Gym VS Yoga | Which one is better?

Many of you people may go to a gym and do heavy workouts. Also, many people love to do yoga to relax and make their bodies more flexible. We have heard many different things about the two of them and maybe you must have thought that what is better Yoga or Gym. With the help of a Workout and diet, Gym can give your body a better shape. Whereas in Yoga, a person is connected to the power of Nature. With Yoga, your mental and Physical health is trained with ease.

Hypertrophy and Strength training

Hypertrophy training

well, we first have to understand that all of our muscles are comprised of thousands if not millions of small individual little muscle fibers. Bicep muscles, Tricep muscle, Hamstring muscles, Quads muscles, Pecs muscles, Shoulder muscles, Back muscles, and all others the entire muscle itself is made up of all these individual muscle cells well for that bicep or any other muscle to get bigger one of two things has to happen.

Number one: You could increase the diameter or the size of any of those individual cells that’s what we call muscle hypertrophy 

Number two: The only other thing that could make the bicep as a whole bigger would be hyperplasia. I have some very controversial views on that but that would be the addition of individual muscle fibers themselves. So most people are going to tell you that hyperplasia doesn’t happen and it probably doesn’t under normal circumstances.

Hypertrophy and hyperplasia

Here, we’re going to explain at the muscle fiber level, how we’re going from damaging a muscle to muscle protein synthesis and rebuilding a muscle in. so to lay the groundwork our goal is to go from smaller bicep to bigger bicep how are we going to do this well when we look at a cross-section of that many muscles they consist of fascicles and those fascicles with different types of fibers are made up of many individual muscle fibers and many myofibrils are making up this one fiber and there are satellite cells around the fiber .this is going to be a really important thing to remember when we’re thinking about the process of muscle hypertrophy.

So step one Is to go from a fiber to a fiber that has had some micro-trauma and how do we do that with training. So training is going to have some combination of mechanical tension metabolic stress and muscle damage so we can do High rep range training that’s going to have more metabolic stress we can do heavy loaded training, it’s going to have more mechanical tension but either way some combination of these three factors are going to actually lead us to causing micro trauma at the muscle fiber level.

Exercise at home without any Gym equipment

Once we’ve done training and we’ve gone to a muscle fiber that has some micro trauma those myofibrils the actin and the myosin within those myofibrils have had some structural damage what we’re going to need to do next is muscle protein synthesis so once micro trauma has occurred at the myofibrillar level we actually have a hormonal cascade of things like testosterone  and growth hormone that are going to signal that there’s been damage and as well activate satellite cells.

These are the satellite cells that we’re talking about here now this is really important those satellite cells are at the level of DNA so that DNA can actually encode transcribe amino acids which can then become muscle proteins so these satellite cells with the nuclei in there will actually kind of fill in the areas that have had micro trauma and they will become through a process of DNA to amino acids to proteins . They will become the myofibrils and that’s important because that’s the whole principle of making a muscle bigger.


We started with a muscle fiber we did training that involved mechanical tension metabolic stress and muscle damage to then cause micro-traumas in that muscle and then what we did was signaled some hormones and we activated satellite cells to then start to generate new muscle proteins and then that added myofibrils to our muscle fiber —-which then made our muscle fiber bigger which then made our muscle bigger which then made your biceps bigger.

Strength training

Strength training works on the same principle as described above in hypertrophy. The difference is strength training targets fast-twitch muscle fibers because in sports like powerlifting and sprinting we need a quick burst of energy. These muscles have very few blood vessels and mitochondria. In strength training, we use a rep range of 1-5 reps only.

strength training

Yoga and it’s benefits

11 types of yoga

These are different yoga forms made for different Benefits.

So yoga helps you get fit?

The short answer is yes it absolutely will be it fat loss for people who are Overweight obese or people who have just added a few pounds in the recent lockdowns. Underweight people can optimize their weight with hatha yoga practices, Surya Shakti will also get you good results this is especially a good choice if you want drastic results and you want to enhance your fitness flexibility, cardiovascular stamina in the best possible way. But the only condition for fat loss is that you have to eat in a calorie deficit. If you are eating more than your maintenance calories then yoga or exercise nothing can help you in your weight or fat loss journey.

With yogasanas and Surya kriya, you will be able to get results for sure but gradually or at a relatively slower pace and this is not a compromise by any means as yogasanas and Surya kriya are more potent and deeper practices it is just that they are not as physically intense so if you do not want to get into something very physically demanding and you still want to lose weight Surya kriya and yogasana’s will get you there as well.

Now how many weeks or months will I lose X amount of weight, please understand this is dependent upon various factors such as your age your lifestyle your diet your current body composition, and many other things .yoga and gyming for that matter are tools and it is going to be only as effective as the person using it but yes combined with a sensible diet and doing a yoga practice regularly will give you results for sure another important factor people don’t consider in weight loss is the psychological factor and this is why most people fail. Hatha yoga brings a certain sense of psychological balance to you. People see things like emotional eating or just the habit of eating junk food because you’re bored your health starts to fall away. It allows you to become sensitive to the body’s needs and therefore reducing the urge to overeat.

Top 12 yoga poses to burn your belly fat

Now how effective is it as compared to going to the gym this depends upon what are you exactly doing in the gym are you just doing cardio are you lifting weights calisthenics, CrossFit what is your training intensity, duration. I see so many people just sitting on their phones and chatting in the gym that’s not going to help them get anywhere and if you’re not sure about these things whose advice are you taking how qualified is your trainer this may feel overwhelming to some people.

But whether you like it or not these factors are going to decide whether you’re going to be successful in your fitness goals or not and no one can deny how much misinformation there is in the fitness industry having said all of that if you are on a basic five to six days per week weight training program with cardio a few times a week well the major difference is that whenever you’re doing classical hatha yoga you’re getting benefits across the board.

Hatha yoga is a science that is designed from the inside out meaning the inner and the more complex the deeper dimensions are taken into account even if you just take the physical side of it and leave out the rest you will see that yoga is not just focused on building muscles it addresses the health of your internal organs nervous system.

 A lot of importance is given to the health of the joints and ligaments and tendons and about the spine, we do a lot of work on twisting stretching, and strengthening the spine in many different ways be it rehabilitation of an injured spine or improvement of the overall movement and strength of a healthy spine nothing can achieve this better than hatha yoga but also know that you should incorporate yoga with strength training for minimum 3 days a week.

Comparison between Gym and Yoga.

The gym can help you with Weight loss/Weight gain/weight maintenance. The gym is a very good option for muscles and bones strengthening. The chances of you getting Chronic diseases is less and your cardiovascular system is maintained. The gym is good for the heart, Lungs, Brain, and Skin. It gives your body a sharp muscle definition. Exercise is a little hard to do at home because to train every part of your body you need sufficient types of equipment.

Talking about the benefits of yoga. It maintains Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. Yoga is good for Back pain, heart health, body pain, and joint pain. Yoga Relaxes your body Which reduces stress and helps you sleep better. Yoga can also help with your body posture. Yoga decreases your blood sugar level. It also increases blood circulation. Yoga is for Flexibility, Strength, and meditation which relieves stress. Yoga can easily be done at home using a simple yoga mat.

List of Benefits of yoga for a healthy life

To get benefits from the gym you have to be disciplined and give proper time. On average to give at least 1-2 hrs to the gym. The gym can be done in Morning, Evening, or night. whereas the best time to do yoga is in the early morning/evening. 20 minutes is enough for yoga. Yoga can give benefits in 20 minutes. But That does not mean in any sense that Gym has minimal benefits but to get them you need to give time to it.

In the gym, mostly bodyweight and weight lifting are performed which applies force to the muscles to improve and develop them. More intense workouts like Cardio, Cross fit and heavy weightlifting can be done in the gym. Whereas in yoga there is no Weight lifting or intense workout. In The gym, there are Dumbells, barbels, heavy plates, and many Machines are used while there is no need for equipment for yoga .only a yoga mat is used to perform yoga.

Which is better Yoga or Gym?

 Most athletes train a bare minimum of four hours a day but the average person doesn’t want to spend more than 45 minutes per day. In this case, isha hatha yoga should be your number one choice for the sole reason that it gives you a wider range of benefits for a lesser amount of time. Now for the hard nuts like me who are going to ask can I do both, of course, you can do both if you have the time and energy. Plenty of people I know enjoy doing both there are a few simple ways you can do this the first is if you want to do both on the same day you can get done with your workout or run first thing in the morning and then do the hatha yoga kriyas and other meditation practices.

But if you don’t have that much time in the morning do the yoga in the morning and gyming in the evening the other way is to alternate between the two or to have specific days for each through the week and for people on either side of the camps I say don’t pigeonhole yourself into any category people who lift weights don’t want to step on the yoga mat people who do yoga are too holy to step inside the gym I say don’t identify yourself with these tools instead use them together and get the best of your body.

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