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The field of Commerce has seen a surgent boom in the past few years. Number of students who are opting for Commerce studies has constantly increased in the period of last 5 years. It is likely that the Age of Engineering is now coming towards its end and Commerce studies is waiting to replace it as the most sought-out courses in School. We hope this article will be of immense help to students from the commerce stream. Let’s find out some of the best courses after 12th commerce!

What is Commerce stream?

It is a study of the exchange of goods, services, between businesses or entities. Students interested in businesses delve deep into the Commerce studies without any doubt. But it is also a popular choice among the students who are not interested in continuing Science.

It acts as a common ground for the non-science students. This wide variety of students into the commerce field are opened up to a several diverse courses after their school graduation. There are a lot of courses after 12th commerce which will be explained below.

Some students would be interested in traditional commerce courses, while other students would tend to explore more in arts and languages. Commerce is a course which is pursued seriously by a lot of students. Since the field is very much industry-centric and career-oriented, Commerce studies is apt for building a professional life. The field assures a good job for the right candidates and this inspires numerous students to build their professional lives.

A commerce student who has graduated from school is allowed to pursue their degree from diverse fields. But, the most appropriate courses for students from commerce background and for those who have interest in the same are traditional commerce courses in college. While others can pursue language, arts or any creative course as per their wish. Apart from the traditional courses of Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, there are other courses which can be pursued to secure degrees. So, what are the best courses after 12th commerce? Read on to know more.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Commerce students graduating from their schools would naturally aspire to do their undergrad in the same field too. Bachelor of Commerce is the appropriate courses for all the Commerce enthusiasts out there. This is one of the most popular courses across the country and is also easily available at the colleges in the rural districts too. So, Bachelor of Commerce is one of the prominent and best courses after 12th commerce.

Bachelor of Commerce course allows the students to find their passions for businesses and the matters of money. An ideal Bachelor of Commerce course would empower the student in understanding of the finance and accounting. Some of the important things from a Bachelor of Commerce course are as follows:

  • Auditing
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Company Laws
  • Income Tax
  • Mathematics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Insurance
  • Business Communications
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Statistics
  • Management Accounting
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary

These are few important fields in the study of commerce.  A course in this field would educate and prepare you to engage in these and specialise in them. Within the fold of Bachelor of Commerce, there are so many opportunities and several interests. Also due to its increased availability of the course at both government and private colleges, it is easier to enrol in this course in any costs.

Best courses in commerce stream

So, any student who takes up a bachelor of Commerce degree should be prepared to specialize in any one of the studies above. A student who is good at communications can take up business marketing and communications, though they are not necessarily well versed in mathematics or accounting. So, students do take up this Bachelor of Commerce course to maximise their potential and learn a lot about finance in general.

Following are the top colleges in India to pursue a B.Com degree:

  • Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
  • Hindu College, Delhi
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Loyola College, Chennai
Top college for

The Bachelor of Commerce course grants the students with a wide array of opportunities post their graduation. The students can pursue higher studies with a Master of Commerce ( or take up a common Masters in Business Administration (MBA) too. Students can also enter into job industry and expect to join the private companies if the selection processes are cleared. In the age of Start-ups, it is of no doubt that graduates of will be necessary in working of these new companies.

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is also helpful for the aspirants of government jobs. The degree is fairly easier and consumes less time compared to Engineering and Science degrees. So, the students who would aspire for government jobs or to become civil servants can give a shot at this course.

The Bachelor of Commerce course spares the students’ study time and also supports the government exams by providing a basic understanding of Economics and Laws. The aspirants can always rely on their degree to provide for a decent future in case the government exams do not work out.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A) is another appropriate course for the students from Commerce background. There has been a recent trend of students moving towards Bachelor of Business Administration from other studies. This is again a popular choice and a recent trend among the students of Commerce. Bachelor of Business Administration is also one of the best courses after 12th commerce.

This shift towards Bachelor of Business Administration can be attributed to the increasing number of Start-ups, growing interests in Entrepreneurship among the students of this country. A large number of start-ups in the past few years, like Flipkart, Zomato, Paytm and Oyo, has kindled the hopes of the young minds to come up with new ideas and innovations. The Bachelor of Business Administration programme serves these interests very well. Some of the important areas covered under the Bachelor of Business Administration course are

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business Communication
  • Business Environment
  • Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Market Analyses
  • Stock Broking

A graduate with a B.B.A degree is expected to be efficient and skilful in any of the above-mentioned areas. The degree provides the student with expertise in management and business administration. Students can specialize in these areas and develop their skillset. The degree empowers the students in theoretical and practical knowledge of business operations. It also familiarises the students with the laws, ethics and methodologies of businesses. This course is most suitable for students who are interested in working at the managerial positions or occupations at private companies, students who would want to continue their family businesses and for budding entrepreneurs. It helps them to expand their critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.

Most importantly, students pursue the Bachelor of Business Administration course in their undergrad in order to complete a Master of Business Administration programme. This Bachelor of Business Administration course would serve as a proper step towards the MBA degree. This makes it one of the best courses after 12th commerce for students. It educates the students regarding the basic aspects of business clearly, even for students from non-commerce backgrounds.

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree would result in wide scope for future endeavours. A graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree can always enter the job market and possibly be hired by a private company. B.B.A degrees are well valued in cities like Bangalore where several start-ups are in need of fresh minds with the understanding of businesses.

A lot of private companies are hiring freshers with a decent pay too. The degree also opens up the potential of another M.B.A degree. An M.B.A degree from a reputed institute is very much valued in India and around the world, along with a handsome salary.

Such a useful and important degree is almost provided by colleges across India. Colleges which provide a B.Com course also provides a B.B.A course too in a lot of instances. The need for this course is spread all over the country and is almost essential in lot of colleges or universities.

Following are the top colleges in India to pursue a BBA degree:

  • Symbiosis, Pune
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Delhi University
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai

These are some of the premier institutions where one can pursue a B.B.A degree. The degrees obtained can be used to look for jobs or for higher studies. Bachelor of Business Administration degree can always be helpful in propelling the family businesses, as it enhances our ideas and helps one to set goals to improve one’s company. B.B.A degree can serve as an ideal backup too, for those who are aspiring for government jobs. One can freely pursue their work towards attaining government jobs while having this B.B.A degree. The degree also comes handy in enhancing one’s communication during interviews. This is one of the best courses after 12th commerce.


Bachelor of Economics programme is one of the best courses after 12th commerce. Students from commerce background and with interest on economics would find this B.A Economics programme very much interesting. Bachelor of Economics course is one of the few degrees which has always maintained its charm and relevance even in today’s world. As Economics is an inevitable part of human’s daily lives, it is impossible for this programme to lose its relevance ever.

This Bachelor of Economics programme familiarises the students with the concepts related to economics, finance and provides the students with clear understanding of the methodologies used in the study of economics. For the students with interests in these concepts, the degree will be a worthy learning experience. They will be clear regarding several principles and factors which influence the economy. Some of the prominent areas in this degree are

  • Principles of Economics
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Industrial Economics

These are the few areas where students can improve their expertise in. Economics also can be studied with relations to the history of economics and with political economy. This programme empowers the graduates with various job offers from private and government sectors.

Law Courses:

Law courses for commerce students

Apart from B.Com’s and BBA’s students can also opt for law related courses such as B.A LLB and BBA LLB. Law being a go-to course in India can be pursued after a student gives up their Common Law Admission Test or CLAT exam. Law courses are some of the best courses after 12th commerce.

Bachelor of Legislative Law or LLB is a three-year under graduation course. Students aspiring to become a lawyer can opt for pursuing a LLB degree from a recognized law institute in the country. LLB is a foundational course wherein it enables a student to study about the various laws of the country, legal procedures and practice as a lawyer. LLB has two options where one can pursue a three-year degree which comes with an eligibility criterion of graduation and the next is an integrated course for five years. After the completion of Under graduation in LLB, one can go for LL.M or Master of Laws.

B.A. LL.B.

B.A. LLB or Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Legislative Law is an integrated law course that can be pursued right after graduation. Students aspiring to pursue BA.LLB should have the minimum percentage in their 12th grade and CLAT cut-off as suggested by their choice of college.


Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law is a five-year integrated program that enables a student to familiarize with Business management and law. Students after their schooling can pursue this degree after meeting the necessary cut-offs and percentages. These are some of the best courses after 12th commerce.

Following are the top colleges in India to pursue Law course:

1.         NLSIU Bangalore – National Law School of India University

2.         NLU Delhi – National Law University

3.         SLS Pune – Symbiosis Law School

4.         TNDALU – Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University

5.         Christ Law School, Bangalore

Apart from the forementioned law schools, there are several Law schools in India. Students can also pursue a Law degree from outside India. LLB provides students with ample opportunities in both public and private sector. In the current trend, the need for lawyers has increased and recruitments are available in corporates, media, information technology, taxation and law agency and so on. A candidate with a masters or PHD is valued more in these fields. Some of the popular Law related jobs are:

1.         Lawyer

2.         Legal advisor

3.         Teacher/ Professor

4.         Advocate

5.         Legal Associate

6.         Corporate Lawyer

7.         Litigator

8.         Solicitor

These are some of the best courses after 12th commerce for the students from commerce background. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests. This article has hopefully cleared your doubts regarding the courses after 12th commerce.

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