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In today’s era education is of prime importance. No matter what the qualification of the parents, they want their child to achieve greater heights and success, to achieve this milestone they provide each and everything possible to help them gain more knowledge.

Many of them choose science after 10th either due to their own choice or by taking suggestions from parents, relatives and well-wishers. After 12th Science has a variety of different streams to offer such as B.E/B.Tech, B.Sc. and many more…

Now-a-days many of the students start their preparation for IIT-JEE Advanced in their 11th grade onwards.

IIT after 12th Science in India

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Once someone gets into IIT you compete with students of the same caliber and it gives a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to improve and grow continuously. Only a very few percentages of students make it into IIT by a lot of hard work and burning the midnight oil.

IIT is recognized not only in India but all over the world. Students who get a seat into one of the IIT’s sometimes make sacrifices of going away from their home into hostels where everyone strives to achieve the same goal. But this sacrifice, if combined with your hard work, always pays off.

In IIT’s other than academics there are a variety of different programs running throughout which can help to achieve and figure out their career path after graduation.

Some of the skills include:

Skills learned at IIT colleges

The students can also join different fests, clubs and societies which help grow their overall personality.

Talking about placements, IIT’s have big companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and many more visiting the campus for hiring students. So, you get a global opportunity to get placed into your dream company at your own campus.

They say IIT is famous not because of its campus and infrastructure but due its students and definitely students contribute a lot in the development of IIT not only while they are in undergrad but also after becoming the Alumni.

So, the best course after 12th Science in India from all the other options available is IIT looking at all the statistics not only within the country but also globally.

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