Exercise at home without any Gym equipment

With the second wave of covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc, you are into lockdown again. This is keeping you away from the gym and probably you are missing your workout sessions as because you don’t have access to fitness equipment at home. But are you aware that you can exercise at home without any Gym equipment and carry on with your full-body workout routine.

Yes, there are many household objects to workout with but you need to know how those simple things can serve your purpose. Moreover, gym memberships don’t come cheap these days. So here we list some household items with which you can create a home gym without any fees and without even spending a buck. And you can follow a great exercise routine at home without any Gym equipment

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Triceps dips and pushups with chairs

Besides sitting purposes, a chair can prove to be a versatile workout tool. You can perform some simple exercises with the help of a chair. You can use any kind of chair at your home for performing dips. This will improve your muscle strength, range of motion and improve flexibility and stability. You need to hold the front edges of the seat with both hands, stretch out your legs and bend the elbows at 90 degrees angle, lower your body and then slowly lift yourself up. Besides triceps dips, you can also perform incline pushups and decline pushups. So, don’t forget to try “Triceps dips and pushups with chairs”.

For incline push-ups, you need to position your hands on the chair, straighten your legs, lower your chest and then bring yourself back to your initial position. For decline push-ups, you need to place your feet on the seat and rest of the process is same. However, make sure that the chair you are using is sturdy and the floor is non-slippery, so that you don’t suffer any injury.

Cardio and calf exercise with stairs

You can perform cardio with stairs and don’t need a treadmill or cardio machines, if you have stair at your home. You just need to walk up and down the stairs for some time. While doing so, you can carry around a heavy object as that will give you some extra weight resistance. If you walk up and down the stairs carrying a laundry basket full of clothes and a packet of detergent, you will perform cardio with weights.

This is how you can exercise your legs as you go up and down the stairs. It is also a great way to exercise your calf. When you stand on a stair, your heels hang off the backside of the stair. You can also stand on your toes, hold the railing for balancing yourself, bring your heels down and then repeat again. However, you should do it at a pace you are comfortable with and count as you do and try to perform more rotations once you get habituated. Though it sounds simple, it’s really effective.

Cardio and calf exercise with stairs

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Working out with a heavy book

Workouts that require a weight plate or a medicine ball can also be done with the help of a heavy book. For instance, while doing weighted sit-ups, cross-body wood chops and weighted oblique twists you can use a heavy book instead of a medicine ball. When you place a heavy book on your chest while performing crunches, it makes the exercise more difficult as the tension level increases.

To tone up your lower abs, you can take a heavy book in your hand, lie down in supine position with arms in the upward direction and then slowly lift your shoulders up. You can sit down on a chair, put your legs together, place a heavy book on the shin and then raise your legs up and down. So, books are a versatile tool whether it is abs workout or pushups. So take out those heavy dictionaries and start using them as a workout tool. You must try Working out with a heavy book we are sure it will help you and you can complete your exercise at home without any Gym equipment.

Backpack as weights

When you consider household items as weights, the backpack deserves a special mention. If you have a backpack at home, just fill it up with books, water bottles or canned food items and use it as weights. Wear it on your back and walk around your house doing household chores. You can use a loaded backpack for body weight workouts like pushups, squats and lunges. Measure the weight of the backpack with the help of a bathroom scale so that you know how much weight you are lifting and gradually increase the weight once you start building strength. But make sure that you can bear the weight and the backpack you are using is a sturdy one.

Exercise at home without any Gym equipment

Push-ups and wall sit with walls

You will hardly find a home without walls and you can use them as a workout tool. Wall pushups can improve stability and strength level and prepare you for more rigorous workouts. You need to face the wall in standing position with arms at shoulder level and place your hands on the wall keeping them shoulder-width apart. Now straighten the hands and push yourself away from the wall and then again push yourself back towards the wall, your arms would bend while you do so. You can do wall seat by standing close to a wall with your back facing the wall, legs apart and then lower down as if in a sitting position at 90 degrees. Continue in this position for about 60 seconds. It not only tones up your legs but your whole body.

Squats with bottles

You can perform squats at home if you have a filled up bottle. While doing your dips, you need to hold the bottle with both hands and extend your arms fully. This will help you to maintain center of gravity and balance and be in the exact squat form. In the process, your arms also get trained along with your leg muscles. It will take some time when it comes to tolerating the stress in your arms. But you will be thrilled when you will feel that you are in nice shape. Initially, you can fill the bottle a little less to get yourself used to. Besides bottles, squats can also be done at home with a bag of rice.

Floor exercises with broom and mop

If you are planning to create a home gym with household objects, you should consider cleaning tools like the broom and mop as well. In addition to sweeping the floor, a broom can give your hips and glute muscles strong. What you can do is get a broom with broad overhand grip, first bring it towards your hip, take the bar over your head, then at the back of your head and finally bring it down in the director of your glutes. Broom can be used for a number of several floor exercises and flutter kicks. When you broom your house, it is a good cardio exercise. Similarly, you can do stretching and arm exercises with a mop.

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Hand towel instead of sliders

Sliders enable you to perform full-body workouts but it is not available at your home. You can use hand towel instead. When you exercise on the floor by keeping a hand towel underneath your hands and feet, friction reduces and your muscles have to work even harder in order to maintain balance. Some of the slider workouts can be modified and exercises like mountain climbers and lunges can be included. You can also perform knee tucks and pikes. Rows can also be done with a towel. Wrap a towel around the handle of a door that is closed, next your feet should be placed against the door, lean your body backwards keeping your arms straight and then bring yourself back towards the door. While doing so your hands will hit the chest.  So look for a pair of hand towels in your closet.

Suspension training with a rope

Another object that can feature in the list of your gym equipment with household items is a sturdy rope. For using the rope as a suspension trainer, it should be no less than 8 feet. You need to look for a firm holding point either in your backyard or on the terrace, tie the rope around the holding point and use the rope to perform inverted rows, plunges, suspension plants and squats. You can also tie the rope around the branch of a tree that is sturdy. You can use a lightweight rope as suspension trainer.

Balance tool with couch cushion/pillows

You can use cushion or pillows instead of balance tools that are used in gyms and fitness studios. It serves as a great tool because standing on a cushion and performing exercise is not an easy task. You need to work hard to balance yourself on the soft and fluffy cushion. You can try doing split squats and pushups with a cushion. So, cushions can be a good alternative to balance tools.

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Wrapping up

By now, you have come to know about workout tools that are readily available around you. All you need to do is design a workout routine that will match your gym workout sessions by using these everyday household items and stay fit and healthy. However, make sure to be cautious while working out, as you do in a gym. You don’t need any fancy equipment for your daily workout regimen. What you need is willingness to sweat out. So, look around for these items and continue with your workout sessions even when you are confined to home during lockdowns. You can do all type of exercise at home without any Gym equipment all you need is a disciplined mind.

Be health, Be safe !

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