video games, etc.

3.    Artificial intelligence in data security :- Data security is very important for every company and cyber-attacks are growing very fast in the digital world. By using artificial intelligence, we can make our data more secure and safe.

4.    Artificial intelligence in social media :- Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all use artificial intelligence. Social media sites identify the different user’s requirements with the help of artificial intelligence.

5.    Artificial intelligence in Automotive Industry :- Many automotive industries are developing self-driving cars using artificial intelligence to make our journeys more safe and secure. For example, Tesla used artificial intelligence and introduced TeslaBot, an intelligent virtual assistant.

6.    Artificial intelligence in Robotics: – Using Artificial intelligence, we can create intelligent robots that can perform any task from their own experience. Robots like Erica and Sofia have been developed in which artificial intelligence is used so that they can talk and behave like humans.

7.    Artificial intelligence in Entertainment: – We are currently using some such artificial intelligence based applications in our daily life such as Netflix, AmazonPrime, etc.

8.    Artificial intelligence in E-commerce: – Using artificial intelligence, e-commerce industries know the preferences of their customers and give them a good shopping experience.

Courses for artificial intelligence

If you are interested in artificial intelligence, then you can take a course for Artificial Intelligence. If you want to take a course in artificial intelligence, then you should first take a free course so that you can get basic knowledge about that field. After this, if you want to do an advanced course for artificial intelligence, then you can do a paid course.

If you want to do a course for artificial intelligence for free, then there are many such platforms available online such as google, coursera, etc. which provide you a course for free.

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