How can I improve my programming skills

Programming skills is like a game and if you have patience, interest, practice and a sincere goal to create something new, then I can honestly say that one day you will come out with flying colors. At the beginning or when your buddies saying that “hey I learned this in short amount of time”, don’t get frustrated and please don’t give up your practice at any cost, because programming is fun once you understand it and mark my words you will be addicted to it. There will be a lot factors affecting when you practice code but just don’t be distracted, be honest to yourself and don’t find any short cuts to improve your programming skills. Let’s get started.

How can you improve your programming skills?

First be thankful that you are living in a digital era where you can solve all your problems within a faction of time. Unlike, the people who was living a decade ago, so why can’t we use the abundant resources we have in our internet to learn programing. If you want to learn/practice/execute a programming, there are tons of opportunity available for you. Only thing that matters is your interest towards programming.

An 81-year-old Japanese women “Masako Wakamiya” learnt to code from scratch and build an application named “Hinadan” for seniors using resources online.

Grab a good knowledge in Data structures and algorithm which not only helps you to write better code which also helps you in cracking top tier companies interview.

Try to think out of the box whenever you code and try to implement your ideas in you code.

How to improve programing skills from HackerEarth, HackerRank, CodeChef, CodeForces

Participate in lots and lots of programming competition organized by various sites for all over the month and increase your profile in various coding sites like HackerEarth, HackerRank, CodeChef, CodeForces. All it takes is only one search, please give yourself a couple of days to explore the sources available in the web.

If you can’t solve a problem in the above mentioned sources don’t lose hope and I beg you please practice a lot to overcome the challenge.

“When you are backed against the wall, break the wall down”

The portions you learn in college or school is only a bit of programming, self-study is the only key player in any topic to get good knowledge of the topic and automatically you will feel confident about it.

Try to do a couple of small projects and try to contribute for open-source projects to enhance your skill. I’ll bet you that it would be awesome experience when you do this.

Programming is not about memorizing the syntax and getting the desired output, it’s actually a skill that enables you to solve real life problems and at least learn a new thing every day to stay out of the crowd.

-These are some of the tips to improve your programming skills

Here are some sites to practice coding for beginners:

  2. CodeSchool
  3. Treehouse
  4. HackerRank

How to develop programming skills

improve programing skills after learning data structure

Learn Data Structure and algorithm thorough because they are the ultimate part of computer science. Data structure is like a hand for algorithms to make a certain recipe. Using the combination of Data Structure and algorithm we can improve the performance of the program drastically. You can start learning DSA once you are well worse with any of the programming language (I would recommend Java or Python) then practice as many problems as you could in various online platform daily and start to participate in competitive programming competitions.

These are the highly recommended books for DSA:

  • Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
  • Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen
  • Algorithm in nutshell

These are some of the popular courses in the web:

  • Algorithms part 1 and part 2 in Coursera
  • LeetCode
  • Geeks for Geeks

Sites for practicing problems:

  • HackerRank
  • CodeChef
  • LeetCode
  • CodeForces

Never limit yourself to only one language, learn multiple languages but you should be very thorough in at least any one programming language, because if you learn one language thoroughly then it will be easy to learn other programming language, it won’t take much time to learn like the first one and you will feel comfortable about it.

You should not be confused with the syntax of different languages so you have to practice every day even if is some 20 lines of code to maintain the touch. Understand where each language fits well and where do they use it, it may sound messy but it will be absolutely fun after learning it.

stack overflow and GitHub

After learning programming language start to write your own code and modify it by seeing others code on the web, actually it’s not a crime. There are some sites like GitHub, stack overflow, geeks for geeks to help you whenever you are struck with your code and don’t hesitate to ask even if it is a silly one.

Try to teach whatever you learnt in any of the online platform like YouTube, Quora or you can even start your own blog to explain it to others. You will get familiar and more knowledge on the topics and you can also earn some pocket money by doing this.

Take part in actual projects or start your own project, try to solve the problems which we are facing in our day to day life to increase the productivity of your programming knowledge and you will also learn to think outside the box.

Always have a mentor, it can be your friend/senior/ your teacher. Always open up your problem to your mentor and you won’t regret about it. This case also fits for asking questions in online communities, you are a human being and the one who is going to answer is not a beast he/she is also a human being, so no one is going to eat you up for asking silly questions. If they are being sarcastic then success is the best revenge, so don’t give up at any situation and don’t forget to practice code every day.

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How to improve programming skills in C:

How to improve programing skills in c language

When I was learning C, my friends used to say that C is outdated and it’s not worth learning because it is been used for nearly half a century, well it’s not true at all and I would rather say that they have to grow up.

C language is the base language for most of the advanced computer languages and it still remain popular irrespective of the toughness. If you can learn this language and master, it then it will be very easy to improve programing skills in various language. I wouldn’t recommend you to start with C or to end with C, just learn in the middle. 

Try to learn all the basic concepts in the C language and have a glance in “Let us C” book written by Yashavant Kanetkar – it’s absolutely recommended for all the coders who are in beginner or intermediate level. You can download a free copy in for a PDF version.

Write a lot of programs, especially big ones (not kidding), because C program is very large and complicated when compared to other programming languages and there is a lot of chance to make mistakes, so you learn a lot from your mistakes.

How to improve programing skills

Once you finished your code, try to debug it and try to modify it with other programming concepts  to get the similar output which will help you to increase the productivity of the knowledge you have and it also increases your confidence because no one wants a similar approach to a particular problem.

I would recommend you to take a look at expert’s code and try to understand the way they are thinking. Look at the structure, style and way of approach for solving a particular problem that they follow which will definitely give you an idea.

Make a documentation of all the code you worked so for and try to revise it once in a week so that you will be well worse in your concepts and it also paves a way to stay in touch when you jump for other language.

Practice a lot of problems respective to Data Structures, Algorithm, Maths and Day to day life topics for each and every day without fail and this is one of the most important way to improve your programming skills in C language.

There are lots of books and online courses available for both free and paid version in the web, so you can select your courses based on your comfortably, but whatever happens don’t mess things up by learning from various courses or books which can really drive you crazy and even if you learn a particular programming language like that you can’t improve your programming skills, so always stick to it one at a time.

Best books for reference:

  • Let us C
  • C: The complete reference
  • Head first C

If you want a free soft copy feel free to search for these books in and improve your programming skills for free.

Online courses:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Edx
  • YouTube

Practicing sites for C:

  • LeetCode
  • LintCode
  • CodeForces
  • HackerEarth

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How to improve programming skills in Java:

How to improve programing skills in java

Understand the basics of Java to improve programming skills and practice a lot, just take your time and play with the codes rather than mugging the concepts. One who updates himself survives in the sea of programming, so learn something new every day and join some blog or forum to get the latest updates.

Increase the habit of reading documentation which helps you to create the essential foundation to code in the best way.

A lot of people out there says that Java is one of the most difficult language to master or code, but it’s not true when you implement all your learning into sincere practice by making a target so that you understand the depth of java to improve your programming skill.

We all have different nature so some people like for a hands on session or learning by a book.

Start an online course and make sure the reviews of it and try to learn whenever you are free, don’t wait for the course to get completely finish for starting to practice the problem because as far as I know a lot of people are doing this in a wrong way as mentioned above and I would recommend you to code along with your tutor parallelly to gain focus.

You should also be very good in Data Structures, so if you are comfortable with Java you can start learning it by spending some quality amount of time.

Do a lot of small projects, if you are out of concept just search for the ideas in web and start to code, actually there are tons of ideas available. You will surely get all the collective experience like debugging, finding solutions if you are struck, structure of the code and understand the nature of that programming language.

Always share what you have learned with others, teaching is the best way to learn. You can teach your friends or you can start YouTube channel. I would strongly recommend to do this if you have ample amount of time to spend doing this.

Start freelancing in your free time so that you can earn both money and knowledge, as the need for programming freelancers increases day by day, you have lot of chances of getting succeeded if you try.

These are some of the ways to improve your programming skills in java.

How to start coding in Java?


Improving your programming skill is not a big problem, the real problem is how you tackle your projects by writing your code effectively. Anyone who knows programming can write code but everyone can’t find a solution for the given problem. You have to practice a lot to code effectively.

For each and every minute you spend to learn the concepts, spend 5x times in practicing the code. Always learn, practice, relearn and practice again to improve your programming skills.

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