Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs For Every Stream

Currently, the world is going through a contagious pandemic, wherein, people are disturbed about the future. Education and career, everything is going through the new normal. Most of the companies are providing their employees with a safer option that is to WTF(work from home). The most affected people at work are the freshers. Every career is equally good and important for the business world. It is the need of the hour and the grade of the job that decides the salary. They are not aware of their career options and are from different streams. Here we have concluded the whole workforce into 4 streams according to your academics after the basic 10th classes. 

  • Arts stream
  • Commerce stream
  • Science stream
  • IT stream


Highest Paying Jobs For arts stream

Arts is one of the common options after 10th grade. There is a common misconception that this stream has not many sub-stream or career options ahead. For those who show them that this is one of the highest paying career options. Yeah, you heard it right!  Top 5 highest paying jobs that help you work from home in arts stream,

Fashion designer:-

This is an elegant career for those who are interested, this career can pay you generously as you expertise in the field. You have to get a degree in fashion designing or equivalents to be though. Your creative thinking and designing helps you expertise here. A good pay range includes Rs 43k – Rs 1.38 lakh per month as experienced. And as a starter, you may get around 8k to 65k per month.

Interior designer:-

Do you love designing houses and fixing the interior? Then this is your job. Interior designing requires a deep understanding of colors, areas, designs, and so on. This remarkably is one of the highest-paying jobs. You can make 2 lakhs per annum to 12.30 lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing:-

This is exactly a WFH job that helps you exactly work happily and showcase your art creativity using technology. This is an in-demand job perfect for the current scenario.  An average pay scale can be 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum, which may be higher as you expertise. 

Art director:-

Can you criticize arts works and bring out the best ideas to modify or create according to your creative directors? Then here it is, your ideal job. You need high knowledge in your art and ability to please people. An average art director makes about 8 lakhs to 19.20 lakhs per annum as he experiences.


This may not sound surprising. As you learn you must be interested in teaching someone else what you learned. This is a great opportunity where you and your student can perform. This is wholesome too. You can charge for what you teach literally according to your popularity. You can use modern technology and tutor from your own home.



Highest Paying Jobs For Commerce Stream

Commerce is one of those common streams that satisfy both the students and the people around. Commerce is one such stream which has immense opportunities and career options. Finding the top five is the hardest thing to do. Let’s jump into the options. Here are the top 5 highest paying jobs that help you work from home in the commerce stream.

Product manager:-

A Product Manager is responsible for planning and implementing the designs as per the preferences of the customer and giving them the best. A product manager should be there till the end of the product. On an average a Product Manager gets around Rs 16 lakh to 30 lakh per year. Looks really promising!

Chartered accountant:-

It is usually difficult to get a chartered accountant but it is the best opportunity for a commerce person. Here you will have a common test consisting of three levels. Salary or earning may be around 6 lakhs per annum initially, but as experience may go up to 40 lakhs.

Account manager:-

There is no doubt that accounting is a promising career as it lasts forever. This is the math of day to day activities on finance. An average account manager can earn around 6 lakh to 20 lakh per year.

Analysis manager:-

You can do hiring jobs, build teams, and lead them throughout the project, and get the best ideas. The main job is to analyze and evaluate your team and team members to give the best employee to the company. You can earn around 6 to 15 lakhs per year.

Senior Project Manager:-

It is a high paying job and it also requires high experience and knowledge. Leading a highly talented team is what you have to do. Salary looks pleasing between 12 to 27 lakhs per annum.

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Commonly science is the highest paying stream and quite an expensive stream too. Wide opportunities are an attraction here. There are a lot and almost all jobs here are good-paying ones. Let’s know the top 5 highest paying jobs that help you work from home in the science stream.

Forensic investigator:-

Thriller and quite an adventurous job where you help in investigation scientifically. About fingerprints, DNA, and so on.  A forensic investigator gets around Rs 7 lakh to 10 lakh per year.


Highest Paying Jobs For Science Stream

No doubt a doctor is saving a life and they should be given the highest gratitude too. After MBBS and any specializations, you can either practice in government hospitals or private hospitals or even start a clinic on your own. Doctors earn a lot. Doctors are responsible for all sides of the care of a patient. They diagnose, educate, and treat patients to ensure that they have the best possible care. A few of the main duties of a doctor are performing diagnostic tests, recommending specialists for patients, documenting patient’s medical history, and educating patients.


This is quite a magical area where you have to treat, diagnose the mental illness or give counseling to your patients. This lockdown has created great opportunities for psychologists as the isolation, stress, and future pressures are preying down on the mental health of people. This could also be a great Work from home option too. The average psychologist gets around 3 lakhs per year.

Medical director:-

It is a higher position where the person is responsible for the hospital and work. A medical director is responsible for monitoring and improving the level of care provided over time and helping to reduce a healthcare facility’s operating costs. Successful medical directors also have a valid license to practice medicine. This position requires high managerial experience and yes, pays well. Average salary is around 43 lakhs per annum.


Highest Paying Jobs For Science Stream

How can I never keep this on the list? This is a wide option with many sub careers here. Engineer as the term means” Engineers work in a variety of fields to analyze, develop and evaluate large-scale, complex systems. This can mean improving and maintaining current systems or creating brand new projects. Engineers will design and draft blueprints, visit systems in the field and manage projects. There are different fields within this common head hence an average salary Is incomputable.


Highest Paying Jobs For IT Stream

The IT sector is rapidly developing in this world. Anything you learn here is going to pay you well. Information technology refers to anything related to computers, hardware, software, applications, internet, this and that we would do in this job. You may be of any stream but there are some basics you need to know in IT for your career. From fashion to accounts and IT knowledge is becoming a must these days. As the world moves forward the technology is jumping leaps ahead. Let’s discuss the top-paying jobs here: top 5 highest paying jobs that help you work from home in the IT stream.

Technologies that are in demand in IT

Software architect:-

A software architect is a software specialist who is concerned with software design and development of high level software applications. They act as the experienced decision makers behind software design and technical coding and all. An average software architect gets around 22 lakhs annually.

Back-end developer:-

Sounds interesting, as the name suggests back-end developers work on things behind our eyes. They work on servers, databases and applications. Maintain technology and machine languages like Java, PHP. A backend developer can get up to 18 lakhs per year and the price varies according to your experience.

Data scientist:-

A data scientist uses algorithms and designs experiments to create a data report that brings out appropriate solutions and helps in decision making. The national average for data scientists is one million per year.

Full-stack developer:-

A full-stack developer designs user-friendly interactions on websites. One needs proficiency in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and web architectural skills. They develop both client and server software. The average salary of these developers is up to 14 lakh per year.

Web content writers:-

Web content writers are provided to write useful content for web pages accordingly. Content writers can be freelance and hired. Hence the salary or average is incompatible. Content writers are in demand as the lockdown prevails. 

There are immense career opportunities that do not demand any specific degree or qualifications, but also pay high salaries. Mostly, government jobs and the banking sector do not demand specific qualifications and hire on the basis of talent and common competitive exams. These jobs seem to be more secure and are generally 9 to 5 jobs. Whatever be the salary or any other basis, every job has its own value.

All the jobs listed above are based on an average scale, with different pay ranges in every sector. Many companies fix salaries according to their profits and market rates. So the same job may have a very high salary in one company and a very low salary in another. Don’t fantasize about the zodiac, do what you can and do what you love. It will automatically bring you the best. There are many other jobs like banking, government jobs and many other private jobs which pay you highly.

Freelancing would be a great option but it depends on your sole responsibility and talent. Acting and related careers are also good options which help you in the present scenario. No one knows when this situation is going to end, so choose your job wisely and prove to be the smartest.

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