How Artificial Intelligence will transform our lives?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is termed as an intelligence possessed by the machines & computers to do tasks & processes that require human intelligence & consciousness. Artificial Intelligence has allowed machines to do the tasks that were once considered impossible, or tedious & repetitive. It is obvious that the machines & computers having logical reasoning are more preferred over humans for having higher productivity & minimal errors. But will it cause trouble to every mankind that created it?

Artificial intelligence is surely the most controversial topic of the 21st century and all thanks to pop culture. Be it Ultron from the MCU, the Terminator series & the Matrix movie franchise have surely instilled fear amongst the masses. There are varied opinions on the usage of artificial intelligence and its effects on human life. Let’s try to be unbiased (without any pop culture references), and view artificial intelligence as a tool that will transform human lives.

Artificial Intelligence and its effects on Employability:

Artificial intelligence will surely influence the jobs and the careers of crores of people. While it is debatable whether it will have a positive or a negative impact, jobs will surely include more skilled people than unskilled ones. Artificial Intelligence will have a great impact on South & South-Eastern Asia, where unskilled, and semi-skilled labor is available in large numbers.

But, a positive aspect is that Artificial intelligence will ‘Upskill’ the labor force just like what computers had done a few decades back. Society will surely have a better labor force with an enhanced skillset due to the increasing dominion of artificial intelligence.

It is predicted by artificial intelligence experts that artificial intelligence would mainly target medium-skilled jobs where the salary is moderately high & skills aren’t too tough to gain. Artificial intelligence would be moderately expensive but the precision & quality provided by them would act as a replacement factor.

Low-skilled jobs would stay as there would a major chunk of the population that is ready to do those jobs for cheaper wages. There would be no point in making an artificial intelligence robot that would do sweeping when a human could do the same at a very cheaper cost.

High-skilled jobs are here to stay even after artificial intelligence grows, as the amount of time & skills required to achieve those are way beyond the scope of artificial intelligence. Even if possible then the high cost will be a reason for its denial.

Artificial Intelligence and its effects on Employability:

Artificial Intelligence and its effects on Education:

Artificial intelligence will surely have a greater impact on the education system. Private ed-tech companies will try to encash the popularity & the growing need of understanding artificial intelligence. A large number of courses based on artificial intelligence will be flooded throughout the market.

The education system of all the nations in the world will be curated according to artificial intelligence. A surge in the graduation courses related to artificial intelligence will storm the education & the technology world. Artificial intelligence will also play a major role in the teaching tools & aid. It helps to simplify the teaching & learning process by helping in giving a simplified solution.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare:

It can happen in the future where many complicated & tedious surgeries can be performed by machines blessed with artificial intelligence. This would mean lower chances of failure & higher rates of survival. In the recent future, artificial intelligence will play a major role in detecting diseases cheaply & as early as possible.

Artificial Intelligence and its effects on Standard of Living:

Artificial intelligence has made life easier than ever! Devices like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, Jarvis (Oops, no pop-culture references!) have transformed the digital market. This has been possible only due to artificial intelligence. Many applications of artificial intelligence include Google’s dream project ‘Driverless Car’, Humanoid robots like SOPHIA, etc.

Even if a few applications of artificial intelligence are successful, they can transform & especially simplify human life, and mainly their standard of living. I am sure that each and everyone must have dreamt of being Richie Rich and having a humanoid robot like Irona!

It is even speculated that a day might come when humans would be dependent upon artificial intelligence machines & devices, just like how they are currently addicted to smartphones, laptops & television.

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence in Industries:

Industries have heavily invested in artificial intelligence. They were the first to recognize its true potential and many MNCs have already incorporated artificial intelligence in their production and service sectors.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are the two fields where industries have invested most of their money. Even the most famous artificial intelligence critic, and Tesla, and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has heavily invested in artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing:

Many industries started to automate their manufacturing to increase their productivity. Now, with the arrival of artificial intelligence, industries started to incorporate it. The benefits of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing sector are minimal errors & higher productivity along with the enhancement of quality.

Artificial Intelligence in Data:

Industries have a tough time in handling, processing & using data productively. Artificial intelligence has the capability to effectively analyze & process the data, moreover, it can also predict the benefits & the fruitful uses of various datasets according to their information. Data strategy & planning is a sector where artificial intelligence can be pivotal.

Artificial Intelligence in Data

Artificial Intelligence in Sales & Marketing:

Marketing requires the appeasement of the masses & artificial intelligence can be beneficial in multiple ways. The most important one is by providing a proper data analysis of the people who might be interested in the product & accordingly suggesting the way to reach out to those people. In sales, artificial intelligence can be used in identifying potential leads & converting those potential leads into consumers.

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Artificial Intelligence in Construction:

This industry requires to be completely error-free to safeguard the lives of the people. Artificial intelligence & robots based on it can help in achieving minimal errors by identifying the potential hazards & suggesting a better plan. Moreover, it can also enhance the speed & reduce the cost of the processes involved in construction.

Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics & Automotive:

A complete driverless car can be the future if artificial intelligence is incorporated into it. Artificial intelligence can be used in navigation systems, detection of reckless driving, brake failure & damaged car parts. Moreover, artificial intelligence can also help in re-iterating the real-time traffic, thus suggesting the shortest as well as the quickest route possible.

Artificial intelligence can also predict the weight of goods that can be transported by the vehicle & suggest the best way to place them in the given space. It can also accordingly handle & manage the load in the warehouse by the appropriate load that can be effectively stored & also can keep checking for any damage occurred.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture:

Artificial intelligence can analyze the water table, type of soil, fertility & other multiple factors. It can also be helpful in the analysis of the climate & the weather of the region. So, artificial intelligence can help understand these various parameters to suggest the best possible crop that should be planted.

Various artificial intelligence powered tools can enhance productivity on the farm. Artificial intelligence can also detect the presence of weeds, harmful pathogens, insects, animals that can potentially harm the crop.

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality:

The industry of hospitality completely relies on customer satisfaction. Artificial intelligence can help in understanding the behavioral pattern of the customer. It can accordingly deliver the responses to the customer. Moreover, a cute little robot based on artificial intelligence will act as an attraction. 

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

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Artificial intelligence should facilitate the well-being of human life and have a positive impact overall. This is an ideal choice which we want artificial intelligence to achieve. Nonetheless, we never can predict the future, and artificial intelligence will surely have some negative effects on human lives, but presuming its negative possibilities will hamper the much required change in human life.

Artificial intelligence has the adaptability to grow as it performs the tasks. It can keep learning as time progresses, just like humans do! The work done can be programmed to be 24×7, with minimal to zero errors, enhanced productivity & quality. Moreover, artificial intelligence can hugely upskill humans & improve their standard of living.

Instead, artificial intelligence should be viewed with positive intent and should be incorporated into our day-to-day life, just like we did with our computers. But this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t expect any negative effects of artificial intelligence. Taking utmost care of the impact caused by artificial intelligence, the governments can help in mitigating the harmful impacts (even by taking the help of artificial intelligence!). 

Every country and mainly, the UNO should set up an artificial intelligence regulation committee/body to monitor new inventions in the field of AI and Machine Learning (UAE already has a ministry of artificial intelligence). This will ensure that new inventions & discoveries in artificial intelligence won’t have a negative impact on human lives.

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