Technologies that are in demand in IT

Do you want to know about the technologies that are currently in demand in IT ?
Technology is changing at a faster rate in the current situation, allowing rapid change and
advancement, stimulating the rate of change and resulting in it becoming exponential.
Nevertheless, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, technology has changed in such a way that IT
professionals were hit with the realization that their jobs would undergo modification, as well.
This would mean that people will constantly learn, unlearn and relearn.

Here are 8 technologies that are currently in demand in IT :

1) Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the technologies that are in demand in IT. Digital marketing is used to market products and services with the help of digital channels to concentrate on a target audience. Digital channels include websites, email, social media and search engines. Under digital marketing, brand awareness is spread, traffic is generated for the company’s website, and generation is led via different digital channels.

Digital marketing uses blog content, email marketing, social media, digital advertising, etc to
reach out to consumers. Digital marketing focuses on a unique objective to estimate the
company’s performance over channels.

Digital marketing has turned up to be the fastest mode of marketing and promotion, extending to
a wider audience. Companies from every segment are now focusing their investments in digital
marketing ventures. The demand for digital marketing professionals are ever-increasing with the
rapid growth in the scope of digital marketing.

Modern-day customers are turning to online platforms for different purposes – this proves that
digital marketing has taken over at a large rate. The production of electronic devices and decent
internet connection have provided this phenomenon. This dominant trait of digital marketing has
made it relevant in today’s world.

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The significance of online media has grown, so has digital marketing. The relevance of digital
marketing has made way for people with aims of pursuing careers in this field. According to
Smart Insights, the most hired persons by companies in the year 2015 were digital marketers.
By 2021, the experts in this field have become most influential with the best reason.

2) Artificial intelligence

AI has created an exciting time for programmers by changing the landscape of work rapidly. The
hiring rate of AI professionals grew at a fast rate between 2019 and 2020. AI and machine
learning are similar, but the key difference would be that AI is a wider concept pertaining to
machines formed to act intelligently much like humans, whereas, machine learning depends on
devices making sense of a particular set of data. The top skills within artificial intelligence
include Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and C++

How will Artificial Intelligence transform our lives?

Since AI is now mainstream, companies look for individuals with specific areas of expertise in
Artificial Intelligence in the year 2021. These include, automated speech recognition (ASRA),
automation and natural language processing (NLP). AI is famous for its superiority in speech
and image recognition, ride-sharing apps, smartphone personal assistants, navigation apps and
much more.

Artificial intelligence is also used to analyze interactions to ascertain underlying links and
insights, to assist in the prediction of demand for facilities like hospitals that enables authorities
to make conscious decisions on resource utilization. Also, to detect the dynamic consumer
behavior by inspecting data in real-time. Artificial Intelligence has spread across various
sectors, resulting in the creation of new jobs in maintenance, support, testing, programming,
and development.

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Specializing in Artificial Intelligence will help individuals secure IT jobs such as AI Research
Scientist, AI Engineer, AI Architect, Data mining and analysis, Data scientist, Business
intelligence developer etc.

3) Cloud computing

Jobs in the cloud computing field are increasing at a fast rate since more companies switched
from traditional server infrastructure to cloud solutions.

The global cloud services will grow in the year 2021. Companies are now transitioning to cloud
and they are also developing their services and products directly in the cloud rather than
transitioning later. As a result, cloud-native architecture skills are in much demand in the year
2021 and beyond.

Cloud computing has no cost on infrastructure, this means that a company does not need to
invest in hardware or any other infrastructure. It also provides minimum management and cost,
hassle-free administration and management.

Cloud computing is very accessible from anywhere around the globe. An individual’s
infrastructure in the cloud raises the availability and reliability of services and applications.
Another vital advantage of cloud computing is that it centralizes every data from various files to
a single location. The user can gain complete control over their data without visiting each and
every file.

Cloud computing also provides data backup and recovery. It automatically backs up all the
information to the cloud regularly.

Most of the cloud computing services offer huge, free and secure space to save all the valuable
information. Cloud services automatically updates it’s software’s, without user involvement, this
saved the time of the consumers

4) Robotic Process Automation

Like every other technology, Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA, is another
technology that is currently automating jobs. Business processes are automated by using RPA
software’s. These processes include dealing with data, processing transactions, interpreting
applications, and even replying to emails. Robotic Process Automation successfully automated
the repetitive tasks that were earlier handled by people.

Forrester research estimates that RPA automation will be a threat to the livelihood of
approximately 9 percent of the global workforce or more than 230 million knowledge workers.
Nevertheless, Robotic Process Automation is also creating new jobs alongside while making
alterations in the existing jobs.

RPA offers plenty of career opportunities that include solution architect, consultant, business
analyst, developer, and project manager.

The top jobs individuals can get after specializing in Robotic Process Automation are – RPA
architect, RPA analyst and RPA developer.

As the demand for automation is increasing, the demand for skilled Robotic Process Automation
professionals is also increasing. Human and digital talents blend to generate many exciting new
career possibilities. As many as two lakh RPA related jobs would be created in India by the year

RPA enables businesses to automate repetitive manual tasks, this saves a lot of time, money
and other resources, benefitting the company in the long run. Many MNCs such as Deloitte,
IBM, Accenture, TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, etc. are using Robotic Process Automation to
increase efficiency and effectiveness. Currently, even SMEs have begun to invest in RPS and
are drifting towards automation. By the year 2022, almost 90% of huge organizations worldwide
will have adopted RPA.

5) Machine learning

More number of companies are digitizing their operations and making use of machine learning,
this leads to the high demand for professionals in their domain. Since machine learning is a vital
aspect of all automation tools, the highest demand is for machine learning engineers.
According to Forrester research, a company’s success depends one hundred percent on
adopting machine learning. Machine learning is essential for anticipating what the customers
want, this will lead to the success of the company.
Machine learning is a profitable skill that an individual can learn and is one the the most exciting
and innovative fields. There are tons of uses for this futuristic technology like Siri, Alexa,
chatbots etc. In the current scenario machine learning can also predict how infectious a
Covid-19 patient is likely to be and fasten up drug generation.
Individuals who have begun to take online courses in machine learning are still relatively early,
since demand has only started to increase. Almost 49% of companies are presently planning or
exploring to use this new technology.
The common uses of machine learning include – detecting fraud, generating customer insights
and intelligence and recommender systems. Machine learning can also be applied to all
industries, including finance, education and healthcare. The possibilities in this technology are
endless, and an individual can apply their skills to a role that suits their interests and personality.

6) Cyber security

Cyber security technology is evolving just as other technologies. As long as hackers exist, cyber
security will always remain an ever growing technology. Cyber security is developing three times
faster than other tech jobs, this is a proof that there is a strong need for cyber security
professionals. In fact, the need for proper cyber security is so high that 6 trillion dollars is spent
globally as of now. Jobs under cyber security include Chief security officer, Security Engineer,
Malware analyst, and Ethical hacker. Cyber security offers a promising career path for
individuals who are interested in getting into and stick with this evergreen in-demand

For companies that collect customer data or deal with critical information of their own, network
security is of paramount importance. When data happens to get breached, it can be
newsworthy, big and costly for the organization to recover from.
Research shows that the source of 20% of cyber security attacks in the year 2020 was remote
All these situations and the increase in work from home underscore just how vital it is for
organizations to maintain their network security up to par, and make cyber security one of the
top required jobs and one of the technologies in demand in the year 2021. Within a year,
demand for cyber security engineers increased by 132%
Unfortunately, for those entities, there is now a shortage of people trained in network security

7) Internet of Things (IoT)

Another evolving technology trend is Internet of Things (IoT). Many components are being
created with Wi-Fi networks, which means, it can be connected to the internet. Therefore, the
Internet of Things (IoT) is the promising future, and has already helped devices, cars,
appliances and a lot more to be linked and transfer data over the internet.

As customers, we are using and benefitting from IoT. Nonetheless, entities have a lot to gain
now than in the near future. The Internet of Things (IoT) ensures maximum safety, decision
making and efficiency for companies as data is gathered and estimated.

IoT can speed up medical facilities, enable predictive maintenance, ameliorate customer service
and provide many other benefits.

It is predicted that by the year 2030, almost 50 billion IoT devices will be in use around the
globe, creating a huge web of interlinked devices ranging from smartphones to kitchen

If an individual wishes to enter this new trending technology, they will have to know about
information security, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning fundamentals, hardware interfacing,
automation, networking, data analytics, sufficient knowledge of embedded systems and should
have design and device knowledge

During the pandemic, a huge percentage of businesses launched new Internet of Things (IoT)
projects as a direct approach to Covid-19. The companies which had already adopted the
Internet of Things started developing the pace at which they initiated undertakings due to the

8) Blockchain

Blockchain provides security that is useful in a lot of ways. Blockchain can be defined as
information one can only add to and not take away from or alter. The reason why Blockchain is
secure is that it does not allow the user to change the previous blocks. Also, blockchains are
consensus-driven, resisting an entity to take control of the entire data on its own. Blockchain
does not require a third party to validate or oversee transactions.

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The demand for skilled professionals increases as various companies are implementing and
involving Blockchain. In a general view, Blockchain developers are masters in implementing and
developing solutions and architecture with the help of Blockchain technology. Now is the right
time for individuals to develop a career in this growing technology.

Blockchain requires individuals to have hands-on experience of fundamentals of OOPS, data
structures, programming languages like JavaScript, Java, C++, Go, Python, and solidity, flat and
relational databases, networking, cryptography computing, database design and web app

Tech giants such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook use Blockchain. However,
Blockchain was originally devised for Bitcoin. It has evolved ever since. The tech group is
searching for potential uses for this technology, such as crowdfunding, identity management,
peer-to-peer payments, file storage, digital voting, etc. Technology is emerging and evolving interminably.

These 8 top technologies currently in demand in IT offer a favorable career potential at present and for the near future. This is in
fact, an opportunity for all the IT professionals to get trained and keep pace with the early
stages of these advancing technologies

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