Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India

It is always a dream for every youngster to get settled in life. Certainly, only little gets last their goals to be achieved. Patience, hard work, dedication, confidence, clarity, communication, ideology, optimistic nature, and many other qualities will make aspirants make their passion get achieved.

Eventually, some candidates intend to multiple their investment spend to their academics, so to work too hard to grasp them. So, money plays a gamble in every part of a field. So here in this article, we get to find the grateful and inspiring top 10 highest paying jobs in India. Don’t get out of your lane, until the end of the article.

1. Air Force Officer

Indian Air Force is among the many air divisions across the country, and its main job is to protect the country against external aggression within the air. Fighter planes and aircraft are the main constituents of the Air Force as their job is to defend the sky. Therefore, the complete duties of the Airforce are treated with the flying of the aircraft, and consequently, the pilot is the ultimate air force officer.

Job in air force

It is a varied and inspiring career. Aside from flying, one has managed much personnel aboard the camp and formulated high-level approaches and tactics. During calamities and emergencies, they step further and carry food and crucial supplies. If all the duties mentioned above offer you an adrenaline rush, then a career as an Air Force Officer is the right choice.

Education Eligibility

Candidates should have mandatorily passed with a minimum of fifty marks each in Maths and Physics at 10+2 level and Graduation with a minimum three-year degree course in any discipline from a recognized University with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent or BE/B Tech degree (Four-year course) from a recognized University with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent.

Aspirants who have cleared section A & section B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers or Aeronautical Society of India from a recognized University with a minimum of 60% marks.


Payscale for a flying branch is reported to be 70,000 – 1,00,000 Rs. Technically for ground duty branch and technical branch floats around 60,000 – 80,000 Rs which made it to the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in India carrying great responsibility to the nation.

2. Accountant

Chartered Accountancy is acknowledged as the core of all business, small or big. The responsibilities and duties of chartered accountants involve expenditure analysis, financial planning, accounting, taxation, and auditing of a particular company. A career as an accountant isn’t only challenging but also gratifying.

job of accountant

The career outlooks for chartered accountants are impressive. In other words, chartered accountancy is that the enterprise to other rewarding careers in fund management, investment consultancy, and finance. Institute of Charted Accountants of India is liable for conducting the CA course.

Over a previous couple of years, the qualifications required to become a CA have encountered various changes, with ICAI upgrading the syllabus and curriculum as per the changing business scenario around the globe.

Education Eligibility

Students from Commerce, Science, and humanities stream in school 12 can register for CPT. Students need to register for CPT after Class 10. However, they’re eligible to require up the CPT exam after clearing Class 12. Students from the Arts & Science and Commerce group in school 12 are eligible to register for the CPT course.

Qualifying CPT may be a gateway to register for Accounting Technician Course (ATC). Candidates who had formerly registered for IPCC can enroll for ATC. Completing the IPCC exam may be a gateway for the candidates to do an internship of three years under a licensed CA. The Article ship is a chance to find out how an experienced accountant handles accountancy.

During the ultimate six months of the three-year Article ship, the candidates can appear for CA Final course exams. Finally, the candidates who cleared the CA final examination and were featured within the All- India merit list will be awarded the designation of an accountant.


They were ranging from Rs. 6 – 7 LPA. The salary of a CA can rise to 30 LPA or more, counting on the expertise and knowledge. International wages can go as high as Rs. 75 LPA. Chartered Accountants with experience of three – 4 years are paid within the range of 8 to 12 lakhs which makes it the top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

3. Pilot

The backbone of the aviation industry is that the pilots. They’re the professionals liable for operating the aircraft and managing and maintaining the aircraft’s internal systems. Pilots usually fly to hold passengers and goods from one destination to the opposite. But this is often not the sole work that a pilot does.

job of pilot

He/she is additionally liable for checking the management of the cockpit, keeping a keen look on the air regulation, planning flights, and checking the traffic as and when required. There are more distinctive job roles that a pilot performs aside from those that are mentioned and also the top 10 highest paying jobs in India

So, if you’ve got ever dreamt of flying high within the sky and curious about physics and arithmetic subjects, you’ll strive to become a pilot and fulfill your dreams. To do so, you’ll undergo our detailed guide on the way to become a pilot.

Education Eligibility

Candidates curious about pursuing different pilot courses must have a passing certificate of 10+2 from a recognized institution. The aspirants must belong to Science Stream in 10+2. You’ll also join a pilot training course after any relative B.E or B.Tech degree completion, which is another advantage.

Candidates must have a minimum of 50% in 10+2. Marksheet of other qualifying examinations as needed by the institutions must also accompany candidates at admission.


The average pilot salary ranges from 1.5 – 2.5 LPM, counting on the sort of aircraft endorsed. It is considered as the top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

4. Surgeon

Surgeons are specialized quiet physicians. They’re trained to form incisions during a person’s body to either remove or repair internal organs and parts. Their work requires an exceptionally high level of skill and training.

job of surgeon

Surgeons are liable for their patients before surgery and following up with their recovery after surgery. In exchange, surgeons are a number of the highest-paid physicians in their fields.

Education Eligibility

To pursue MBBS, you would like to pass 10+2 with a minimum of 60 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Then, you’ve got to look for NEET, which is that the most vital entrance examination. Other universities like JIPMER and AIIMS conduct their entrance exams.

After clearing NEET, you’ll get a university as per your ranking. You can pursue MS General Surgery after completing MBBS and a minimum of a year of internship. The duration of MS is three years.


Here we confer both surgeon and MBBS individual payscale. This filed has without stopping period with a floating wage of quite 2 LPM. Eventually, looking into a chief doctor or specialist, Salary lies above a minimum of 5 LPM make it the top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

5. Air Traffic Controller

During an emergency, the traffic controller plays a significant role as they need to notify the specified authorities and alert emergency response staff as soon as possible. He or she must vigilant and be ready to manage different tasks on just one occasion. It is often very stressful thanks to aircraft safety, crew, and airline passengers.

job of air traffic controller

Traffic controllers must be focused and concentrate for long periods and typically work full- time. Hours and days vary, including shift work, nights, and weekends, but the result may be a great career choice for people that love multitasking and meeting new people.

Education Eligibility

Aspirants who are getting to become Air Traffic Controller must have a bachelor’s degree in relative physics and arithmetic as mandatory subjects. Students with a B.Tech/B.E. degree in any field can be suggested for the post of Junior Executive Controller (ATC). The minimum pass percentage to use for ATC is 60%.


Therefore, ATC is a highly conscious job that pays a lot of attention and made itself a place in the top 10 highest paying jobs in India Senior-level officers have a pay grade of 0.8 – 1.5 LPM and vary in the category. Freshers are hired for five – 6 LPA because the pay increases for increasing experience, but it takes time.

6. Data Scientists

Data science is statistics implemented through programming. Alongside R, Python has also shown its mettle in checking out data per generic and specific requirements. As far as India

job of data scientists

cares, Python programmers for data science earn quite a few software developers and development programmers.

This is often because data collection, data cleaning, and processing are getting relatively standard nowadays as companies need data to collect.

Education Eligibility

Minimum Eligibility of Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 50% or equivalent passing marks. No coding experience is required. This needs a distinct segment of Python programmers specially trained in collecting and processing data through libraries like NumPy and Pandas. Data scientists are in high demand in major metros like Delhi-NCR and Mumbai and emerging cities like Pune and Bangalore.


Data Science offers a salary between 4 – 12 lacs to certified experts. Albeit they need limited or no work experience within the function, making it one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in India. Data scientists five years since get INR 60 – 70 LPA.

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7. Software Engineer

As a programmer, you’ll add a constantly evolving environment, thanks to technological advances and the strategic direction of the organization you’re employed for. The responsibility of the software analyst is to create, maintain, audit, and improve categorize.

job of software engineer

The systems to satisfy particular needs, often as advised by an analyst or architect, testing both complicated and software systems to diagnose and resolve glitches. The role also covers

diagnostic writing programs and designing and writing code for operating systems and software to improve efficiency. Software developers will always have a future making them the top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

Education Eligibility

To secure employment as a programmer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Information Technology. Knowledge of programming languages like JAVA or Python and knowledge of high school mathematics


The average programmer salary in India is 1.5 – 2 LPM. Entry-level positions start at 6 LPM, while most experienced workers make quite 60 LPA.

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8. Product Management

India’s industrial canvas is expanding rapidly. Every business nowadays follows a customer- centric approach from IT/ITeS firms, Data Science/Big Data-based companies, FMCG enterprises, retail, and telecom companies. Thus, product design, development, and management are fast taking the forefront.

job of product management

Naturally, Product Management has emerged as an essential role within the Indian industry. Within the coming years, the demand for Product Managers in India will double up. The result of the future analysis made Product Management the top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

Education Eligibility

The essential education qualification required for Product Management roles may be a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related fields like Economics/Communications/Marketing/Public Relations/Advertising/Management. Aspirants looking for senior-level entry should satisfy the age limit and Master’s degree and work experience in relative fields like manufacturing technology and more.


The average salary of Product Managers in India is 1.7 – 2 LPM. Freshers with little or no experience during this domain can earn around 0.8 – 1 LPM, whereas experienced professionals can make anywhere between Rs.5 -7 LPM. Companies like Amazon Flipkart usually offer companies like Amazon Flipkart typically offer 2 – 2.4 LPM making it in the top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

9. Marketing Managers

job of marketing managers

Products and services don’t sell themselves. It takes talented professionals to analyze what proportion demand there’s for a specific offering and find ways to bring it to the plug. Marketing departments also determine the worth, which will maximize profit for the corporate.

To flourish, marketing managers need to demonstrate a mix of creativity and business acumen. Day-to-day activities include everything from acquiring marketing research to planning promotional activities to developing websites and social media campaigns.

Education Eligibility

Marketing managers typically need a bachelor’s degree, with classwork in management, economics, finance, computing, and statistics being beneficial. Highly competitive jobs may require a master’s degree.


When it involves a senior executive, the payscale floats around 1 – 1.5 LPM. An average payscale runs around 0.7 – 1 LPM, placing it in the top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

10. Chief Executives

Chief executives officer represents the top 10 highest paid jobs in India in multinational companies. Because the highest-ranking employee of a corporation, the CEO’s job is to form critical decisions regarding the management team, steer the organization toward new markets or product areas, and interface with the board of directors.

job of chief executives

While highly advanced chief executives have daunting registries, a 2018 Harvard Business Review survey found that the typical CEO spends 62.5 hours per week on the work, with about half their time spent within the office and a half traveling.

Education Eligibility

Not surprisingly, a Forbes study found that the majority of Fortune 100 CEOs (53%) received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. However, many had undergraduate majors in unrelated fields though some later received a master of business administration, MBA, degree. Many executives in tech industries gather studied engineering as undergraduates for employment.


The CEO of google Gains roughly five crores per month. A mediocre salary of a CEO of a middle-layered company ranges from 5 – 10 LPM, which is not a surprise as the top 10 highest paying jobs in Indian but it is on the list.

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highest paying jobs

It’s wonderful that you made it to the end of the article. To be honest, you are one such serious person thinking about your job that made you read this article. Suit yourself one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in India. My wishes to the reader to get succeed in this life. Have a joyful day.

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