Top 6 Best cheap email hosting providers in 2021

We know you are confused in choosing the email hosting for yourself. Here is the solution we have came with “Top 6 Best cheap email hosting providers in 2021” that will definitely help you.

1. Zoho Mail

It should be at the first position

With almost solutions to every problem that we deal on a regular basis to providing basic features that we often wish to find in any email hosting service providers, it’s the only service in our inventory to give us free email hosting however there’re some terms and conditions related to this. Exactly, you heard it right!!

cheap email hosting providers

With most affordable paid prices $1/user/month for 5 GB storage.

Zoho mail has a free plan forever that allows for upto five users with 5 GB of storage per user and a 25 MB attachment limit.

In addition to this,

it also vests us with the features like using it on mobile apps, recalking of email, and sharing Email or any kind of folder that we wish for organizations and

you can also get the prime membership of it for $4/user/month which will get you 50 GB of storage per user, 1 GB attachments, email backup, and some other features.

However, The only downside of this free you’re supposed to use Zoho Mail’s webmail client\

2. NameCheap

If you’re looking for any alternative most affordable idea for both individual and per user, then you’re encountered with the exemplary provider you were in search of. In addition to providing high storage quota for the price, it also gives us two month free trial on any plan.

cheap email hosting providers

Since, its starter just costs us about $0.41 per mailbox after your first mailbox ($0.99), its one of the cheapest email hosting provider on inventory. As the individual users are concerned, then one can get a single mailbox for just $0.99 per month with the Starter plan.

In and all, being the cheapest it includes everything like Webmail access, PPP3/IMAP access and two factor authentication in a custom email address

If you get yourself the prime membership of this, then you’re vested with Pro and unlimited features:

In Pro features worth $2.82 for three mailboxes + $1.24 per additional mailbox for 30 GB emails/15 GB files

Ultimate feature worth $4.66 for five mailboxes + $2.07 per additional mailbox for 75 GB emails/30 GB files

The Pro and Ultimate plans also offer collaboration features like shared emails, documents, spreadsheets, appointments, and more.

cheap email hosting providers

3. Google workspace (G suite)

Gives you an ad free version of Gmail for your email with$6/month/user

cheap email hosting providers

You can also use other Google apps, like Drive and Docs and tools to share information and collaborate with organizations.

Employees will be getting the same user experience that they’re already getting /accustomed to from Gmail.

Provides proper reliability, familiarity of Gmail with your organization domain name and lets you use the same for your custom email address.

In order to share the data between yiur entire organization, It Lets you get the access to all of Gmail’s apps for your account including Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.

cheap email hosting providers

Now, integrating it with CRM and other productivity apps, your team can work on all different platforms, all from inside the Google Workspace app. Without wasting much time, Employees access the work apps with a single sign-on. Thus, it remains crucial for boosting your company’s productivity, and you don’t have to worry about data inconsistencies and human error.

4. Rackspace Email

Its basically provides us an affordable email hosting service with anytime, anywhere access. In addition to providing business-class email solution, you’ll also get the premium spam protection and

around-the-clock support. Also, beside accessing one’s email using outlook, cell phones and webmail application, you get to enjoy premium spam and anti virus protection with a 100% guarantee. Experience the privacy you deserve, and do you know that now, you don’t have to deal with pop-up ad.

It provides reliable, affordable and secure solutions to all the email headaches.

What else benefit you’re looking for than getting freedom from headaches of spam and viruses?

With its premium anti spam and anti virus protection that it provides to us to get rid of all spams and viruses that hinders the smooth functioning, Rackspace helps Keeping our business email private with a strict ad-free policy.

Rackspace Email experts are always ready to help 24×7×365 whenever you come across any skeptical questions or issues or situation related to the same. Contact is available via ticket,

chat or phone — all delivering fast response any time of day or night.


5. IONOS by 1&1

So since 1988, 1&1 has been on trend which basically in 2018 became 1&1 IONOS who aim and ultimate mission is to empower businesses through powerful technology.

Although multi-user plan aren’t that cheap as the individual plans which is at $1/month. So, there are basically two main reason by which we slcan say thag its a very cheap option for individual email hosting.

For 2 GB of storage data, its 1 plan just costs for $1/month. Also, you get the free domain to use for your email address basically to chose from four domain,.net,.us,

Are you looking for feature like syncing your email on all devices?

Here you’re!!

Beside being able to use your own email client and sync your email on all devices. Else, you can also stick with IONOS’ webmail.

The basic ban of this is its 2 GB storage limit. However, it can be raised.

Being a member of a team, you’re also free to use the Mail Business plan that ups the storage to 50 GB per mailbox and gives you team collaboration tools, like shared emails and calendars. The price for the team plan:

1 user — $5/month

5 users — $15/month ($3/user)

10 users — $25/month ($2.50/user)

Five different types of website hosting that it offers to us:

Shared (web hosting)





6. Greatmail

cheap email hosting providers

If you’re too looking for feature like managing multiple domains frkm one dashboard then you’re at the right place!

Beside providing the abive mentioned feature, its an excellent email hosting provider in case you’re in need to host lots of users since it just costs $1 per mailbox that makes it cheaper per user services provider on the list.

You’ll be getting reliable email with IMAP/POP3 so that you are supposed to use any email client along with cloud security and spam, virus, and malware protection.

In order to unlock more features, upgrading to the Groupware Edition at $2 per user per month to get access to features to let you sync mail, calendars, and contacts across all your devices using Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV, and/or CardDAV.

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