Top 9 Best Tamil Actors in Kollywood

1. Sivakarthikeyan

Tamil Actors (Sivakarthikeyan)

Sivakarthikeyan is a famous modern-day actor in Kollywood cinema. He is well known for his comedy and mimicry and is very polite and a very nice person. He was born on 17 February 1985. He belonged to a police family. His father was a policeman. His father is very strict. He was a very focused person on his education. He had a very normal usual life journey.

During his college days when he was with friends, he was a very funny person. He also used mimicry when he was with his friends and was a good student during his college days. when he was finishing college. He lost his father. Then came the media. Earlier he was on television. He participated in one of the famous comedy shows Kalaka Povathu Yaru and he became the title winner of that show.

Then he was appointed as a reality show anchor and he was very famous or a celebrity in the media. The first film of his career was Marina then he consistently entertained very well in Kollywood cinema. Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam career success film. Now he is doing very good films.

2 Hip Hop Aadhi

Tamil Actors (Hip Hop Aadhi)

Hip Hop aadhi is one of the best music composers, actors, directors and lyric writers. He is from Coimbatore. He is very famous for his rap music. His best song is vadi pulla Vadi is the best song in his career. He faced many struggles during his initial phase in the media. And it was only because of his musical skills and dedication to his passion that he became a music director.

After working as a music composer, he became a film director. He is doing very well in his first movie. He wrote about his life journey in his first movie script. He was also the music composer and lyricist of that movie. Movie is Meesaya murukku. It was a very famous, super hit movie in his career and he was doing very well in music composing other movies.

Hip-hop Tamizha is his official page. Starting he has no fans. Now he has a fan army. It was his growth in his career.

3. Ajith Kumar

Tamil Actors (Ajith Kumar)

Ajith Kumar is a top actor in Kollywood cinema. He is popularly known as the ultimate star Ajith and Thala Ajithkumar. His fans and the whole Kollywood industry call him in the thalamus. Then he was a very humble and simple personality. He has the biggest fan base in Tamil cinema. Even though he doesn’t have a fans club in Tamilnadu. Because he has that much love and care in his fans.

In the starting period, he did not get a warm welcome in the Kollywood industry. But only for his hard work and dedication. He started his career as a mechanic boy. Then he did Amaravati film. It was the first film in his career. He had the most flop movie in his career. He also received much criticism and controversy in his career. But he did not take care of anything in his life. Only focus on his career. That one thing shifted him in this place rather than him not attending any shows and parties in his life. 

He lives like a simple man in society. Kadhal Kottai was a breakthrough for his cinema career and his marriage was a love-come arranged marriage. When he acted in a amarkalam movie with his Co-star heroine Shalini, he fell in love with her then they married. Now Ajith has two kids. His birthday is a very unique one. Because he was born on May 1, which was Labor Day. All The world laborers celebrate his birthday.

In modern times he and his film was very trending in every social media world over. what’s that? That is the Valimai update. In the cricket ground, football ground his fans are making atrocities on his film Valimai.

4. Joseph Vijay

Tamil Actors (Joseph Vijay)

Vijay is another famous mass hero in the Tamil cinema industry. He is famous for his dance steps and his acting. His acting and dance make a huge fan base for him. His movies are box-office blockbusters. He is called the box-office king. Lastly, his three movies are continuously massive hits at the box office. He was called as ilaya thalapathy in the Kollywood industry.

At the starting of his career, he faced many struggles with his looks and his acting. But he was a good dancer. His father was a famous director in Tamil cinema and his name was SA.CHANDRASEKAR Vijay first film was directed by his own father. And his father was a producer for his first film but that film was a flop and he faces much criticism in his career. But he was started his career then he only focused on his career. But he never took back in his hard work and dedication. So because of his hard work and dedication was build himself in this place. In modern times Tamil cinema is an irreplaceable actor in Tamil cinema.

He was very famous for love movies like

  • Love today
  • Poove unakkaga
  • Priyamanavale

Like these, many other films were on the hit list. First, he was Criticized by others and his own cinema industry but now he shows his worth. All after this he was a very good motivational speaker. Because he faces many problems and experiences in his life. Then he became a role model for many youngsters. When his movies are released in theatres then definitely he is locked in one controversy. Because mostly his films speak about social issues and political issues.

5. Dhanush

Tamil Actors (Dhanush)

Dhanush is a modern cult actor because he is famous for his cult films. In the starting period, his brother selvaraghavan introduced him to Tamil cinema. Then superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya falls in love with him. Then they got married. Dhanush got two national awards and that film is directed by vetrimaran.

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6. Vijaysethupathi

Tamil Actors (Vijaysethupathi)

Vijaysethupathi is a mass famous actor in the Kollywood industry. Vijay Sethupathi is a bold and open type of person. Check speaks without any hidden things. He studied acting in koothupattarai. He is a very hardworking and dedicated person in life. He did his hard work for 10 years in Tamil cinema. But he did not give up. Continuously give his hard work and try to become an actor.

I like him very much. Because of his hard work and dedication in cinema. His career breakthrough film is pizza was a great film in his career.

7. Vadivelu

Tamil Actors (Vadivelu)

Vadivelu is a great Tamil comedy actor in the Kollywood industry. Till now no one can replace his comedy. He is very famous for his comedy and body language.

He started his career in the 90s. He was created many comedy characters, which are

  • Kaipulla
  • Assault Arumugam
  • Bullet PandI
  • Vedigundu murugesan

He also acted as a hero in Tamil movies. His first Tamil movie as a hero was inside arasan 23rd pulikesi. It was a comedy historical movie. It was a super hit movie. After he acted as a hero he lost his market as a comedian. Then he continuously acts as a hero. But he didn’t do very well as a hero. So he hid in Tamil cinema for many years.

He also has many controversies with other Heros. Because of it, he lost many movie chances. Now he slowly started acting in movies as a comedian. 

8. Vishnu Vishal

Tamil Actors (Vishnu Vishal)

Vishnu Vishal is a rising star in the Kollywood industry. Basically, he was a cricket player. By chance, his life turned into an acting field. But he is also a good actor. He does such good films and ratchasan was a career breakthrough for him. The whole India cini industry celebrated this because of its story And thrilling experience.

He also has his own production house. He was first produced in his film. He had succeeded in that field.

9. Surya

Tamil Actors (Surya)

Surya is a very big famous actor in the Tamil industry. He is a very good actor. His films have created a very good impact on his acting career. Once upon time, he was called a box-office hero. His films are massive hits continuously. At that time he was in peak cinema. But later he didn’t give it continuously. He continuously flops. He down tracks on his career. But he didn’t give up with the help of his hard work and dedication. He acted in Soorari potru movie. That film was nominated for the Oscar Film Festival. But it did not reach the nominee’s list. He was given massive power in his movies.

He also has agaram foundation. With the help of agaram foundation he likes to give education to poor children and help them. He makes poor children’s dreams come true. His brother Karthik is also an actor. First, he likes to become a director. But he acted in a paruthiveeran movie so he became an actor.

These are one of the main actors in Longwood cinema. In modern-day cinema was very powerful and create a good impact on society with help of these heroes. These Heroes have done their jobs very well and they have also become very famous In society. But they are like help to the people in the way of cinema to society. The people do their work like in the cinema. So Heroes do their work for people. Not only for money.

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