Top 10 Future Technology Trends

In today’s world technology is growing very fast and we get new technology everyday, we can say that we have come a long way in the arena of technology. Vast majority of different fields are growing in futuristic technology but for the time being the top 10 future technologies are the one where human made intelligence eg: AI and other computer technologies are marking territory viz: Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Robotic process Automation, Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality,  Blockchain, Internet of Things, 5g and Cyber security.

In this article, I will tell you about all the above mentioned technologies in brief so that we all can know how important these technologies are in today’s time.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Future Technology A.i

So, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is used together here as a branch of computer science even though machine learning is basically an important subset of artificial Intelligence. Basically what AI is doing is that it is trying to mimic human intelligence and knowledge processing capability.

Probably it is the main reason some people consider it as a threat for human civilization at some points, they think if a mere artificial man made computer can mimic human intelligence then it can surely invade the world sooner or later. Hope this nightmare will not be true even if AI becomes super intelligent. I hope it will not reach the human consciousness to be a threat.

On the other hand, machine learning is a part of AI responsible for the computer algorithm improving it by itself through data and experience. AI works on interesting data and algorithms for the software to learn from patterns and gain a sort of cognition. Mimicking human behavior in a cognitive and functional level is definitely revolutionary and a little bit threatening but this self-sufficient field of computer Science has its perks and it is definitely a prominent technology of the future in many fields as we can see the evidence now in top companies and organizations. Specialists say that it has the potential to solve various crises such as climate change and natural calamities.

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What is Artificial Intelligence

Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

Now, Robotic Process Automation or RPA is basically the chatbot we can see in some e-commerce websites or any service providing business websites, interestingly it is not an actual human who is answering but a software tool that can automate human task by replicating actual human action in one or more software like data entry or responding. It is actually a major breakthrough in the globalizing business world even though it is cutting down a lot of actual human interaction, there is no monotonous job or robotic process automation and the accuracy and efficiency is reliable .

Yet it comes with a lot of complexity of technicality and high maintenance. This technology will be a major help in the future in repetitive jobs such as entering, formatting and other jobs with long steps. But I would say, shining into the matter of employment it will be challenging for people who can live on the money with jobs like this.

Edge Computing

Let’s talk about the third technology which is edge computing. According to me it is nothing to worry for the human beings, actually it is a great turning point in the whole processing of remote data in an accurate way. It is a method where instead of using a central computation system it helps to compute the data near the place where the information is gathered that explains the term edge. It is most certainly a great way to resolve the data latency in many businesses and work environments, especially with a whole bunch of data to be processed.

Here only some information is sent from the internet of things, most of the data is processed in the network itself meanwhile resolving latency issues. Latency is basically the time needed for the data packets to go from source to destination, in the growing world of business and in any organization the reduction of latency is very much needed given the huge amount of sensitive and important data.

Quantum Computing

Now let’s talk about quantum computing technology. Quantum theories as we know are now one century old and still it cannot stop surprising us with its counterintuitive interpretation, assumptions and theories. Before coming into the term of quantum computing we have to know what is Quantum Physics or simply quantum theories. Quantum theories are the theories emerging from observing the universe on a basic microscopic level.

So, putting in simple terms quantum computing is that emerging field of computer application which is using quantum theories in the computer field to resolve certain problems.

It is a major future technology that has the ability to solve many problems we face as humans. For example as it uses qubits it can solve any security encryptions which is impossible for even the largest supercomputers. As I can see this, after being acquainted with the strange and mysterious quantum mechanics the improvements of technology like this will certainly make a huge impact on the whole realm of the future.

Virtual Reality

Future Virtual reality

Virtual reality is already a very popular and used technology. Without being present in the real time virtual reality provides a way to carry the real life experiences in three dimensional way with electronic equipment. We can see many industries and organizations using virtual realities, for example the military uses it for real life simulations, gaming industry is using it in a vast amount, fashion industry, medical training and even education.

Virtual reality as we can see has a major futuristic approach through making its use in these fields. Even though VR can bring reality closer to us, many health issues like vertigo, nausea even seizures have been reported with the use of VR. So, in the pursuit of making a reality virtually we should deprive ourselves from the “real” reality.

Augmented Reality 

Future Technology augmented reality

Augmented Reality on the other hand is a computer technology just like VR which can enhance some components in the user’s devices using audio and video stimuli. AR increases engagement and interaction of the user hence being very beneficial for several companies. For instance ikea uses it for helping their customers to decide where they should place the furniture. It has a major use in medical training such as MRI and surgeries. AR is definitely a great future technology showing traits even now.


Blockchain is surely a great way for data security resolution. It is basically a system which stores information in such a way that is difficult to be decrypted or hacked. Blockchain has a major role in transactions, compiling data on sales etc. It is very popular in the field of cryptocurrency. It is a great trustbuilder in the business community.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is the network of objects with sensors, software etc which is used to transmit information to other destinations over the internet. From trivial household objects like cctv to other objects having vast information to share on an industrial level are examples of the internet of things. Having a network of objects is really a smart technology and has a future prospect.


Coming to a name we are hearing nowadays a lot i.e: 5G. 5G is the successor of 4G network in telecommunication. This fifth generation not only has greater broadband but also has a huge processing power. But nowadays a lot of controversy is going on regarding the health problems with the exposure of the 5G network. It can cause adverse effects on the nervous system and cardiovascular health. It is still a shade of grey but it is obviously a fast and better technology, even though it should not be far spread in the future if it is harmful for the health and overall planet as many people claim.

Cyber security

Last but not the least, cyber security is an important technology in the era of growing internet and computer applications. Cyber security ensures security of computers and networks from any sorts of threats like data theft, hardware or software damage. It has been a burning topic in the world regarding the security of data in some social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With the growing periphery of cyber security we are approaching all issues on the internet providing rich and secure services.

It was all about 10 future technology trends. The top future technologies are certainly promoting the superintelligence of humans and their techniques to grow. We should use these technologies as we are supposed to for the betterment of the whole planet and human civilization. This article must have proved useful for you guys. 

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