How to improve mental health?

 Do you find yourself getting irritable for almost no reason? Or suddenly feeling down without knowing why? go from sadness to anger within minutes? find yourself riding the emotional roller coaster ride very often? Did you overthink? Is your mind need mental peace? 
So here’s the answer to all the questions listed above. 

Mental Health

What is mental health? 

Today’s generation goes through mental trauma, mood swings, depression, anxiety. some the other reason. It is causing stress to young minds. many from each generation which leads to mental health issues. It may be due to  

Due to your exams. 

Your relationship not working well. 

Maybe you’re overthinking about certain things. 

Thinking about how to become financially independent. 

Searching for the job and not getting it. 

Due to parent’s wellness or anyone. Etc. 

It is not only you who go through all such things. They might be anyone among your friends, your siblings or your parents, or anyone around you.   

To be healthy not only physically but mentally too is very essential. Good mental health is an internal part of, living. Our mental condition plays a very vital role in our efficiency to deal with our day-to-day living. and with our realization of our dreams. Our good mental health and physical fitness boost by Our confidence and self-esteem. One can live a healthy life if his/her mental health is good otherwise you can be “fit and healthy but not happy”. Good mental health helps a person to, deal with life-challenging situations. There are many situations where a person feels hopeless and take too much stress. which leads to mental health issues. Some people don’t even pour their hearts out in front of anyone. and due to this, they overthink which disturbs their mental health. Mental illness is the reason why a person suffers from depression anxiety and stress. Overthinks leads to stress-causing some effect on their mental health. 

We can clearly see how corvid-19 is affecting the person, family, and friends mentally. When you see your loved ones in ICU you’ll feel the pain and disturbed, it will affect your mental health. Due to corona, many people have lost their loved ones and now they’re suffering mentally. Can a physically fit person can be mentally fit?  
No, a person can be physically fit but mentally not.  
Here are some boosting tips which will help you to improve your mental health. 

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Tips to improve mental health: 

1. Start your day well:-

Your mental health needs to spend your day with peace, calmness, and stress-free. Begin your day with yoga or meditation it keeps your mind at ease. Will help you to focus on your task and will make you a better version of yourself. It is important to be a well-planned person in this era. As physical health plays a significant role in one’s life. mental health too has many important roles in your day-to-day life. To be an effective person, happy, and stress-free you need to plan out your day well. The first 30 minutes of every morning is very precious and peaceful. the early morning surrounding is so so magical that they will surely heal your mind and soul.

  • Stop using mobile as you wake up.
  • Stop thinking about negative things.
  • Start meditating as you wake up.
  • Be grateful to God for your new day.
  • Plan your day well and be positive.

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2. Take and enjoy a weekly Holiday:-

Organizing little things that make your heart and soul happy to do is the step towards the improvement of your mental state. A weekly holiday doesn’t mean a full day it simply means taking out some precious hours for yourself.

  • Some will heal their mind and soul while painting or writing their heart and mind out.
  • Some will enjoy walking around nature.
  • Some will enjoy spending time with family or friends.
  • Some enjoy watching movies.
  • Many will go for gardening.
  • Some will open their favorite books.
  • And some will take out the time for their hobbies.

Take out some time for these little things, so that your mind will rest as you’ll. 

3. Honor your past:-

Almost every one of us just thinks about our past late at night while staring at either the walls or fan. This is common in today’s generation. 

So, beautiful young minds stop staring at walls and stop overthinking about your past. this will result in mental disturbance. So, stop thinking about all those things that you wish never happened to you. which is blocking all the things you want to happen in your future. It obviously makes no sense when you sit, think, and regret about your past rather than learn from your past and enrich and enlighten your future.   

4. Get up early:-

Stress itself is not a bad thing. It often helps us to push our limits and perform our best. Getting up early and planning everything according to your goal is the step towards the achievement of your aim. Getting up early is the gift you give to yourself. The few first hours of the morning are so calm,  full of positivity, and a deep sense of peace fills the air.

Get up with the sun, it will surely provide you one full hour to relax. and relieve all the tension, stress and heal your mind and cure your mental health. You can not only improve your mental health but also your lifestyle. If your morning is spent wisely organized your day will be lovely. There is a lot of stress, tension, and anxiety go through but getting up with the sun will make you feel relaxed.  

5. Eat healthy:-

Due to our imbalanced diet, we suffer from some health issues when we eat a lot of junk food regularly. A balanced diet also plays an important role to keep you healthy and fit. not only physically but also mentally. Eating healthy has a lot of benefits. It will make you feel energetic, will boost your stamina, and will overcome your laziness.

  • Maintaining a balanced diet will keep you mentally and physically fit. 
  • Don’t skip your healthy meals. 
  • Eat healthily and feel happy 
  • Don’t consume a lot of junk and street foods. 

6. Talk to yourself:-

Sometimes a lot of thought, ideas runs in our mind and we just want to share with someone to feel less burdened. But when we don’t have that one person in our life to pour our heart and mind then the best way to relieve tension, stress is to talk to ourselves.  You won’t get judged, misunderstood, and unwanted it is as simple as that you just need yourself. Love yourself with whole your heart. Never feel like you are not worthy of anything. Just talk to yourself. Ask yourself where you’re lacking

Take out some valuable moments for yourself. Talking to yourself will make you understand many things which you were not allowing yourself to listen to or to do

7. Read books:-

Reading books is the most effective way to keep someone effective and efficient, it will make you a well-organized person. Read some self-help books by great authors like Robin Sharma, Jay Shetty, Paul Coelho, etc. Some inspiring books by A.p. J Abdul Kalam, Khaled Hossein, etc.

A good book will change the way to think, the way you. and will reshape your character &personality or transform your friendship, relationship, and bonds. Reading books will make your mind joyful and you feel positive and full of peace.  

  • It may be your garden  
  • Your terrace  
  • Your beautiful balcony.  
  • Library or park.  

Start noting down your favorite quotes or lines from the book you’re reading and reread when random thoughts run to your mind.   
Reading will improve your mental stability and will help you to become a better person

8. Connect with nature:

Spending time in natural surroundings will connect you to a peaceful environment. It will make you feel so magical that the positive vibes around you will heal you from within, your soul will become calm and relaxed. Sitting in the park and feeling nature will fill you with peace and quietness. Your tension will become less, your stress will decrease.

Spend time enjoying nature, listen to the sounds of winds, trees, and chattering of birds, take your shoes off and feel the green grass under your feet. Even doctors suggest toat least give 30 minutes each day to nature to be physically and mentally fit.  

9. Self-love – happiness will keep you mentally fit:- 

Search hard to find what makes you happy and pursue it before it’s too late. Once the source of your happiness is crystal clear to you, you’ll definitely find happiness in vile situations as well. Happiness is a powerful source of staying positive and mentally fit. Give yourself at least the time you need for yourself. You deserve your valuable time. Be with those who love every day you, cheers you, and yes be with those who are positive enough so, that you will not suffer from any mental illness. And they can make you positive as well. Start working on loving yourself today and every day. There is much in the world to be grateful for friends. and like you have your family,  good friends. Start looking happiness in small things. Whenever you feel down, sad or just remind yourself of all the good things you have in your life. Find something that sets your soul on fire and what makes you happy. Love yourself with every breath and every heartbeat st love yourself.  

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