All You Need To Know About Startup India Scheme

What is Startup India anyway? Do you heard about it somewhere? Is it no,
so let’s grab a coffee and will make you understand about Startup India
because it’s going to be a little interesting for the people who are looking for
startups and want to take a shot in innovations and emerging technologies.
So, here we are.

Startup India Scheme

Startup is always a challenge for everyone because experiments are
always harder than you believe.
Startup India was launched on16th January, 2016.
Startup India is a great movement of the government of India for
transforming India by empowering the startups and backing them with
funds and many benefits. The objective of this Startup is to give wings to
the birds who are ready to fly and creating plethora of opportunities of
employment and making a sustainable startup ecosystem.

Innovation is the mother of creative ideas which let one’s mind to play with
imagination and create a real world scenario to make it happen. Innovation
bring revolution in the world and ease the difficulties of people. This Startup
India is the mother of all the innovations in sense that it helps in growing
the startup until it stand on it’s feet in industry.

In Startup India scheme, role of government for startups is like need of
water in growing seeds. Government aim to realizing the reality of technical
superpower and independent India augmenting the funds to raise the
standard of Indian Startups. Caring for Startups in incubators and
nourishing them to become strong by the incubator option in Startup India


Now, a question pop-up in our mind-what about loan
for Startup India?

loan by Startup India Scheme

Before starting anything, we all think about money needs. That is a basic
need in startups to accelerate its way to reality. India has diverse numbers
of people and their different ideas which makes India third largest
ecosystem in terms of technology startup. Entrepreneurs need guidance
and access to money, which is eased by government by creating loan
schemes with reasonable interest rates and many more relaxations i.e.,

Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS): Breaking the fear of failure in
startups, CGS brings a silver line in darkness. Partnering with SIDBI,
this government run scheme provide maximum of INR 100 lakh in
form of term loans. It’s main motto is to provide funds for all
entrepreneurs of all strata of society to catalyze their ventures.

Providing Funding Support through a Fund of Funds with a Corpus of
INR 10,000 crore. It is to strengthen the move of startup initiative
and nurture it by aiding financial help. As startups always stand on
the other side of funding because of their high risky nature, prone to
failure and it hamper their investment attractiveness. To tackle the
problem Funds of Funds stead in good.

MUDRA loan scheme: Micro unit development and refinance agency
ltd. support banks to lend up to 10 lakh to micro units. It provide
finance under Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana

Initial capital of ₹20,000 Crore has been allocated for this scheme.

Startup India Scheme

Get loan under Startup India Scheme by following the steps mentioned below:

Startup India Scheme
  • Log on to the portal of startup India
  • Enter your business Enter your business registration number
  • Enter registration date
  • Enter your PAN number
  • Enter address, pin code, state
  • Enter details of authorized representatives
  • Enter details of partner
  • Upload the required document
  • File registration certificate for company

Easy ten steps to meet your loan requirements.

There is lot more opportunities to get your startup funded. Get
yourself registered and do as required.

KYR(Know Your Registration):-

Registration in Startup India

Best 37 Startup business ideas for you

Before knowing registration process, know the eligibility criteria for
registration on Startup India.

  1. Business should not be older than 10 years from the date of it’s
  2. It’s turnover should not pass over INR 100 crores from the date of
  3. Business which are already in existence cannot register.
  4. Business which splits and form startups are not eligible for the

Now, after knowing the eligibility of registration get your hand on
registration button.

Startup India Scheme  registration

The registration process is very much easier than you think, just follow the
below steps and get yourself registered on India’s biggest platform (Startup

Incorporate your business
First include your business as Private Limited Company,
Partnership Firm or Limited Liability Partnership.

Register for startup India
i) Log on to Startup India website ii) Fill the details and create a profile

Get DPIIT(Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal
trade) recognition
i) Just click on ‘Get Recognised Button’

Recognition application
 Fill the application form appeared on your screen and

Document for registration
(a)Registration certificate of your startup
(b)Details of Directors
(c)Patent and trademark details(optional)
(d)PAN number
 Recognition number
You will get certificate after two days of filling it after
examination of your documents.
Now you are registered as a startup on the portal.

Where does the Startup come from?
From ideas, right?

Startup India Scheme

Ideas leads to creativity which in leads to innovation. So, where does
this idea come from? Do you ever pondered about it? If yes, then it’s
great and if not, no worries. Ideas produce when we are facing
problem, they yield when you direly want something to work and it’s
not working, that’s when your mind strike with many ideas. Ideas can
be social, technical, anything.

Startup India Scheme

business startup ideas for Students

So, now talk about ideas for Startup India
 Social Media Management Services
 Blogging
 Travel Agency
 Photography
 Online teaching
 Online Fitness Instructors
 Tea café
 Flower business
 Fruit business Organic farming
 Robotics
 Tiffin services
 Mobile apps
 Shipping business

Startup India Scheme ideas

There are so many ideas to start with your business and taking it to
extra mile by registering it on Startup India.

Benefits that can be availed by business under Startup India-

Benefits from Startup India Scheme

 Self-certification

 This is to reduce the regulatory burden on startups and to
help them focusing mainly on their core business.
 Government come up with this idea to make startup more
friendly and flexible to entrepreneurs.
 Under this self-certification startups are exempted in case
of Labour laws by inspection for three years.
 For environmental issue these startup befell under ‘white
category’ as per government norms.

Benefits from Startup India Scheme

 Tax exemption

 Tax exemption under 80IAC
 As startups are always risky in nature but profitable if it
works. To avoid the inevitable losses in startups, the
Startup India scheme exempt the startup from tax, so that
they can use the money only in investing in their business
rather than paying and unfortunately falling in debt trap.
 The profits of startups are exempted from income-tax for
3 years
 The tax exemption will really help the initiatives to grow in
shape and gain flexibility.

Tax Benefits from Startup India Scheme

 Easy mobile window for registering

 Making the India more digitally independent, it provides
easy window for accessing the facilities provided by
Startup India.
 Ease of filling forms, uploading documents, getting
verification in one go.
 Staying updated about different schemes falling under
this action plan.
 Enrolling in new challenges and getting new incentives.

Benefits from Startup India Scheme

 Relaxed norms of Public Procurement for startups

 Taking an exemption to the criteria for filling tenders by
government or PSU for making equal opportunities for
 Removing the prior experience or specified turnover for
eligibility criteria for tenders without compromising the
quality and standard parameters.

 Startup Fest

 The startup network connects Indian startup with world
and alluring investors & national and international
 Startup cannot work alone, it need guidance, money,
knowledge, investors, mentor and to fulfill these needs
the govt. come up with fest option.
 For working miles and miles participation of people is
must which is fulfilled by providing collaboration platform.

Startup Fest by Startup India

You can be in touch with other startups and learn new things, get
government tenders easily but without compromising quality, get your
startups accelerated by different investors by showcasing your plan.

There are many benefits of doing business on Startup India with less
compliance and lots of opportunities. One can take advantage of this
scheme by getting its feet into it and exploring your dream.

Seed Fund Scheme

Seed fund by startup India

Startup India aim is to help startups to grow by giving financial aid and
guidance. One such financial help scheme is Startup India Seed Fund
Scheme(SISFS).On 19th April, 2019 -Startup India Seed Fund Scheme was
launched by Honourable Shri Piyush Goyal.

Know more about SISFS

Startups are like seeds which needs proper nourishment for maintaining life
and proper guidance and funds to back them. As you know money is not
something which grow on tree, it is to be earned by hard work or borrowed
on the basis of some security with high interest rates but seed fund scheme
provide you the money with low compliance after satisfying some

Seed Fund has an outlay of INR 945 Crore for helping the startups grow by
assisting them for Proof of concept, prototype development, product trials,
market entry and it’s commercialization. It has estimated to provide
financial help to 3,6000 entrepreneurs.

Startup India Scheme

Aim of SISFS;

Working on a startup is never a piece of cake, it always come with some
price or fruit in starting. It lacks capital which is needed in early stage of
startups leading many great ideas to sink in drain and all hard-work in vain.

For solving the capital problem seed fund offer a promising effect to
business and leading to employment.

This is to make easier approach for entrepreneurs and giving birth to super
ideas which leads the way of people.

Investors for Startup India

Investors for Startup India

 Japan headquartered SoftBank invested $2 billion in Indian
 Google come up with a challenge for startups and winning
startup will be getting worth of $100,000 in Google cloud
 Oracle also show interest in startups and will be
establishing incubation centers in different cities to boost
the startup ecosystem.
 There are pool of investors on startup India portal i.e.,
Indian Angel network, venture group capability fund etc.
 You can approach with them via fest or any other method
as you are registered business.
 Startup India hub is the main stakeholder in the setup. It
facilitate ventures to grow and boost the economic growth.

Indian startups

India ranked 63rd in ease of doing business by World Bank
which was held among 190 countries in 2020. It shows India’s
growing startups, business and tech. life.

Now, Indian startups seem to have strong base and booming
day by day. There are many startups which prove themselves
as a great business by earning money and make it to the heart
of consumers by their service.

Get some glances of Indian startup which are ruling India.

 Ola cabs

We all have heard about Ola cabs, founded in 2010
office in Bengaluru, Karnataka .They are ruling Indian taxi service industry competing with worldwide known UBER.

Uber vs ola

 Zomato

One of the well-known startups which emerge as a
king in food delivery service. “Delivery at your home”
Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana mushrooming it’s
business all over India. Known for it’s best services
and hospitability.


 One97(Paytm)

Not only in food business, we are also ahead in digital
markets. Paytm is the thing you open when you forget
to bring cash in restaurant and you delightly open it
and pay your cash just in one go. It was founded in
2010 headquartered in Uttar Pradesh.


 Vedantu

It was founded in 2011 aiming to ease problems of
students and now it’s growing education field which
have virtual teaching classes, many preparatory mock


Featuring India in many industries, startups following
way to boosting India’s economy and backing the
whole ecosystem.


Tax Benefits from Startup India Scheme

Again, a supercool step by our government, thinking about
young talents who like to kindle with their imagination. Indian
startup is not something in a shell, it’s growing worldwide and
getting foreign recognition. All are making efforts to make it
happen whether it’s entrepreneur or government. Everyone
wishing to take it at another level, this ecosystem will be
salvation to not only entrepreneur but for all the Indian talent
who wish to chase their dreams.

There is saying that “Every effort counts”. Continuous efforts
leads to success and one can achieve anything by having
consistency in their work.

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