Ginger is believed to be one of the oldest cultivated spices, originating from south east Asia, wherein the Austronesian people have been using it for about 5000 years. But unlike most plants, it doesn’t grow from seeds. It is only grown by propagating the ginger rhizome.

Benefits of ginger

Now, ginger as we all know it, comes from the flowering plant of the same name and is member of the same family as cardamom and turmeric. Ginger is also scientifically called ‘zingiber officinale’. Sounds extremely exotic right? But did you know that ginger benefits us so much in our day to day lives?

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 Ginger is one among the healthiest and most delicious spices on the Earth. When we think of Ginger, probably a lot of things come to our mind like ginger ale, gingerbread cookies etc. But did you know there is much more benefits of ginger that we probably do not know? Ginger contains many nutrients and other bioactive compounds that have powerful impact on your body. It also has a lot of medicinal properties and is growing popular worldwide for these benefits. Ginger can be either be used fresh, died or as even as an oil.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger helps to control blood sugar levels

Ginger helps to maintain and keep blood glucose level in check and this is immensely important as blood sugar levels have a direct impact on weight loss and weight gain. If you feel lethargic during the day, it is most likely because of the blood sugar levels. So, adding a little ginger to your diet can certainly help you stayed focused throughout the day. Think of ginger as that little energy booster you need to get through your regular day.

Ginger helps in Weight loss

Being overweight comes with its own setbacks like heart attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes and even cancer. If your goal is to lose weight, then best thing you could do to boost this, is adding ginger to your diet. Ginger speeds up your metabolism leading to calorie burning. It also gives you a feeling of feeling full for longer hours reducing your overall calorie intake.

Ginger helps to boost nutrient absorption

We don’t often think of this, that when we eat a healthy meal, our body actually doesn’t absorb all the nutrients it needs. It will absorb just somewhere in-between 10% to 90% of vitamins and minerals of your food. If you want to improve your health in general and lose weight you will want to absorb as many nutrients as possible and ginger is popularly known to do that for you.

Ginger helps to improve blood circulation

Ginger helps to thin blood and improve the overall circulation. As ginger improves your blood flow, it can create a warm feeling in your body and this one reason people enjoy drinking ginger tea in cold weather.

health benefits of ginger

Ginger helps to relieve pain

Instead of reaching for an instant pain reliever like aspirin, try using ginger first and you will be instantly surprised with the effect it has on your body. It is much better than the other pain relivers as it causes no side effects to your body. Regardless of what pain you may be going through, ginger acts as a natural pain reliver.

Ginger boosts the immune system

If you are the person that is constantly battling a common cold, it only means that your immune system is weak and your body cannot fight all the virus and bacteria it may encounter. Adding that little element of ginger to your diet will help boost your immune system and make it strong. Ginger also helps to clear the lymphatic system and flush out toxins in addition to killing bacteria.

Ginger helps to clear sinuses

It is always better to go with a natural alternative like ginger first, rather than an over-the-counter kind of drug. Ginger contains an active ingredient that has proven to work wonders on the sinuses. It helps to unclog your sinuses and also facilitates drainage.

Ginger helps to fight cancer

Ginger truly benefits the body and is proven to fight lung, prostate, ovarian, skin and breast cancer. Adding ginger to your diet can prevent new cancer cells from forming and destroy active ones. It is certainly beneficial for people who are undergoing cancer treatments.

Benefits of Ginger for Hair:

1. Stimulates hair growth

It is said that ginger can help to improve the blood circulation on the scalp as it contains antioxidants and circulatory agents thus promoting and stimulating hair growth. Due to fatty acids present in ginger it can help to prevent hair thinning and boost hair growth.

Ginger for hair

How to use ginger to stimulate hair growth?

  • Take one ginger and cut it into pieces.
  •  Dry these pieces of ginger under the sun.
  •  Grind the pieces together to get a fine ginger powder.
  • Add some yogurt the ginger powder.
  •  Apply this mixture on your scalp and wash off with cold water. Use this remedy two times a week.

2. Treats dandruff

In addition to stimulating hair growth, ginger can also treat dandruff. Dandruff being one of the most common scalp problems can be cured with ginger. Containing many antiseptic properties, ginger helps to get rid of dandruff.

How to use ginger to treat dandruff?

  • First take two spoons of yogurt, add one egg to it and mix well.
  • Add three spoons of ginger powder and one spoon of olive oil.
  • Mix all these together and apply this mask on the scalp.
  • After 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water.
  • Do this remedy twice in a week to get amazing results and get rid of the dandruff.
Ginger to treat dandruff

3. Treats oily scalp

Ginger helps to prevent the hair from getting damaged and also treats an oily scalp as it breaks down the oil sebum and instantly opens up the pores of the scalp.

How to use ginger to treat an oily scalp?

  • Take one ginger and grate it.
  • Now extract its juice and collect he juice in a bowl.
  • Add some lemon juice to it and apply this mixture to the scalp.
  • Wait for one hour or so and wash off with cold water.
  • Use this remedy every alternate day can help to treat an oily scalp.

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Benefits of Ginger for skin:

Anti-ageing benefits

With about 40 anti-oxidants compounds found in ginger, it helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Ginger helps to protect your skin from free radicals thus promoting healthy and glowing skin and slows down the ageing of the skin. It also helps to promote a very youthful appearance.

Treats blemishes and acne

Due to the powerful antiseptic and cleansing properties found in ginger, it can help to prevent the appearance of acne and blemishes on the skin. It helps to kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin making the skin clear thereby giving you an acne free look.

Promotes radiance of the skin

Due to various anti- inflammatory and antiseptic properties found in ginger, it can help to promote instant fresh and radiant looking skin. Regular application of ginger juice on the skin can help to give you fresh and glowing skin.

Treats hyperpigmentation

If you tend to often suffer from hyperpigmentation problem with dirt spots, try using use ginger. It can help to treat the hyperpigmented skin to a certain extent and promote an even tone skin.

benefits of ginger for skin

How to use ginger to treat hyperpigmentation?

  • Take one ginger and cut it into half.
  • Dab the ginger on the hyperpigmented area and wash off with cold water.
  •  Apply this at least once a day to get amazing results.
  • Promotes even skin tone: Due to natural anti- oxidants and skin toning properties found in ginger, it can help to promote an even tone skin.

How to use ginger to promote even skin tone?

  • Take one ginger and grate it.
  • Now add some honey and lemon juice to the grated ginger and mix it together.
  • Apply this on your face and then wash off with cold water. Use this mask twice or thrice a day to get an even tone skin.


So, now we think that you know the benefits of ginger. Also you understand how and why you should use ginger for your hair and skin.


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