How to quit smoking? Smoking- Making a way to Grave 

The Habit of inhaling the smoke of the Tobacco at the end of a cigarette or Cigar or Pipe may cause harmful health issues. To know more about smoking, Read the following article. 

Smoking is injurious to health

Effect of Smoking  

Smoking is really bad for health.  It causes death among one in 5 persons in the USA. Smoking damages the body organs which further causes death, and also it may lead to cancer and tissue damages. 

Some of them are: 

  • Oral cancer 
  • Lung cancer 
  • Blood clot 
  • Heart diseases like Stroke, angina, Atherosclerosis 
  • Eye problems 
  • Miscarriages 
  • Birth defects etc.  

Background about Smoking: 

During the period of 1950s, Health experts faced a lot of lung cancer patients. Due to this condition, they concluded after lots of research that Smoking is the major reason for Lung cancer. They start in the form of Lung cancer and cause chronic diseases. 

Smoking Is Injurious To Health: 

Smoking is a really bad thing. The starting stage of smoking becomes addicted and also affects others through the Second Hand known as Second Hand Smokers. 

It is the inspiration or inhaling the smoke that other persons smoke in and around their surroundings. So if a man who has a family is smoking, it may also affect the Family members. They are also prone to Cancers, cough, etc. 

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Quit Smoking effects 

Quitting smoke is the preventable cause of Death. If you are a school or college student it is really difficult to quit smoking. Additionally, if you are a use a pack of cigarettes to smoke, it is a great one to quit 

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Types of effects: 

It is not easy to quit once getting addicted. It may cause Short term effects and also for some people it may cause Long term effects. 

Short-term effects are Weight gain, anxiety, Nervousness, Tremor, irritability.  

Long-term effects are Cough, sore throat, headache, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, shiver, thoughts about smoking, etc. 

 How to quit smoking? 

Nicotine in cigarettes makes smokers addicted to smoking.  

Quitting should be initiated by the individual. It should not be a compelled decision as it only increases the number of cigarettes used for smoking. 

As I said, quitting is not easy. You may face a lot of challenges while quitting. So users must be physically and mentally strong. Your only motto is “I Need to Quit Smoking” 

 1. Personal assessment 

  • Just think what initiated you to smoke, why and in which type of situation you touched or started your first smoke.  
  • How many cigarettes or packs you used for smoking? 
  • Time period or interval between one smoke to the other. 
  • Do you smoke in public places? 
  • With whom you smoke regularly? 
  • In which places do you smoke? 

These are some self-assessment points that make you realize how you are doing and further what to do. 

 2. Smoking triggers 

Notice and avoid or control when Persons, Particular situations, Uncontrollable feelings, activities trigger you for smoking. 

3.  Maintain record

  • Smoking cannot be quitted in initial stage. By reducing the amount of cigarettes day by day it can be controlled.  
  • So maintain a record like how many cigarettes do you use? in which time you are smoking?, how many cigarettes did you reduced?  Check it after a week and check whether the consumption is reduced or not. 

4. Relaxations  

Do regular exercise, eat an alternative while you feel to smoke, eat chocolates, nuts, and fruits whenever you get the memories of smoking. 

5. Avoid alcohol

Many people smoke while they drinking, so if you are an alcoholic, try to drink juices or some non-alcoholic drinks that may not trigger or induce smoking. 

6. Avoid or prevent the smokers 

If your friends, colleagues, relatives, by-passers, and relatives are smokers then avoid their presence for few months until you quit and after quitting, because smoking can relapse when you meet these types of persons. It may trigger your feelings and makes your hard works to quit smoking waste.  

7. After a meal 

Some people may smoke after having their food that can be breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. So after any dessert or sweet to control your feelings.   

8. Make enough Distractions

While smoking craves you, just start doing your hobbies like reading books, watching TV, Playing with kids, Have a shower, do gardening, play games, become a chef, and call your friends.  

9. Counseling 

  • Visit advisors, psychiatrist, Clinical pharmacist or doctors and explain your problems about smoking.  
  • They will suggest you some cure, prescribe you with temporary medications, suggesting some aerobic and anaerobic exercises etc. 

10. Busy yourself 

Make your mind busy while you’re having cigarettes craving. Work hard and build yourself. 

11. Don’t light Cigarettes 

If you touch a lighter or Matchbox, light the incense or candle or crackers, not the cigarettes.  

12. Water a remedy 

Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. These reduce the circulation of toxins in blood by eliminating them. 

Effect of smoking on Lungs 

  • Smoking causes various lung diseases. While smoking, the particles in the smoke are larger than they can penetrate the lungs.  
  • Due to this, the particle in the smoke travels through the airway and then through the air sac that damages the sac. This literally damages the lung tissues and finally the lungs.  
  • Some of the lung diseases are COPD, Asthma, etc.. 
  • In severe condition smoking causes lung cancer eventually death.  

Effect of smoking on Health 

Women who smoke regularly can die in lung diseases like COPD, asthma than men. Some of the ill effects are Cancer, Stroke, COPD, Heart diseases, Lung cancer, Oral cancer, Diabetes, Risk of Tuberculosis, weakens the immune system, early eye problems, etc. 

Effect on Pregnant Women

  • Pregnant women who are smoking can have a miscarriage, abortion, difficulties during delivery. 
  • The Baby can born with defective or improperly developed organs, defect in brain, lungs and may die after weeks or months. 
  • CO in smoke may prevent the sufficient supply of oxygen to the unborn baby. 
  • Baby will be in low weight at the time of birth. 
  • Have weakened immune system that can make a common cold in to severe lung disease. 


Dear smoker quit smoking. Don’t lose your valuable life; don’t turn yourself and your lovable one’s precious life into Cigarettes ashes. Your life is more valuable than a pack of cigarettes.  If you’re a quitter don’t touch it again.  Some things are hard to make so don’t break them. Leave your life smoke-free and disease-free. 

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